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    Dirt Rally Racenet problems.

    I'm having the same problem in career mode can't finish the first championship. Only option is to try over and over with no success or go back and lose my progress.
  2. I have been stuck on the last stage of the Spain rally for 2 days now. The very first 6 event career championship. Every other race up until this point has been fine. Now I cannot progress because I keep getting this Connection Failed message and error code, my only options is to go back or retry or go to main menu. Very annoying that I cannot continue my career that I just started. Just to clarify, I am talking about using the Lancia that comes free in your garage, so you have a starting point in career for Rally. No way to progress past the last stage in Spain. So far my experience with DR 2.0 has not been good. I love the feel of the game and the driving physics, but overall the experience has been abysmal. Had trouble getting the game to completely install, got stuck at 72 percent or something and said the download was complete. Then the game would crash if you tried to go past the main menu, only after I did my monthly round of Windows updates and restarted, it suddenly decided to download the rest of the game. And now this problem. I see many people on this forum with problems with the horrible always online DRM this game uses, Racenet connectivity issues, etc... And very seldom do I see anyone from codemasters on here who seems to care. I just want to do a single player career, I don't care about online leaderboards, I would opt out of them completely if i had a choice, but this terrible DRM system is preventing me from even playing the career mode. Great addition to Xbox Game Pass. A basically unplayable game, that I would very much like to play. I hope that Codemasters will address some of these problems, or just take the game off the Microsoft store altogether.