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  1. KolysioN

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Can you all confirm the CO-driver low volume voice issue ?
  2. KolysioN

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I can play. BUT there i an issue with the co-driver voice volume, it's low....
  3. KolysioN

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    they force us to buy let's report the scammer !
  4. KolysioN

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    PC, I don't have the DLC, I have already bought all the season pass and DLC, is it one more scam to force people to buy the DLC ?
  5. KolysioN

    FoV fix??

    (FOR PC version) I can release an easy mod for the FOV , just ask me in private. the mod can add a free cam mod with everything you need, What Codemasters refuse to do , I can do it, it's not I'm good, it's just they refuse, cause it's very very EASY to make a FOV mod, and for them it's more easier cause they have 'official' access to the core engine, me I have to do many tricks 🙂 but it's easy. Once I have found the right memory value for the FOV, I can easily modify them for our preference with a memory injection 🙂 easy ! If I were the Codemasters dev, I could add the mod officialy in 5 minutes for everyone with a FOV slider from 0 to 100. Ss don't trust them when they say it's hard and they can't. NEVER TRUST THEM my tricks (not GRID, but it's the famous Memory Injection, which can break everything, can work for ANY games, DIrt rally 2.0...NFS heat, ANY, want ACAT ?) 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks who ? (say my name)
  6. it's cause codemasters has annouced : it’s definitely a work in progress and we plan to refine the feeling further. definitely /ˈdɛfɪnətli/ adverb without doubt (used for emphasis). scam (skæm ) A scam is an illegal trick, usually with the purpose of getting money from people or avoiding paying tax. A stratagem for gain; a swindle it's DEFINITELY a SCAM what codemasters did. It was just to clarify what delveloppers they are. Thanks all.
  7. KolysioN

    [ISSUE] GPU usage stucks at 90%

    with my i5 9600k I could max the GPU, but not with the i9 9900K, why ?
  8. About the compensation ? I call this a false announce to attract people and to sell more copies (=scam)
  9. so they have LIED ? Can we have the official Codemasters answer "WE HAVE LIED", and can we have a discount like -50% for the next Dirt rally 3 for this lie for compensation ?
  10. with a gamepad.... it’s worth mentioning that while this is the first big update to the FFB, it’s definitely a work in progress and we plan to refine the feeling further.
  11. -ACAT (any car any track) -AWAT (any weather any track) -ATAT (any time any track) -new FFB -new graphics, not a downgrade blurry engine...... -more rallies -better AI for rallycross, I'm firt in the first turn, and at the end the AI is +30 seconds behind me (at 100%)
  12. DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 16/05/19 By Christina @xtinaistyping · On May 16, 2019 "We want to give a huge thanks to the entire community for their feedback and patience while we’ve looked into implementing these changes – especially to those of you who’ve taken the time to come back to us with incredibly useful, nuanced feedback about your FFB experiences. It’s worth mentioning that while this is the first big update to the FFB, it’s definitely a work in progress and we plan to refine the feeling further. Please – let us know what you think." WE ARE IN FEBRUARY 2020, nothing more has been made about the FFB ! Is it planned to be updated for Dirt rally 3.0 ?
  13. KolysioN

    I need a new screen

    That's I prefer the 49" 3840x1080p ! with a rtx 2080ti or 1080ti it's very good, and with the new 3080ti, we will be close to max the 144hz :), and if you have spare power, you can use DSR...thatt's why I still prefer the 3840x1080 version. Anout dirt rally 2, I play at 1440p 144hz gsync, and I use all max (except crow at low) , and MSAA x8 ( i hate aliasing), so with rain and Germany, the fps drops to 65/75 (unacceptable for me) with a 1080ti so I need the power of the 2080ti...My standard are ultra graphics, max anti-aliasing, and the highest framerate, so 2080ti + 49" 3840x1080 is a very good deal.
  14. KolysioN

    I need a new screen

    https://www.amazon.com/XG49VQ-Curved-Gaming-FreeSync-Monitor/dp/B07PZR2YY4 144hz, freesync AND Gsync compatible, HDR with rtx 2080ti, you can't go back. Many may prefer the 5120x1440 version, but even with rtx 2080ti, you won't have a high framerate....
  15. Can't max the GPU usage. ITs stuck at 90% or 92% with the chase cam.