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  1. great post Chuck,fully agree and awesomize. 
  2. yes, why not, for the same reason CM think is enough watch videos and images instead of a Demo of the game.When they will release a demo i will have a demo based opinion. At now my opinion is based to all info i have read here on forum and videos.Is not all bad, to be clear, i like this game. I like how they fix corner cut penalties and the effort to reintroduce some stuff like cockpit view and a good handling.But the game online lack of important stuff like streaming text chat and spectate mode. Plus a region lock that not help game longevity.This is just an opinion. And something more... bec
  3. my opinion autosport online have too much weak points and not take enough distance from what grid2 is.
  4. @Loore Online is always like an unstable balance system, because is self-powered and self-influenced.Split people by assumption will be populated for divine reason is just ignore how online dynamics work.Online population work like an unstable balance with ripple effect. Split people=pull fuel from the system.Without fuel online will run for inertia some months. Even an horse can run without eat. This not mean he do not need food.
  5. lag is secondary issue to the population amount !there is no lag to fix when you can't find nobody online !! :Dfor sure this solve definitely people complain... like I not remember anyone complaining about the grid2.. .lol. 
  6. if codies care to a longlife online multiplayer is better edit this no-sense region setup.Workaround to London in not the answer, big part of people ignore that and will not edit anything.This mean that game will be desert soon by lack of online players.Gaming industry today care about split everything to raise money sales.So the grid1 sequel will become:-Grid2 -10 DLC-Grid2+all DLC -Grid2 with part of the sh1t fixed (Autosport)-Autosport extended with no region limitations or better a brand new game sold for full price. Everything based on single old gen engine. (i would understand a new
  7. text chat + spectate mode this 2 make the online strong, without this i doubt multiplayer will be populated after 6months.And nothing of bad if the game is not funny to play like grid2... too bad instead if autosport will be funny, and you must digest void waiting, dead times and no-sense, this will be a online killer. Nobody bear to play a game where half of the time you must stare a lobby window.Great side of grid1 was that, into the lobby you can start to watch the race untill u can play, and text chat with others. I wonder how much time will pass untill we will get the same stuff we a
  8. if confirmed would be another step forward to help online gameplay, lets hope good :)
  9. mmmm this silence not sound so good :) between a solid and longlive online and a short crazy paper flame there are few points. -1) is avoid dead times and waiting into the lobby to stare at windows nicks popup...someone said that can be solved with text chat and spectator mode. -2)Gather the max number of people inside the main public lobby, nobody after 2 months would like to play an empty rooms game or waiting for minutes to see player coming..someone said is better avoid to split people, so nothing region split, nothing region lock steam... after this 2 rules will work the gameplay only...
  10. without moderation would be a nice and wild part of the game, and would be funny have some bad language and nudity on the bonnets...Or can be implemented a moderation system with racenet account and livery under approval, or some default wide range of pictures where you can use freely and upload the custom livery directly on the car ..
  11. is far better without corner cut penalty, that cause much more problems than right and justice.Who need that ? maybe the game is a crash-fest the same, but no, u cannot cut a little angle.If grass grip is enough increased don't need any penalty, u go off track, grip enough to be nothing of advantage.
  12. corner cut system with car slowdown is too much invasive and not-real.and everyone can push you on grass and make your car have a undeserved penalty... 
  13. @Loorenews ? is important stuff for online multiplayer longevity... 
  14. ahahha yeah, logo is brand new... i make some other experiments time ago :Dhijackthemall D
  15. cockpit blur is just an speed effect, is not always like that (like shift2)
  16. In game currency, we've got no micro transactions in the game :) okay, glad to hear that... :)
  17. just to ask, "repair bill" is some credit earn into the game or microtransaction  ? :D i know is crazy question... u can never know :D
  18. +1 without horn how you can still have a horny race ? i know thats cold stuff...
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