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  1. A list of nice ideas:

    Here's a list from steamcommunity thread we've created a while ago with some decent suggestions concerning Grid 2

    The Ultimate suggestions list.

    -1) Don’t make walls that provoke wallriding!

    0) List of servers with ping, including playlists (ping bars on players).

    1) Text chat.

    2.1) Online practice mode or Time Trial mode.
    2.2) Or at least let us use upgraded cars in Single Player // by Tex-Rec

    3.0) Balanced cars (so there are no dominant 1-2 cars in each tier).

    4.1) Force push2talk ON by default. 
    I love voice chat, but right now I have to mute most people so I don’t hear every sound they make (if they use speakers - it’s a disaster).
    4.2) Give an option to mute people during a race or at “session results” or at “event entrants” screens.
    4.3) Add “Mute voice chat” toggle hotkey.

    5.1) Global Challenges are now more like “Friend Challenges”, why do I have to visit Racenet website for *global* results?
    5.2) At least add a link to racenet/challenges webpage inside the game // by DonSeismo

    6) Look left/right when using bonnet cam should turn 90 degrees, not 45.
    6.1) Rear/side view mirrors (by Annabell)

    7) Map overviews and map name when loading and in “session settings”.
    7.1) Also while choosing a car. // by The grizzly
    It is often annoying when you join right as the votes are over and you can only choose your car but cannot see the map that is coming up.

    8) “Reset car” hotkey. 

    9) Derby mode in “Everything” playlist // by NY GAMER
    9.1) It should be downloaded automatically.
    9.2) Allow to use any car in Derby // by Aaphree

    10) “Block list” // by [VQ]Kibo
    Mark them with a color and ignore voice chat?

    11) Corner Cutting is way too aggressive at times. 
    Having 2 wheels on a curb should not be penalized.

    12) All tracks should be free.
    Why break up already small community?

     == Small things that would be nice to have ==

    1.1) Numeric values for topspeed, acceleration and handling (easier to compare cars).
    1.2) Numeric values for exp.

    2) Option to save replays after each race.
    This will help to fight cheaters (or at least ban them), learn from the best and make great artwork/videos.

    3) I’d love to have spoilers as new cosmetics.

    4) Steering lock in “advanced wheel settings”.

    5.1) Diversity in Global Challenges and more challenges: 
    - tracks AND locations shouldn't repeat until they all have been rotated;
    - there should be circuit/sprint/city variety;
    - tier variety. 
    5.2) Custom or *permanent* global challenges with every track/tier and global stats // by EVGA GTX 770

    6) Show full information (tracks, damage, collisions, etc) when searching for sessions and inside a lobby (including race progress like laps/minutes left) without going anywhere into session settings. 

    7) Let us choose a car after joining a session that is already in progress. 
    Right now it forces last used car.

    8) Let us purchase/change upgrades inside a lobby. 

    9.1) “Spectator mode” that you can enter after joining a session that is already in progress. 
    9.2) Full HUD in a “spectator mode” (or at least a speedometer).

    10) Player ping (session results and lobby).

    11) Free roam mode.

    12) Sell or remove cars.
    12.1) Sort cars in the order of use.
    I'm tired of going 9 cars to the right to select Corvette every time in a playlist.

    13) Permanently show the fastest lap during a race (yours and overall).

    14) When there’s a connectivity problem, game should ask if you want to reconnect to the same session, not just drop you.

    15) Show stats for players that are highlighted in a lobby (as in “view stats”).

    16) Show own upgrades in a car select screen or lobby.

    18) Some menus are not responsive. 
    Example: I can hit “online”, press right, select “global challenge” as fast as I can and still get to “global challenges”. This doesn’t work for all menus (selection is too slow).

    19.1) Host migration for custom events after 2 minutes of host inactivity (I think that's enough for a bathroom break). 
    I'm sure we've all been in a situation when everybody is ready to go, but the host fell asleep.
    19.2) "Next host" feature in "custom game / quick match" for the same reason // bySteMinardon

    20) Let us name&save controller profiles just like liveries. 
    Right now they are reset to default values when switching from one to another.

