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  1. Hello, does anyone know how I can save the simulation settings for a Grand Prix? I have to set them the way I want them every time. For example, I don't want a supported race start, but this option is gone with every new Grand Prix. I appreciate your help. Kind Regards
  2. Hello armedhylander, no I don't use any mods. But I have a solution now: I verified the integrity of the game files in Steam and now it works again. Regards Patrick-1983
  3. Hello everyone, I have the following problem (PC, since Patch 1.12): The fastest laps (hotlaps) in time trial have not been saved for a week. I have a active online-connection, but when I set a new personal best, it is not saved and uploaded. No ghost is displayed either and only an empty panel is displayed on the left in the time display. Does anyone have a similar problem and know how to solve it. Thank you for your help. Regards Patrick-1983
  4. Hello, what are your settings under calibration and force feedback in F1 2020. I've experimented a bit, but I'm not getting anywhere. I appreciate your tips for improvements. I would also be interested in your settings in the Windows system controls (here especially for the Thrustmaster T300). Many thanks. Regards Patrick1983
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