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  1. AlexB88

    Patch 1.14 | F2 2020 Update

    Oh well I tried ­čśü Thanks for the quick reply Barry
  2. AlexB88

    Patch 1.14 | F2 2020 Update

    @BarryBL thanks for the patch and to the dev team. Just 2 quick questions please Barry, Was this the last patch for this game now that we have f2 2020 or you will continue to update the game untill February like last year? Also any chance to have the localisation folder released after the last patch please? Thanks
  3. It is k Indeed,thanks, I did search in the forum before to post but couldn't find anything. Good to see that it will be fixed soon,thanks.
  4. A detailed´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. - Hi all, found a bug with the McLaren career suit that is showing the logos placed in the wrong places for the player only,the two drivers Norris and Sainz are showing correctly. Platform - PC What version of the game you are using ´╗┐(Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) - V1.10 Game-mode? - single player, Career mode We need to be able to make your problem´╗┐ happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?´╗┐ - Just go on career mode and select McLaren and you will see the issue in the team mate compare screen and all other screens where the player is shown. How do you make the problem happen? - As above What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue - Verified game integrate. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc)´╗┐ - Fanatec DD2+ Formula V2 Wheel Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp ´╗┐for when the issue appears.´╗┐ - Yes, picture attached below.
  5. Hi all, Hopefully this will be implemented in the near future. I've started my career mode yesterday and I've noticed that if you play races at 100% length like I do you can't select the practice length you must play the full time like in real f1. Could this be addressed and let the user choose how many minutes per free practice?for me 30 mins each is more than enough. Another thing in career is we can't choose the weather like in championship mode,could this be changed too so the user could decide the weather on the race weekend? Thanks
  6. AlexB88

    Wrong Texture

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree on this,it is a bug. Just Google images from this year or even last year(as the visor was wrong in the game even last year) And you will see that magnussen always uses a coloured red visor like in the pictures showed above. The only drivers racing with a black visor in f1 are kvyat and sainz. Codemasters made all new 2020 helmets even ocon and latifi from scratch and they are all accurate and with the correct visor colour, I don't understand why even magnussen's can't be accurate like all the others. Also this not having a response from Codemasters Is quite annoying at the end I'm not asking to make something that will take ages to implement, Surely it's something they can do easily and I'm helping trying to flag a little bug in the game so to make it a little more realistic.
  7. AlexB88

    Wrong Texture

    @BarryBL Hi Barry, Any chance this can be passed on to developers please? Pretty sure it won't take long to be implemented and released in a next patch? Thanks
  8. AlexB88

    Wrong Texture

    Hi all, Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section. I have found a texture bug on Magnussen helmet. The visor in game is black but in reality is red/yellow ish (pictures attached below) I know is not a big issue or anything major but maybe @BarryBL could pass this information on to the development team and it could be included in a future patch? Thanks
  9. AlexB88

    Question on F1 2020 release

    Nice one thanks,is quite a big gap 3 days then,I remember they did the same last year but it was only 1 day before the normal edition came out If I remember well.
  10. Hi all, Question for @BarryBL maybe more then anyone else. So I bought a wheel on the fanatec website and they had this offer for f1 2020 for an extra euro so I did buy it of course. Now the Fanatec website says that the game will be available from the 7th of July, Does this mean that I will be able to actually play the game from the 7th or it will be only the download and I will be able to play it from the 10th of July? By the way the game version on the Fanatec website is the Scumacher edition. Thankssss
  11. AlexB88

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Absolutely agreed,we all know situation is not easy and nothing is predictable at this moment in time but it would be nice to have a statement or something from codemasters saying if f1 2020 will come out and how they planning to do it? Hopefully a reply will come fast from them.
  12. Thanks for this patch again guys great work. @BarryBL can you confirm this was the last patch for f1 2019? Thanks again
  13. I see thanks,Barry and will you make the localisation folder available with the last patch please?
  14. Thanks for the reply @BarryBL will this new last patch be in February or March? thanks
  15. @BarryBL Thanks for another patch guys,is this 1.21 the last patch for f1 2019 or will there be more? Thanks