    21) Leaderboards for every track/car.

    22) An option to disable the echo effect when driving near walls. // by Prophet
    Too often it sounds like an opponent is right behind you.

    23) Customizable HUD - position, colors... // by Zazurca and Prophet
    Right now it’s hard to see on light background.

    24) Advanced wheel settings for unsupported controllers // by Prophet

    25) "Suggested gear" Gran Turismo style // by Prophet

    26.1) Class restriction inside a tier for both single player and multiplayer // byTestTestTest
    26.2) Min level restriction for online custom events.

    27) Ability to name custom events // by Ibot

    29) Numerical tachometer // by Aaphree

    34) Visual damage representation Grid 1 style as a part of the HUD // by Aaphree

    35) More country flags // by Ōkami

    36) Add drafting/slipstreaming // by [VQ]Kibo

    37) Add a horn // by Good Homer

    38) Better scenery camera angles in replays so they don't pan into obstacles or remove them completely // by Redwing

    39) Allow host to set the number of AI cars, rather than it just filling the rest of the field // by ProdigyXP

    40) Add the ability to save your own custom playlists // by ProdigyXP
    Dirt2 did this perfectly, where we could create all of your settings/tracks and name them for easy recall.

    41) Adjustable positioning of HUD elements // by ProdigyXP
    Initial complaint was about the map position.

    42) Custom livery support for Global Challenges so it's easier to tell who's ghost you are chasing // by pmf026

  2. So, we know codemasters have short memory, and the "weekly" forum erasing sure don't help to keep a community ideas.
    If this board will survive until the GRID3 develop process, i'm sure cm will keep an eye on here.
    Lets start, i will add all the community suggestion entry here to pag1 to have all feature listed.
    Organization is with:

    Features list to have:

    Cockpit cam view with detailed interior (imagine grid3 without that... "a bitch please")
    - grid semi-sim style handling
    - slipstream
    - detailed hud
    - great damage model
    - real tracks and cars
    - text chat stream lobby and race
    - spectator mode from lobby and race
    - methodical lobby organization with few rooms
    - custom list sorted by host, with host kick
    - public list sorted by event with kick vote
    - both public and custom, ranked and customizable !
    - racenet cloud, to save on racenet account ghost lap times and replays and cars livery 
    - custom livery visible online
    - time trial with upload of trial record online leaderboards
    - all leaderboards visible on game and browser
    - show best lap times for all players at race end
    weather system
    pitstops, flags and rules. Safety car.
    - online nickname of racenet account and not steam nick !
    - improved wheel support
    - le-mans 24h
    - demolition derby
    - full collision settings (on, off and forward) for all kind of lobby.
    - Assist On or Off 
    - Manual or Automatic shift as users settings and not by lobby.
    - Full option for who join already started lobby race.
    - show name and flag of racers on the street
    - search for name of racers into main lobby
    - old style grid1 drift mode
    - female names
    - sector times multiplayer
    - dedicated servers
    - assist off for public playlist
    - new penalty system
    - more real tracks

    Feature list to delete:

    flashbacks online
    - track cut penalties (or make community poll) 
    - no upgrade and tuning, one field level of game, and lap time challenge.
    - no region steam-wall, all the world listed into the same custom/public list
    - DLC (avoid fragmentation)
  3. @loore
    i appreciate that grid autosport most probable will be the grid game more near to grid1 of the current generation.
    autosport is a clear son of grid2, so i know is not possible have everything we lost with grid2.

    When next gen grid3 develop time will start, please remember a list "of a must have" features
    So if grid3 will lack of text chat or something else abc basic like that
    this mean codemasters don't really listen community, but is only a cold market adjustment.
    And remember that market have his own ability to adjust himself in turn.
  4. if CM make something, is now. 
    Because if the game will be nice (i hope that), and will be a good pre-order and sales...  i doubt we will ever see text chat and spectate mode.
    We will fight and ask then for the first patch and bug fix for some "brand new" no-sense introduced... (dunno i have an idea about persistent damage and payment to fix car damage ...)

