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  1. Can you all confirm the CO-driver low volume voice issue ?
  2. I can play. BUT there i an issue with the co-driver voice volume, it's low....
  3. they force us to buy let's report the scammer !
  4. PC, I don't have the DLC, I have already bought all the season pass and DLC, is it one more scam to force people to buy the DLC ?
  5. -ACAT (any car any track) -AWAT (any weather any track) -ATAT (any time any track) -new FFB -new graphics, not a downgrade blurry engine...... -more rallies -better AI for rallycross, I'm firt in the first turn, and at the end the AI is +30 seconds behind me (at 100%)
  6. cant wait to try the RX cars on the new free tracks
  7. can't wait to race the clio RX 2019 with any track 🙂
  8. I like so much the Seat RX car on Poland 🙂, great work ! Thank you for the RX 2019 cars, they are awesome for rally !
  9. the scammer is scammed 🙂, and children can't do ACAT and AWAT mod...
  10. too late I have season pass 2 already....but it's OK, with ACAT mod I can drive the "new" rally cross cars on my favorite rally locations (and vice versa)...so I feel less scammed. 🙂
  11. scam in British English (skæm ) slang NOUN 1. a stratagem for gain; a swindle (Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers) so it's a scam I dont care about liveries at all....it should be free....I dont care about car updates from 2019 to 2020, the changes are very minors..it's 99% of recylced content...I don't care bout new RX cars....I drive always the same (3 or 4 max) What the majority asks is NEW RALLY LOCATIONS. Yeah it's a big big scam this season 4, they can may
  12. season 4 is a scam...... it will come pikes peak and Subaru Hillclimb or an unknown Hillclimb track cause they don't want to spend a lot of money to re-buy Pikes Peak Licence....even if it's easier to recycle this track....but we will see. BUT I'M 100% sure it's HILLCLIMB and season 5
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