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  1. Currentlt it shows -94 laps in quali and race then reduces to zero almost throughout the session!!
  2. Am not talking About average man,  referring to the widget which shows you how much + or minis fuel i. Terms of laps. In strategy screen ingame when u add or reduce fuel it shows in the hud ingame and changes (increase decrease) based on mix used and driving style.  Hope it is clear now thank you
  3. I installed the app on my android device, configured it and working like a charm there is 1 issue though with fuel levels - it gives me for instance -94kg when i have 20Kg loaded. I tried removing the widget then adding it, restarting the app, even stopping starting the UDP on f1 2017, still the same i choose different widget (additional fuel level), same issue am on PS4
  4. Hey ... F1 WOC is recruiting. The season started with 1 round completed (Australia). 18 to go with next Race this Sunday. We offer official practice sessions. Check it out now www.f1woc.com .. send email to admin@f1woc.com Cheers mate
  5. New PSN ID for admin@f1woc.com - F1_RoadRunner Check out the league official trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKH54D1U2nA We will start with F1 2013 version then move from Canada onwards to F1 2014
  6. Online tests running great with some candidates finishing the leagues they are in currently. Pad drivers will be accepted if good and clean driving is demonstrated in the tests PSN ID tarjam1978
  7. check out www.f1woc.com if interested, send an email to admin@f1woc.com
  8. Hi GP1 Championship league is kicking off as of today. 17 races based on this year calender. No Assists. 100% Races. Only drivers with steering wheels will be given a seat. Races are on Sundays 18:00 GMT Check out www.f1woc.com to get more info and know drivers test sessions schedule. First schedule will be commenced Saturday Jun 14
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