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  1. Loore said:
    You'll have to wait and find out the details next Tuesday but...we listened. That's all I can say right now, we listened.
    This is a GREAT news !
    Take all the time to make everything right, please make it a good sequel !! we want to race again THE GRID game !!!

    #thecockpitview returns :D
  2. agree with mcross, and i think social was great for 2 simple reason:
    -text chat stream as universal communication
    -spectate mode
    - 1 list of all custom session, with all the world inside. No split people like grid2 (and download settings by steam). The community of racers must be all under your eyes.

    Grid2 is mad jungle of people screaming around, because of that mute-all the chat is a must.
    Once the game is mute u can only chat with steam chat, so just with friends account or groups.
    So most of the time you are into the lobby alone watch nicks pop up for minutes, without chat, without spectate.

    So to improve that social is enough add a search button for racers into the main lobby, a few stuff o help people find each other to race together. 
  3. Online gaming experience example, the fun is made by people, and the game was good and balanced enough to allow us a high challenge gamestyle.
    So you can be a fast racer and find challenge with fast people, and keep lap times under control. 
    This is possible with the right car handling, with slipstream to catch people on straight, with the control of the car.
    Sim style is too demanding and keep busy to control brake or gas (like assist off), with assist on the fun is race bump to bump. And most of the times overtakes and win-play was inside 0.5sec or less.
    This mean high control of the car, so lacetti or bmw was total different choice. Or viper vs mustang.
    So grid is not arcade, and is not sim. Is grid. Is a kind of fun you cannot find into shift2 or other titles.

    plus was nothing dead times and social component was great, 
    Join a lobby ? Start spectate and text chat stream with others, say hello, watch the race, no dead time to wait.
    I remember was fun enough join a lobby and start talk and watch the race.

    the list is long btw...

  4. ... I'm not sure if CM know exactly all this ingredients.
    As old gamers we know grid1 dynamics better than most of grid department developers, and almost all developers of the grid1 team are elsewhere.
    So, or you all start to read carefully this board and write on white paper everything... or the risk to see a grid3 "adventures version" is high probable. 
    Just avoid mistakes of grid2 is not enough.
    Grid2 lack of cockpit view(just an example), turn back that features into the grid3 is not enough... (u know what i mean..).
    All must start with grid1 and improve all what we already had. Thats will make grid3 great.
    And remember this question:
    Where is the fun into grid1 ? As developer i'm able to replicate that fun ?
    So, start to make a list of this ingredients, this is the start point.

  5. Britpoint said:

    I would like to see some explanation from Britpoint about the drifty handling in G2, was it intentional or just happened because of lack of profound testing? And what conclusions have been made since then?

    Yeah it was a part of the direction that was being taken with that game. Any car that gets done for any project gets tested extensively to make sure it is good in the context of the game it is in. They take a lot of revisions and reworks as well; there are so many detailed simulations going on with the cars in all our games that tweaking everything to achieve what you're looking for takes a lot of effort and understanding.

    I think the best way I can explain it is ask you to look at DiRT 3, GRID 2 and F1 2013. Three games with three very different types of handling. But the same skills are needed for each of them, and any of our handling designers would be capable of making something suitable for all of those titles. So then it just becomes a question of whether people like the direction the project as a whole is taken. If you weren't keen on G2 then hopefully as @Loore says you'll find future stuff more to your liking :)
    Britpoint, you know Halo games ? 
    Grid1 is like the "halo" of racing games, there are "special" features that create directly the fun we know.
    If you edit only one this features you completely change the game.
    Grid1 handling is The handling.
    A grid game under the light of evolution must respect that, so improve on this direction, not change completely, like truefeel has done, push everyone to powerslide instead DRIVE a car.
    You can build a more accurate general physics, with almost the same car handling. Not chance completely physics and handling.
    And this just about handling.

    the same for all other central features we already said (cockpit,text chat, slipstream, spectate mode, damage etc etc etc etc).
    Grid2 is not grid anymore. Call it "race driver drift", or "powerslider" or what u want, just is not a "grid" game.

    And remember loyal and old fan base are the people that keep alive multiplayer online... we are long term customers, and the glue of every marketing strategy.
    And this explain why grid2 online is desert left by everyone. And why you can still find ppl on tunngle playing grid1 after the magical shutdown..

  6. CaptainJack, you make the right questions... 
    I'm worry about the answers, because there are people from codemasters reading here, they already said many times how much "love" for the grid1 they have... 
    and they read and keep our feedback(over many forum cleaning).
    So my question is this, if they read and keep feedbacks why are not able to turn that feedback into the right real stuff?
    Because is since 2009 we are writing feedbacks for grid, and i cannot understand how is possible make the exactly contrary of what we ask.  
    I just see how blind are they to forget where is the fun we had into the grid1 and how reproduce that fun !!!

    Game design choice are the base !

    If you make a grid2 like the one we already see:

    -Without cockpit view = immersion and feeling to drive drop 0. (bonnet cam only, is right for and android phone game, not 2013pc gaming)
    -Without slipstream and and good handling that allow bump to bump challenge= no fun to control the car, just powerlide all around.
    -Without spectate mode and text chat= a game where is a must mute all ppl screaming of every f...ng language and wait minute to stare a damn lobby window.
    -Without a damage hud= no idea to car health so another blind point
    -Without our favorite real tracks= point to point POINTLESS race
    - without weather conditions
    -With too much DLC= game fragmentation
    -With car power enhancement = frustration because all became a pay to win, when the core of grid was ALL CAR THE SAME, so that why grid1 patch 1.3 disable ebay car, smart they made a grid2 exacly the contrary.

    and this is just FEW stuff i remember after 6-7hour of total playing !! 
    Thats why i doubt any feedback will become a real idea of what is a feature to develop.
    Just remake grid1 and reopen online, we already have grid fun and its grid1.. then add by DLC a monthly updates of car and tracks, and be ready for tons of money.
  7. i had to agree with flowa and other... (i know i'm becoming old...)

    was a thread like this into the first vbullettin forum(cleaned to zero, erased) with hundreds of pages, full of ideas to make grid1 sequel great.
    We got a grid2 without cockpit view and a rubbish online without text chat and spectate mode.
    With an horrible powerslide physics an lot of bugs and no-sense like corner cut slowdown etc and no hud damage system. 
    (just to list few). (graphics was nice btw).
    Another forum (lithium version) is already cleaned to zero, erased and everything we already said lost into the oblivion...
    So what's the point to came here and try to explain to codemasters how make a great grid game ??
    A great idea can be a grid1 total remake with new graphics, online working, and all kind of DLC to add car and tracks.

  8. As said into the old thread, grid1 is the real grid fun, the game that make the grid community, our social dynamics and friendship.
    And make thousand of people play daily into custom lobby, and old legends with something like 10'000wins and over 2000hours of playing.
    Infinite challenge and fun. 

    Can be a meanwhile marketing plan for codemasters, remake the old grid1 under new graphics, and enable DLC policy on a long tested game.
    until that we can wait for grid3, and this can push sales of the company easy. (3months of work for a total conversion).
    Maybe this summer we can be back with touring cars on our favourite tracks... or keep fight with a fail full of feature lack... the grid2.

    So is easy:

    -Remake Grid1 with new graphics.
    -Enable the online as the old one (the only one with a good text chat and spectate mode)
    -Make a lot of money.

    Do it before assetto.corsa and project.cars or be ready to gift that market slice to them.

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