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  1. zaider3001

    F1 2019 crash when is start up PC

    I fixed the problem. The problem was whit the resolution was to high before i runned the game at 1920x1080 work fine before update the graphic card, but after update the game did`t worked so i change my resolution in hardware setting to 1024x768 after that the game was playable on both DX. I run this game on GeForce GTX 1050-I5-7300HQ-2.5-16GB Ram on |PC whit a Logitech G29. And if i remeber i recevid a error message that sayd my graphic card is to weak for play this game
  2. Hello i bought f1 2019 one week ago on steam. Everything was fine i played the game, but now the game don`t want to start on both DX no error message, i running the game from steam on dx12 the game stard whit a black screen and it gone off after fwe seconds, on dx11 the game running untill in the point when i need to press any button to start the game after that the game will gone off. I make a update yesrday at graphic card the game working after update, but now i don`t know what`s happing. Sorry for my bad english