    We got back cockpit view because of the grid2 flop, 
    otherwise the next grid game would be now with cars and pilots with big 3d heads came out of the car windows...
  5. What is a fun break ?

    The fun of bump to bump challenge:
    how to break:
    make impossible a clean race with truefeel powerslide (seems fixed from videos)

    The fun of immersion:
    how to break
    delete cockpit cam (fixed)

    The fun of a little recklessness and winning:
    how to break:
    give the power to kick to the host

    The fun of time trial
    how to break:
    delete time trial

    The fun of time laps challenge
    how to break:
    introduce upgrade of car

    The fun of pilots drivestyle challenge
    how to break:
    introduce upgrade of car

    The fun to be careful and smart driver:
    how to break:
    intruduce flashbacks online

    The fun to chat and say GR or sorry in case of mistake
    how to break:
    delete text chat

    The fun of spectate other race and watch other people racing while wait
    how to break:
    delete spectate mode from lobby

    etc etc

  6. no flashbacks online, no stupid penalty on track cut (just grass glue is enough), no upgrades...
    We fight a year to have back a cockpit cam, and now someone would tell is not possible delete some
    idiotic online features ?
    grid1 online was a success because was easy and simple...
    and few 5% of performance of ebay cars was enough to have 2 categories of lap times...
    introduce car upgrade online would mean mess up all the time lap challenge between racers.

  7. @loore
    i don't know if develop process is complete and if is not possible make some design choice at the online side of autosport.
    I would like to give you some advice, stuff i think is approved by most of us. I go to the point:

    Menu organization:

    Autosport online: 

    - Events:   custom session / public playlist

    the organization of this 2 event is prefer to be symmetrical, when you find for custom session appear a scroll list of events(a long one, not just 7entry like grid2).
    And similar for public playlist is better have a scroll list of public events, not big click squares like grid2.

    Into a grid1 ranked events was similar, a long list of custom session and private session.
    Now is similar, the rule of custom event with host kick and personalization is more near to the private event session of grid1(with the host name of who create the lobby as lobby-name).
    On the other side there are public playlist. So would be nice have all under eyes, all public playlist lobby list, and important, a menu to create public events.

    Then all difference is more customization and host kick on custom events.
    And fast event playing on public events, with kick-vote and less option.

    both with a big section of lobby listed into a long scroll menu rooms.
    so you can join into:
    -custom events lobbys/sessions listed by host name
    -public events lobby/sessions listed by kind of events (like grid1, ebay, touring, gt, derby etc)

    And allow then to create an public session event, with few option..
    thats all.

  8. Loore said:

    Just because features you wanted aren't in doesn't mean we didn't listen. Unfortunately we had a pretty big list and sometimes you don't get everything you want. We're still looking at chat, isn't a definite no just yet.
    if is possible to have text chat for release date on 27june, and spectate mode from lobby after few months with the first patch..
    you have tamed the horse...
  9. nice video, i would call that "codemasters is trying to re-learn how to re-make a grid game"
    and from video and car behavior-handling seems really good, i like cockpit cam view is back,
    and i'm really under hype for that...
    I'm just worried about online cause thee are too much no-sense, to codie please for online:
    -spectate mode
    -text chat
    - tuning off and disabled
    - no flashbacks  
    - kick vote both public and custom

    I can bear tuning-flashbacks and play only public lobby... but the lack of spectate mode and text chat break completely racer interactions and sense of participation to the race and turn a potential funny game into a mute mission online.
  10. Purple44 said:
    If flashbacks can be use online, then Codemasters did not learn from GRID 2 where griefers use flashback to their advantage. There is no need for flashbacks online.

    Text chat a must have for me and a must have for online to have longevity. Both Flatout 2 ( 6 yrs ) and GRID 1 ( 3 yrs ) had text chat and online was going strong until the PC online servers were turn off.

    Just look at GRID 2. Codemasters drop text chat from GRID 2 ( we had it for GRID 1 ), so online on average you would see about 3 players using VOIP and the other 9 players were silent. No gr ( good race ) or sry ( sorry ) if you screwed up and took someone out. And no "hi Gooner". Little things like this help online community get to know each other and grow.

