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  1. KolysioN

    Something is coming closer...

    can't wait to race the clio RX 2019 with any track 🙂
  2. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    I use the 🙂 smiley cause I'm always happy....even if I talk about serious things, sorry it's my nature 😉
  3. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    since Dirt 2 the ACAT mod was released, and no one was banned :), and you can see the world records on Dirt Rally, it's funny, I add I have one which is 100% legit, I swear 😉
  4. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    the use of the mod is the responsability of the user, a gun is free for anyone (in USA for example, with requirments of course), but the use is restricted...the problem is not the mod, but the user. the ACAT, AWAT and physics mod are designed for offline experience, it will not be my fault if someone uses it for cheating online. edit : if I'm banned or it's locked, stay tuned on youtube, all is incoming 🙂
  5. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    again the problem is the user, not the gun, and no need master to understand that. if you use something for your advantage, Don't blame the thing, blame the user, cause perhaps the thing do good with other a different use.....like the gun, it can save people, not only kill, the USER uses the gun, a GUN doesn't work alone... so what the people do with the ACAT or AWAT mod, it's the USER responsability, not the mod creator
  6. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    again, it's the user the problem, not the gun.
  7. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    it's not the mod the problem, it's the user. A gun is not a problem, it's how you use it, to save a person by killing a murder or just to murder ? ACAT, AWAT, and physics mods are designed for the solo experience, to un-restrict the game and finally to have all you the game should be : AWAT -rain for finland, fog on/off, night for RX tracks, snow for all tracks. ACAT -all cars for any track And there is so more, like cam extension mods, off-road timer on/off, stay tuned !
  8. I like so much the Seat RX car on Poland 🙂, great work ! Thank you for the RX 2019 cars, they are awesome for rally !
  9. KolysioN

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    you are free to do what you do like I do what I do. Call me "the unleasher" (sounds good for a movie 🙂 )
  10. I'm sorry but the tarmac physics are far better in GRID 2019...in DR2.0 it slides everytime, everywhere, there is zero grip, I prepare a mod to put the physics from GRID 2019 into DR 2.0 🙂, stay tuned on youtube.
  11. KolysioN

    The RallyCross AI topic

    even at 100% the AI is 20 seconds behind me, two things, I'm a pro driver the best of the world, or the AI is too much slow.
  12. even at 100, I'm first at the first turn, and I finish a 6 laps race with +20 seconds.... the most funny, is when I see the AI results in others races, some have my times, but where are the fast AI ????
  13. KolysioN


  14. KolysioN

    Something is coming closer...

    the scammer is scammed 🙂, and children can't do ACAT and AWAT mod...