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  1. Patrick1983

    Questions about RaceNet

    I would be happy if someone had an answer.
  2. Patrick1983

    Reliability problems in career mode

    Hello, in career mode I have the annoying problem that I suffer extremely from my gearbox and motor and I have to swap almost every race and therefore lose places on the grid. I've invested a lot in reliability, but I don't notice any difference. Does anyone have a tip on what I can improve? Regards Patrick1983
  3. Hello, what are your settings under calibration and force feedback in F1 2020. I've experimented a bit, but I'm not getting anywhere. I appreciate your tips for improvements. I would also be interested in your settings in the Windows system controls (here especially for the Thrustmaster T300). Many thanks. Regards Patrick1983
  4. Patrick1983

    Driver Number.

    83, the year I was born.
  5. Patrick1983

    Questions about RaceNet

    Hello, I have some questions about RaceNet. I bought F1 2020 and was linked to RaceNet in-game, although I don't have an account there. How can that be? Which data was used to establish the link? What are the disadvantages of unlinking RaceNet? Regards pspsps1983
  6. Patrick1983

    What is the meaning of the driving aid symbols?

    Thank you Ultra3142!
  7. Hello, can someone explain the meaning of the driving aid symbols (see picture attachment; e.g. in time trial)? Thank you for your help. Regards
  8. Patrick1983

    TV graphics - Driver Positions Screen

    Hello everybody, unfortunately in F1 2020 all driver positions are still not shown on the left like in the TV graphics, now at least five if I saw correctly. Is there a way for the PC version to display all drivers like in the TV graphics? Kind Regards pspsps1983
  9. Patrick1983

    Probleme audio

    Hello, I was able to solve the problem in the meantime as follows: I changed the language of German to English in Steam properties of the game. Afterwards I heard boxing radio, comments and dialogues in English. Then I changed back to German. 700 MB were installed automatically. And then I could hear everything in German as well. Regards pspsps1983 Hallo, ich habe das Problem wie folgt lösen können: Ich habe in den Steam-Eigenschaften des Spiels die Sprache von Deutsch auf Englisch geändert. Danach hörte ich Boxenfunk, Kommentare und Dialoge auf Englisch. Danach habe ich wieder auf Deutsch geändert. Es wurden 700 MB automatisiert installiert. Und danach konnte ich auch im Deutschen alles hören. Viele Grüße pspsps1983
  10. Patrick1983

    Probleme audio

    I never heard any pit radio, comments or dialogs. This is very unfortunately. I hope I get help here.
  11. Patrick1983

    Probleme audio

    Hello, I have a problem with audio. I hear no pit radio, no commentators and no dialogs. Can someone tell me why this is and how I can adjust it? Thank you for your help. Regards pspsps1983 Hallo, leider habe ich mit F1 2019 am PC ein Problem: Ich höre weder Boxenfunk, noch Kommentare, noch die Dialoge mit Teammitgliedern, Teamkollegen, Journalisten etc. In den Audioeinstellungen habe ich nichts gefunden. Weiß jemand, woran das liegen kann? Über eure Hilfe bin ich sehr dankbar. Liebe Grüße pspspsp1983