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  1. no flashbacks online, no stupid penalty on track cut (just grass glue is enough), no upgrades... We fight a year to have back a cockpit cam, and now someone would tell is not possible delete some idiotic online features ? grid1 online was a success because was easy and simple... and few 5% of performance of ebay cars was enough to have 2 categories of lap times... introduce car upgrade online would mean mess up all the time lap challenge between racers.
  2. Only cheats get penalized if they cut across a corner to overtake people. is more than enough slowdown the car on grass
  3. corner cut penalty is crap, and i hated that on grid2.Is not enough make grass like glue ??? so slow-down the car when is off-road ?Is stupid push a car to go slow on the middle on the track (ghosted or not) !!
  4. @loorei don't know if develop process is complete and if is not possible make some design choice at the online side of autosport.I would like to give you some advice, stuff i think is approved by most of us. I go to the point: Menu organization: Autosport online:  - Events:   custom session / public playlist the organization of this 2 event is prefer to be symmetrical, when you find for custom session appear a scroll list of events(a long one, not just 7entry like grid2).And similar for public playlist is better have a scroll list of public events, not big click squares like grid2.
  5. Just because features you wanted aren't in doesn't mean we didn't listen. Unfortunately we had a pretty big list and sometimes you don't get everything you want. We're still looking at chat, isn't a definite no just yet. if is possible to have text chat for release date on 27june, and spectate mode from lobby after few months with the first patch..you have tamed the horse...
  6. about text chat is a "maybe" loore said is something they would introduce, without say "yes" or "not"spectate mode at now  think is impossible...
  7. Thread about online, everything:new features (like persistent damage), bad and fair racers, feedbacks, things to improve etcHow community would like to see lobby and list etc
  8. nice video, i would call that "codemasters is trying to re-learn how to re-make a grid game"and from video and car behavior-handling seems really good, i like cockpit cam view is back,and i'm really under hype for that...I'm just worried about online cause thee are too much no-sense, to codie please for online:-spectate mode-text chat- tuning off and disabled- no flashbacks  - kick vote both public and custom I can bear tuning-flashbacks and play only public lobby... but the lack of spectate mode and text chat break completely racer interactions and sense of participation t
  9. agree and subscribe.Slipstream are back into autosport (i read somewhere if remember good).For the other thins you listed, i think we need to scream louder, because are still missing...And worse, developers after 6years since grid1 understand that handling, cockpit cam, slipstream are part of the game, like1st person view is part of an fps.Online is far to be good as we know. Too much fun breaks and walls.- tuning is a fun break (make a challenge confusion)-flashbacks online is just stuff for kids, semi-sim don't need that shit (and nobody want, see the poll)- no text chat-no spectate- voice=m
  10. Just an idea... if grid autosport reintroduce cockpit view i think if is possible to have that back into grid2 at least forcars in common of both games... I mean same graphic engine etc maybe just a patch or release interior high quality models and let modders do all the work...can be nice
  11. I'm sure CM is driving the develop car into the right direction,Be careful about online dynamics, rules, lobby, deadtime filling etc...online of grid2 is something of unusable, and autosport born already with most of no-sense in common.Online experience is not just race dynamics, there are a lot of stuff need to balanced.
  12. early access or better a demo... and the real difference "we really listened" is support after release with bug fix and patch...i still see comments on grid facebook of people asking for grid2 laps count fix on derby LOLyeah  there are features as text chat we will not see on release date, but maybe with a good support can be introduced with the first patch...the same for spectator mode and for all bugs we will find playing... this game is almost complete, we have back cockpit, handling, best lap times etc..if they keep work on after release maybe we will see a better online lob
  13. Hey at least we can actually, y'know, give a proper answer rather than a derogatory pointless comment. is just to make a laugh :D
  14. so is clear, flashback are done for the pu..ies :D
  15. persistent damage can be one much more a reason to crash instead to avoid that... i need to know more info how work that
  16. aah flashbacks encourage recklessness too, was better without that, like grid1
  17. custom playlist have big defect.. host kick, any hope to set an option to make a custom list with a kick-vote, let set as option this too
  18. agree about handling, is the best way to avoid crashers, just a good drivestyle and good car handling.About persistent damage, i'm not sure if this will work as deterrent... you can explain better how work that ? and if someone can find funny crash other with semi-demolited car just to make them pay ?
  19. you know how many little di..s will kick u if you are faster than them ? lol kick vote or nothing. i don't accept any kick from host, who host ? what right have to kick others ?
  20. since grid2 the multiplayer online of grid games is totally messed up.Grid1 was okay, just fix few stuff and was perfect. But no everything must be screwwed up.so: - tuning online (i hate that, who ask for that ?? grid is just about race, not a multilevel field of racing where u see guys overtake u cause have better tuned car. Was the reason of ebay car 5%faster fixed on 1.3patch of grid2 ? (now u cannot know anymore if a guy is faster because better driver or better tuner)- flashbacks (who need that and who ask for that online ????????????? )- trackcut penalties (just a little push near
  21. kick vote is back only on playlist, on custom is on the host.so if you are fast and who host is jealous u got a kick.Good handling to avoid crasher just with drivestyle, collision forward and kick vote democratic.
  22. Ciao,mmm i doubt they will make us a discount for this reasons... the only discount you can have is wait some steam offer.I prefer avoid to buy DLC if they come like rain (this mean more raise-price trick than a real dcl needs).i would ask for a demo of grid-autosport, but seems this will not happen (we both know is not "strictly" needed).On the paper this game is sure more brain-equipped than grid2... i think online multiplayer need to be improved yet,because spectate mode and text chat are still missing.On the other side we are watching came back a lot of features like incamview etc...:)&nbs
  23. join an existing server thats already into a race. wait for that race to finish [how excruciatingly boring] next race starts and im in some default car voice is on [and i cant turn it off] gears are auto only damage is off alt-f4 repeat the above 2-3 times uninstall the game feel stupid 8D thats describe perfectly grid2 online experience, and explain why after 4months was desert...I hope grid-autosport online will be better, otherwise there is a risk to ruin a really great potential grid sequel.
  24. spectator mode/text chat was into grid1 big part of online experience, to watch other gamestyle, wait and chat...i think is a must have.I really like the grid autosport ideas and the potential fun we can have... but to make a preorder must be all right since the "paper" features,and thats why all my question, so at now,  I will wait 1-2weeks after the launch to see if our old grid game is back..  
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