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  1. haven't played online since before steam, can't buy ob steam anymore either.............this all sucks. sorry dude i can't help
  2. Why bother with this when TOCA race driver 3 works fine even with win 10, also is a better game then this too.
  3. minetti, You just Love Boonana splits ! Admit it & then we can be done with it ending up as friends. You try to Hard for a lost case, Have a sense of humor in the process yoooooooooo !
  4. when i think of the game i enjoyed Most in the series it HAS to be Overlord: Raising Hell, i think this is the updated/upgraded version. i didn't play the original release of it & wonder what's the difference. I MUST say i would Love a Overlord 3 if it's done the same way as Overlord: Raising Hell did ! it feels like forever now since i played it, it's 1 of those rare "classic" games you want more & more & more of ! it's in the realm of legacy of kain blood omen & soul reaver legacy of kain. it just has it all, cool, fun & humor, Very much underrated for Sure
  5. minetti, what has more effort ? season 4 or split screen ? if they won't do split screen then why would they do a season 4. Personally i would like a season 4-6 but they didn't give much "value" to those that paid extra for ultimate / season pass buyers. it's You regular greed 2019 owners that got the best out of it. i will load up greed 2019 in a bit, have the itch for some arcadey action, lost interest in this game after season 1. P.S. i agree with your 3 stages FlashStealth, minetti will be at phase 3 soon enuff, he just can't see it "yet" ! i wonder what sta
  6. lol, the good old days when CM made fantastic games out of passion instead of profit. Profit comes out of passion for your work, too bad this has been forgotten............
  7. i don't get awards, i WIN them !

  8. the music is EXCELLENT, Must commend you for it cause i love it. is she the best singer for the rest of the musicians ? i won't say but i FELT this song ! ..you beat me up with this 1 minetti ! if you want me to be hurtful i CAN & WILL............"if" i want to. Don't hide your background, be PROUD to be a pollock i kept thinking you're some "wop"............lol i'll be sens soured for that my comment. Anyhow, i NOW totally understand you & your push for recognition................NP dude & the rest of "dying" community hear you, just stop SCREAMING bana
  9. metallica any one ? Sad but true....mwahahhahaaaaa i have a sudden case of dairy queen banana split fever !
  10. minetti, you are a very aggressive fan boi good job, you deserve split scream
  11. i have a solution for you, get a 2nd pc or xbox or playstation & place 2 tv's or monitors side by side. SURE it's a expensive solution but you'll have the 2 screens you want at a crazy price. You said it yourself you'd pay EXTRA, well you'll do just that with My solution..............
  12. well if they promised it & didn't deliver i apologize, sorry to all of you but i didn't know. that is a scummy move on CM's part................ So split screen is in NO version of the game >>> PC, ps4 & xbox ?
  13. OK, lets call it perversia of perception..................OK otherwise i go back to nostalgia which clearly looks your case !
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