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  1. Yeah I understand the licence but when you start career you got 2 tabs one to start the career as the real F1 calendar (so I'm guessing this will meet the FOM licence request) and the other where it say custom career, Well is not really a custom career if you can't decide the order of the track where you wanna race I think.
  2. As this year title pushes strong on the fact that the career mode is very customisable with AI resources point,player failure chances etc I and I'm sure a lot of other users here feel like to have a full customisation of the career mode there should be the possibility to chose the order of the circuits thing that is not possible at the moment, (example as if you choose the 20 races in career mode and choose Australia to be the first race as soon as I select Bahrain,sakhir goes as first track and Australia second and so on) Also having the possibility of choosing the weather would be
  3. Any thoughts on this please @BarryBL Can this option be implemented in this year game at some point please?
  4. Hopefully it will be implemented with a next patch soon @BarryBL?
  5. Hi all, Just a quick question,will we be able to customise weather conditions in single player with F1 2021? If I'm not mistaken the suggestion was made in F1 2020 forum and Codemasters answer was that it was going to be introduced in future titles? Thanks
  6. Hopefully the weather function for career will be implemented in patch 1.17?
  7. Just updated to new 1.16 patch but soon as I launch the game in the menu I get to choose if go to item shop for the new weekly items or to close the message. Whatever I choose the game gets stuck in the main menu and I can't do anything even exit the game?
  8. It is k Indeed,thanks, I did search in the forum before to post but couldn't find anything. Good to see that it will be fixed soon,thanks.
  9. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. - Hi all, found a bug with the McLaren career suit that is showing the logos placed in the wrong places for the player only,the two drivers Norris and Sainz are showing correctly. Platform - PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) - V1.10 Game-mode? - single player, Career mode We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? - Ju
  10. Hi all, Hopefully this will be implemented in the near future. I've started my career mode yesterday and I've noticed that if you play races at 100% length like I do you can't select the practice length you must play the full time like in real f1. Could this be addressed and let the user choose how many minutes per free practice?for me 30 mins each is more than enough. Another thing in career is we can't choose the weather like in championship mode,could this be changed too so the user could decide the weather on the race weekend? Thanks
  11. Thanks for this patch again guys great work. @BarryBL can you confirm this was the last patch for f1 2019? Thanks again
  12. I'm just gonna leave this here too since I won't get any answers from Codies in the thread I've opened. If you don't want to release the language file allowing us to modify the drivers names and since you don't want to update the drivers performances, why not release a little tool with the game like football manager used to be (or maybe still is I don't know) where us players will be able to edit drivers names and nationality,qualy skills,race skills,how aggressive in defense or if attacking, how good on tyre management etc?
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