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  1. I tried all of these, and nothing seems to work. Thanks anyway, but I think is something with the preset button for the "right stick", I even unbind them, but the still looks like are there in a background as a preset buttons
  2. HI all, I hope someone had my problem or have the solution for it. So I'm playing F1 2020 on thrustmaster t300rs f1. On the start of the race when you have to maintain your RPM,and before all the lights went off, my acceleration pedal just trigger "look forward" camera option, but soon as the race start the camera centre it self and everything is normal. But every start is awkward and annoying and it really **** me off, as your look is always all the way up, and suddenly drops forward when the race starts, but I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help
  3. Panayotoff

    Grid 2019, full of bugs

    Grid 2019, my favourite game series and the biggest disappointment for a people want to fully complete it like me. The accolades are all buggy since day one, not triggered as they should, two wheels and air time are completely dead. "Finish European modefied series" not unlocked even if you complete it hundred times. Fix the accolades PLEASE
  4. Panayotoff

    Milestones not triggering

    Did you, or anyone else figure it out how actually to achieve these near misses?
  5. Panayotoff

    Milestones not triggering

    Same thing here, I just open a similar topic few days ago,I tried so hard, but not triggered. Same thing about the near miss, I don't even had a clue what it is and how to do it. I even try to finish second place, just fragments of seconds after the first one, it's not that. I tried everything it must be a big glitch
  6. Panayotoff

    Near miss accolade

    Hi there, I need help, for some reason, I can't get even one "near miss action" and I want to complete the accolade wich required 50p0, I just don't know how. I've tried absolutely everything, can somebody please explain how to do it. I play career mode, I didn't try on multiplayer yet. Thanks a lot