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  1. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    Hi Chris. I only played the truck series. Then I dropped due to frustration. I pinpointed one particular that was my last game series (Image above). The problem is not exactly related with AI speed. Is with qualification time. The qualification time is an arbitrary set, completely pre-configured. You do not see the computer qualifying, so there is not speed involved. But for example, the Barcelona track the computer's qualification time is set in such a way that the best result i had is 15th. Playing the game I actually ended in 3th in just 3 (or 4, not sure) tracks. How all 14 trucks before me "qualify" so well and during the race they perform so bad? The answer is clear: arbitrary qualification times. About AI speed you mentioned, actually there is a problem as well. All stock races I played under rain (some races in Stock Season) are extremely easy. About further info, I did not recorded. I believe the info I provided as example should trigger a complete test by Codemaster's quality team in all seasons and all difficult modes (that what I would do in a chief position in Codemaster). As said, I dropped the game and have no intention to go back until some update is done. I bought Need For Speed Heat and besides the fact is an EA game, it is quite good. As a conclusion, honestly I believe that Codemasters (who makes money with the game) has no real interest in doing a some test coverage (all tracks, all difficulties complete report), focusing in DLCs. Maybe Codemaster is right. Anyway I thank your patience and kind attention. You are great, Chris. Have a good day!
  2. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    Thanks in advance, Chris. That would be great! Maybe I can give you a tip. Tell your friends play "Stock/European cup" like the image. Just say: "Hi folks, I want some feedback from you about Stock/European Cup. We are going to discuss this precisely season's pros and cons. Please, play the entire season and take notes about it." Doing so, the feedback will not be "contaminated" with my frustration. Actually there is a chance that most (or all) people like the qualification fixed in last place. I'm trying to "fix" the game accordingly to my taste but maybe the original design pleases most people! If no one from your group claims about qualification, probably it should stay as it is and the problem here is me. Thanks for your attention.
  3. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    What really is strange is the qualify number is totally arbitrary. They saw the wind direction and created the qualification numbers. During the race, starting from 16th (same problem you have) I could end in 3rd in just 3 laps. The opponents "qualify" quite fast but in race they run slow. This kind of stuff breaks my game immersion. The second thing that sucks is no one from Codemasters seems to read and gather claims from the customers to do a better game. I bet the guys from high staff don't even play the damn game. Just run a game company the same way the would run a cardboard box factory. Game industry is stuffed with people that have one single goal: get they're fat bonuses.
  4. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    I believe that the game has been designed to create impossible qualifications in some tracks. I don't like it. I spend a lot of time trying to qualify in some tracks that are just impossible. The game at least could create an event during the qualification like a motor blow if the intention is to put you in last place. The game designers really need some help. Saddly codemasters seems to not care about complains. I'm sorry for this, because besides some few problems that really suck, the overall game is very gut.
  5. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    "But why you think you must qualify at 1 place?" Barcelona is the last of 4 races from Truck Pro series. I qualified in first place and won the previous 3 races. All the trucks are the same. Seems logic to expect an 1st place qualification when the previous races you could. "They made it unbeatable for making more interesting for you the race itself." Seems a poor game design. Why the game presents you with qualification option if you can't win? Showing you qualification option, the game makes the player waste time. "more interesting for you" Maybe more interesting for YOU not for me. More interesting for ME should be an simple option to choose the numbers of laps. With more laps I could raise the game difficult and do smoother overruns without bumping the CPU. Grid 2019 really suck because the level of basic customization like number of laps or tire types don't exists. You can paint your car with all rainbow's colors but can't set the number of laps. Great game
  6. freddones

    Problem with balancing

    Hi. I'm playing grid 2019 in xbox x. Some tracks are (almost?) IMPOSSIBLE to qualify in 1st place. Playing in Barcelona (european pro truck series) the time done by the computer is unbeatable. And because the game has NO flexibility to customize the numbers of laps, is impossible to win. I hope I get someone from your side to test this and repair. This is just one example, but there are more. I don't remember. Just got frustrated so many times that decided to seek help here. Note: all tracks in rain i played are too easy. This game need some decent test. I hope Codemasters is not like Bethesda and provide some support. Otherwise is the last game from you I buy. Additional info: Game: Grid 2019. Platform: xbox one x. Device: Wheel g920, Track:barcelona. Event: European world truck pro series. Problem: qualification is (almost) impossible. Dificulty: default. Balancing/configuration: default.