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  1. Hello Does anyone have F1 race stars PS3, Valencia circuit DLC. If they do can I still get the Valencia circuit download DLC anymore . If I can where can I get it, it's for PS3 not PS4.
  2. Codeisgood

    Codemaster games for different machines

    Did codemasters make second sight. I thought Somone else made them
  3. Hello What games did codemasters make for playstation or Sega or atari ( or if they did make them for them machines ) can someone tell me ?
  4. Codeisgood

    ya'll lost a lifelong codemasters fan with this

    What game was very bad by codemaster. I'm not sure what game your talking about.
  5. Codeisgood

    I'm from ireland

    Also did codemasters do a new spectrum game lately
  6. Hello everyone . Could anyone tell me did codemasters make any spectrum +2A games. I mean for the +2A but , not just a 48K that loads up on a +2A. I mean for the +2A strength I think +2A was about 8bit computer ( I think )
  7. Codeisgood

    I'm from ireland

    Hello I'm from Ireland and a massive codemasters fan. Hope they bring back the glory days of zx spectrum sometime