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  1. Any chance people could just click the "Agree" button under posts they agree with, instead of quoting long screeds of text only to write "+1" underneath...? Just asking like... ;;) i already agreed, so +1 mean agree twice, not my fault if the "agree twice" button is missing :D  ahaha :P :D
  2. i doubt we will ever see text chat(and spectate mode), the game is going to be released and text chat is out.Too bad, specially if the game will be good, all limitations like this will reduce to the minimum the online experience.
  3. WTF? we dnt want tuning online, we just want a level field. is this too much to ask codies?? +1
  4. I hope there is no region locked online Multiplayer for the PC. anyone know anything about that?  Purpose of multiplayer is gather the higher number of people inside an online experience.Not to split them all by region locked settings and DLC crappy matching.This last two no-sense are enough to kill the game online in a short time (3-4months).As happen to grid2, almost desert after 5months. @looreplease solve that.is very annoying problem in the game(at least if confirmed).Set Steam download region to a foreign country in order to find online matches is a very obtuse and impract
  5. all the time, and maybe with a wheel. Is too much immersive and funny drive inside the car. 
  6. pre-order is more than a day1 buy.Few games for me are a day1 buy, and after grid2 is a matter of principle skip the preorder.And the reason is not because grid2 was not as we imagine, but because of too much DLC.If i make a preorder i want to be sure i have the whole game, and not become a slave for some missing content left out of the game at day1, or stuff like spa track sold for good gold, a piece at once.But i understand captainjack, and him criticism is still there, and have the balls to tell everyone that (nothing eggs from me), and there is nothing of bad.Just
  7. ahah when i joined i was the n3, so u can make me king :D
  8. i spent 25eur for grid2 preorder, but was in fact half game, the other half game is something like 10 DLC that i left on the shelf. About Autosport preorder, i pass. There is not hurry, and we don't know yet how many dlc are scheduled.So this mean you don't know how much percentage of the game you have really bought. :D I wait the first good steam offer for few and cheap... 
  9. totally agree, flashbacks change the nature of race and challenge online.Okay into the single-player. Online are 3 things really annoying: -1. Flashbacks, for the reasons above-2. Tuning and car upgrade: completely destroy any try of a best time lap challenge and matching. (btw into grid2 best time laps was neither showed... so) -3. track cut penalties, really annoying and useless. Everyone can push you off-road and plus u got a penalty of a bunch of seconds into the middle of street as price. if CM delete this no-sense, we will have a hope for a good online multiplayer, that is stil
  10. corner cutting penalty is really annoying (grid2), online was a giant ramming-festival and for any kind of dirty racing behavior, then if you put 2tyre on grasss the car slow down for seconds into the middle of street (and as i remember was neither ghosted)...Is not enough make a "glue" grass to slow down only cars that go out offroad??  
  11. brand new clubs section here on forum, thats nice... bit less visibility is okay the same :)
  12. Yes, there is slip stream in GRID Autosport. great!
  13. i already added that into the must have grid3 feature list, if you refer to autosport, i read somewhere will be with slipstream... but im not sure
  14. yes, but only for +20 laps racei would not have pit stop on short racing, and autosport will have persistent damage, so will be some new game dynamics about that.btw, you know is dreaming... we had a poll for a little stuff as a text chat, and now we know is 100% no.So i bet wish for pit-stops into autosport is like a dreaming thread... maybe for grid3, is already added to "the list"
  15. A list of nice ideas: Here's a list from steamcommunity thread we've created a while ago with some decent suggestions concerning Grid 2 The Ultimate suggestions list. -1) Don’t make walls that provoke wallriding! 0) List of servers with ping, including playlists (ping bars on players). 1) Text chat. 2.1) Online practice mode or Time Trial mode. 2.2) Or at least let us use upgraded cars in Single Player // by Tex-Rec 3.0) Balanced cars (so there are no dominant 1-2 cars in each tier). 4.1) Force push2talk ON by default.  I love voice chat, but right now I have to mute
  16. there is nothing text chat because they took the board base from grid2, is not a coincidence that both games lack of that.text chat must be done from scratch :)
  17. So, we know codemasters have short memory, and the "weekly" forum erasing sure don't help to keep a community ideas.If this board will survive until the GRID3 develop process, i'm sure cm will keep an eye on here.Lets start, i will add all the community suggestion entry here to pag1 to have all feature listed.Organization is with: Features list to have: - Cockpit cam view with detailed interior (imagine grid3 without that... "a bitch please")- grid semi-sim style handling- slipstream- detailed hud- great damage model- real tracks and cars- text chat stream lobby and race- spectator mode f
  18. @loorei appreciate that grid autosport most probable will be the grid game more near to grid1 of the current generation.autosport is a clear son of grid2, so i know is not possible have everything we lost with grid2. When next gen grid3 develop time will start, please remember a list "of a must have" features. So if grid3 will lack of text chat or something else abc basic like thatthis mean codemasters don't really listen community, but is only a cold market adjustment.And remember that market have his own ability to adjust himself in turn.
  19. if CM make something, is now. Because if the game will be nice (i hope that), and will be a good pre-order and sales...  i doubt we will ever see text chat and spectate mode.We will fight and ask then for the first patch and bug fix for some "brand new" no-sense introduced... (dunno i have an idea about persistent damage and payment to fix car damage ...) We got back cockpit view because of the grid2 flop, otherwise the next grid game would be now with cars and pilots with big 3d heads came out of the car windows...
  20. What is a fun break ? The fun of bump to bump challenge: how to break: make impossible a clean race with truefeel powerslide (seems fixed from videos) The fun of immersion: how to break delete cockpit cam (fixed) The fun of a little recklessness and winning: how to break: give the power to kick to the host The fun of time trial how to break: delete time trial The fun of time laps challenge how to break: introduce upgrade of car The fun of pilots drivestyle challenge how to break: introduce upgrade of car The fun to be careful and smart driver: how to break: intruduce flashbacks onlin
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