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  1. https://youtu.be/-yDTxwe0vRc

    well that just happened again at a qualifying lap with the normal TAA setting... i have to disable anti aliasing completely to play the game without the bug??? the game is TERRIBLE without AA at that resolution and i'm pretty sure the bug will still happen at some point even with it disabled. PLEASE CODEMASTERS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, FIX YOUR ANTI ALIASING FOR NVIDIA CARDS!!!

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  2. 36 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

    Well, y'know it is kinda old. This is a legacy chipset, designed for Windows 7. There are many possibilities.

    Last BIOS is 1.20. I'm going to hope you have that updated already (from 2012). Earlier releases contain uCode updates and AM3+ boot time improvements, possibly memory compatibility / timing fixes. These are cumulative and often contain undocumented fixes.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with buying used VGA, but personally, I would strip the heatsink, blast out the fan and renew the TIM. 

    You will need quite a strong PSU for this machine, I would say a 500W to be safe. Modern CPUs and GPUs draw their power differently and are more efficient. The GTX750Ti relies on the PCI-E slot for power AFAIK, with a board of this vintage I'm not sure how close that would be to maxing the slot power limit (and thereby straining the regulator circuitry).

    The RAM is DDR3, I'm hoping you have tested it and it is (not over)clocked at something sensible like 1600MHz (max is 1866) by SPD. If there is more than one stick, they should both be identical ideally (test singly).

    It doesn't look like there is a CPU OC, because 3.8GHz is the default for the CPU.

    Drivers. I'm going to hope this is a clean install of W10 using the inbox drivers. If it's an upgraded, legacy in-place upgrade of W7 I'm going to suggest you try a clean install. 

    The nForce drivers for Intel were horribly buggy and install components that are not necessary for operation by default. I'm going to assume the ones for AMD are no better. Advice above applies. Also to the ASRock utilities on the support page - uninstall them all if you have any. Also, disable AMD CoolNQuiet in BIOS.

    Only other real issue I can see is the SATA. Manual suggests IDE or RAID but RAID has a utility in BIOS? (You should be able to use RAID as JBOD thereby possibly getting AHCI mode, if not, then IDE and....urgh)

    All the devices list as SCSI (which I think is the fault of the nForce driver IIRC). Clean install really is your best bet if the BIOS is updated and settings applied.


    thanks so much for the effort to help me

    okay let's go through parts


    1- bios is in fact updated to 1.20

    2- i'm using a psu recommended by psu calculator for my gear, a 450BT by EVGA

    3- red flag here because i have two different mem sticks, one is a hyperx fury 4gb and the other one is a cheap 4gb 1600mhz stick i bought when my other one fried up with my older MB (i used to have a fishy PSU that fried the 4 pin cpu connector and got my other hyperx stick... yes my fx-4300 was inside that motherboard :S )

    4- it's a clean install of w10

    5- i want no business with asrock useless utilities, they straight up don't work lol and cool n quiet is disabled yes

    6- i actually don't know much about the raid/ide/ahci thing, i'll surely read about it and try something if it should improve anything, but i'll let that be for now :V

    7- i think i have the latest chipset driver but i'm going to install the latest one any way


    so, i was testing the game without the "1086p" resolution that nvidia DSR lets me use, used native res and i could only get the bug with one of the anti aliasing options: TAA and fidelityfx upscaling, which now that i read about it, it's an AMD feature, whereas the nvidia equivalent should be dlss... i am now ULTRA confused.

    here is a video showing it lmao: https://youtu.be/BuCFcwhk9OM

    and as you can see now the bug is 100% in, whereas before it was more like just growing black balls trying to consume the whole screen but not 100% all the time...

  3. 18 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

    Do you have the motherboard model? It's quite legacy....

    And the monitor is very old, maybe the DSR isn't helping. Is there an in-game setting that will let you play at the monitor default? (1360x768)

    Also you will need V-SYNC on and definitely 60Hz.

    yeah it's a very old MB, asrock n63-s3 fx... chipset came straight out of the stone age but can it really be the problem here? 

    i think it's worth mentioning that sometimes on most (all of them i think) of my games i have some weird but small artifacts that lasts for like a frame or two, but it's very rare that these would show up. they are like random epileptic trigger looking blue or red shiny dots, (very hard to see when they pop up but they still happen), maybe F1 2019 gets a very dramatic version of that but only black growing circles that cover up the entire game... still very strange considering a lot of people get this bug.

    oh and i bought my VGA used.

  4. 25 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

    Post a dxdiag

    Your machine is bang on minimum spec, just saying. This bug has been seen before, but your machine should be ok, in fact I'd wager the performance will be relatively good considering. You should be able to hit a steady 60fps on medium/low.



    i run the game at the lowest settings with only textures on high and 1080p (nvidia dsr)




    happens every time even in menus if i let the game on idle for like 2 minutes, i can't just trigger it, it's random but most of the time that i'm playing it happens at lap 4 or 3, i have to open the graphics menu while playing to change the anti aliasing and fix it momentarily (but i can only get good fps with checkboard TAA, which is the one that i get this bug the most... yes, with disabled anti aliasing i get WORSE fps i don't know why, i can ONLY GET GOOD FPS WITH CHECKBOARD TAA... there's something really wrong with this game) but even with it disabled, or with ANY other AA options i will 100% get that bug at some point in the race.


    specs: fx-4300 amd cpu , asus gtx 750 ti oc, 8gb ram.

    the bug happens with both dx11 and dx12


    i don't want to waste money on a new PC to get this bug fixed, i know i need to upgrade but this bug seems kinda common on forums and youtube, so i fear this would still happen on a new setup...

    i feel like i wasted money on this game, can't even play it.

  6. i always noticed the icon showing on the top right corner of the screen when people are talking but rarely do i hear them...

    so once before a ranked race started, a pop up message showed up in the bottom of the screen saying something like "conection is poor so voice chat is only available to near connections" and never showed up again on later races... something on those lines, i don't remember exactly because i never bothered to make a post about this but now here i am some few weeks later and the issue is still there...


    i just want to know how do i disable this "feature" of disabling voice chat if they live too far away from my country.

    btw i have an awesome internet connection, the only problem is i live in brazil and i get 100+ ping on most online games hosted on the USA, but that shouldn't be an issue when we're talking about transmitting voice on a game.