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  1. platinumjsi

    Multiple monitors issue

    Yea I can move it to the main screen fine, the issue there is a lot of the graphics options are locked, for example, 60hz is the max available and sometimes 1080p is also the max available, the only way I can get it to unlock is to only use the one screen. I assume it's taking the specs of the screen it starts on and only giving you the options for that.
  2. platinumjsi

    Multiple monitors issue

    So I have an issue where if more than one screen is enabled it tries to default to one of my secondary screens, also it seems to take the defaults from that secondary screen rather than the one I then drag it to. So I have a main 144hz Asus 1440p screen and two 1080p screens, Grid will never start on the main screen, tonight it started on my vertical screen! So I windowed the game and moved it to my main screen, once I moved it to the main screen it only gave me the graphics options for the second screen so 1080p 60hz when on my Asus screen, any further options were blanked out, in settings if I then change it to the other screen, Default 1 / 2 I think it is? at the top of the graphics settings, it then let me select 1440p 144hz, I click OK and it moves the game to the 1080p screen. How in 2019 can a game like this be released in such a broken state? and don't get me started on the in-game de sync issues that caused so many arguments tonight, two players crash and go off, on each person screen the other one is in front and hitting them. This game is totally broken, why??