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  1. they screwed up somewhere and they dont know what to do for sure...because it worked before 1.12 update...thats why they are not the right team for a sport like f1 thats growing..a bigger and better team should take over...just look at that the f1 season is over and we just got the tracks...just imagine what mess they are gonna make with the new cars next year...thats why i quit
  2. i aint buying this game no more for sure...thats it im done,too many problems and they dont care...just look at other games when there is a major bug 2-3 days they fix it...with codemasters it takes months.. mister wiseguy @BarryBL doesnt even answer,maybe its not his fault but its up to him to talk with the team.This is A MAJOR BUG you cant do qualify if you have a slow car in front of you cuz they will race you like its a race and even crash at you...maybe when they will see that they sold less they will wake up a little,lets just hope some other team will buy the f1 rights to make the gam
  3. @BarryBLwhat about the slow lap car that dont move when a faster car is passing????? you said you were gonna fix it...are you guys joking..are you seriuos???
  4. i know what the red light mean,its codemaster that dont...they dont start fast laps as soon they come out,its a bug thats in the game,they simply dont move anymore if the car behind is in a fast lap,and worst they race you too,if you try to pass them they crash into you,this game is a joke...they dont have a clue of what they are doing at bugmasters(the new company name)... i thought you were saying the game had no problem,then my mistake
  5. @BarryBLfor gods sake are you guys working on this????? im never gonna buy an f1 game ever again.there the cracked version i will get that at least i wont come here anymore wasting my time.codemaster people dont watch real f1 they have no clue how it works...people do they same...dont waste you money on these ..........!!!!!!!
  6. are you jokink??LOL...CARS DONT GO OUT OF THE BOX AND START A FAST LAP stop lying...you see when they have the red light flashing in the back..when its not flash they are on fast lap..DO YOU WATCH REAL F1????????? i dont think so...the problem is when im doing a fast lap and i have a car in front thats going back in the box THEY DONT MOVE,like they did before 1.12 update....;ITS A GODDAMN BUGGGGG and it has to be fixed..we CANT PLAY LIKE THAT...I CANT MAKE MY FAST LAP IN QUALI OR PRACTISE......DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW..........
  7. with the new update still the same they did adjust nothing @BarryBL why didnt they adjust this bug???i thought with the new update it would be better ...we cant play like this
  8. @BarryBLother people experienced this problem too...there is another topic with people reporting the same problem..the AI Dont move anymore when we are in fast laps and they are in slow laps in practise and qualify,since the last update this happens ,before it was ok...
  9. yeah they do use it,you can see them recharge
  10. seems the last update brought imola with lots of problems ...one of them is the AI dont see us no more when they are in slow laps(or recharge) they just wont move anymore...please fix this @BarryBL
  11. same for me,last update is a mess.....cars no longer get out of the way @BarryBL have you notice this post???this is a major bug......
  12. maybe its not animated i saw it already @BarryBL can you answer this please
  13. well real drivers do every lap,then they recharge..1 fast 1 recharge,sometimes they do more the one.ERS is there for a reason you know,they use it in practice to study for the qualify,maybe you play on low level......i wanna know if the AI does it..THATS THE QUESTION
  14. im asking this question because with this game you will never know...also because in some tracks we have the same pace in practice but then in race they pass me like rockets..
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