    Spectate mode need to return also. It was great to join a GRID lobby and while waiting, you could spectate the current races. See who racing cleanly and who not. Spectate mode in a race is useful too, a host could retire and check players causing trouble to see if player need to be kicked, or least be given a warning in the chat box to drive better or leave.

    Will slipstream\ drafting from GRID 1 return to GRID Autosport? This feature was miss in GRID 2 online on the circuit tracks. :(

    Second that we need the Collision Forward option that work well in GRID 1. No Collision OFF racing for me. That not racing in my book. Rubbing is part of racing, I hope this damage penalty is not to touchy.

    Loore the big question for me is, will we be able to do bumper to bumper racing online like we use to do in GRID 1? The #1 tournament online with GRID 1 was touring car because of the close racing we had online like this ( was not there at all in GRID 2 :( ):

    GRID: 5 lap touring car racing online, trying to race clean & fair.   - video of some the best PC touring car players online with GRID 1 and me trying to keep up with them.

    I believe I read somewhere there is some upgrading\tuning of the cars, will this effect online? Most players online want a fair race, did player win race because of skill or because he had a better tweaked car ( faster, better grip ) than you? Online, the cars need to have the same setup. Upgrades and forcing players to race with wimpy loaner car against players with level 28 fast cars, help kill the online in GRID 2!!

    I will wait until GRID Autosport get release and if I find Autosport delivers on bumper to bumper racing and we get text chat so I can make some new online racing friends, then there a good chance I will buy GRID Autosport.

    If Autosport falls short, then I guess I will have to see what new sim the old GRID 1 touring car gang decide to go with for some bumper to bumper touring car racing.

    agree and subscribe.
    Slipstream are back into autosport (i read somewhere if remember good).
    For the other thins you listed, i think we need to scream louder, because are still missing...
    And worse, developers after 6years since grid1 understand that handling, cockpit cam, slipstream are part of the game, like
    1st person view is part of an fps.
    Online is far to be good as we know. Too much fun breaks and walls.
    - tuning is a fun break (make a challenge confusion)
    -flashbacks online is just stuff for kids, semi-sim don't need that shit (and nobody want, see the poll)
    - no text chat
    -no spectate
    - voice=mute all 
    -custom lobby host kick (this help to left custom lobby empty, who want to race againt the commander host ? overtake him and he kick u).

    online will be fun, if the game will be well balanced.
    I doubt about longevity, you cannot play for years or create sense of community if the game is basically muted.

  11. I'm sure CM is driving the develop car into the right direction,
    Be careful about online dynamics, rules, lobby, deadtime filling etc...
    online of grid2 is something of unusable, and autosport born already with most of no-sense in common.
    Online experience is not just race dynamics, there are a lot of stuff need to balanced.
  12. early access or better a demo... 
    and the real difference "we really listened" is support after release with bug fix and patch...
    i still see comments on grid facebook of people asking for grid2 laps count fix on derby LOL

    there are features as text chat we will not see on release date, 
    but maybe with a good support can be introduced with the first patch...
    the same for spectator mode and for all bugs we will find playing...

    this game is almost complete, we have back cockpit, handling, best lap times etc..
    if they keep work on after release maybe we will see a better online lobby features,
    like text chat and spectator mode from lobby that are both thing confirmed out of the game.

  13. Loore said:
    Your cars retain damage now, meaning you'll have to pay to repair them. If someone's going to drive really reckless then they are going to pay the price, literally.

    The new handling will also have a big part in it, with GRID 2 a lot of the crashes came from people not know what lines to take around a corner; and with a dozen players all trying to drift around the same corner it wasn't always a pleasant experience. 

    Another side effect of the handling model is that it will likely attract a different sort of player, it's a semi-sim racing game, not an arcade driving game like GRID 2.
    agree about handling, is the best way to avoid crashers, just a good drivestyle and good car handling.
    About persistent damage, i'm not sure if this will work as deterrent... you can explain better how work that ? and if someone can find funny crash other with semi-demolited car just to make them pay ?
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