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  1. OugaBooga

    Grid ultimate edition

    it's called RIPOFF edition, i got pre & ultimate but where is my Chevrolet and Alfa Romeo DLC ??? as if i would pay for that AGAIn..........................
  2. OugaBooga

    Project Cars GO

    just want more info on this & hope members offer more info Lots of bad blah blah out there saying PC3 is the GO version..........................THX THX for responses
  3. I think SMS did what they did due to the success of Forza games ! SMS wants part of that market & the horizon series is proof More players just want a game that you jump in & just GO ! Also i think SMS was worried with the upcoming Forza Motorsport (reboot? fm8) that they won't be able to compete ? I don't know but i do know forza in general is a more "polished" series with More $$$ to throw around for development. Stuff is heating up a LOT in the sim & arcade genre, AMS2 is gonna be slamming the competition, & Horizon will continue to dominate !. I would LOVE to see a "proper" release of grid but it needs some one like M$ with $ to do that. Anyhow, tell me if i am for real or bat **** crazy ?
  4. OugaBooga

    MS buys zenimax

    Oh i am soooo excited, i know this has nothing to do with racing but i can Only imagine this will help with getting the games releasing in a better state then bugthesda has done. DAMN Wish Microsoft bought out codemasters so there's better "quality" control....................M$ needs to buy codemasters ! REALLY hoping this happens.
  5. OugaBooga

    The future of Grid

    so what do you suggest ? we hide in closets using our cellphones to "secretly" discuss ? 😅
  6. OugaBooga

    There's no fool like an old fool.

    i Too use a pad, my wheels are still in their boxes brand new. Need a nice sit & home made mount for the wheel before i attempt to do any steering again. I forget who it was, probably rastus that told me about trying the handbrake around corners for AWD cars. it helped some but i just can't get used to it..............i use the right thumb stick for up/down shifting & have arthritis in my fingers so i can't use the RB?LB buttons properly 😞 Same thing with forza motorsport games where i really can't map a handbrake with my button layout. THX for the reply
  7. OugaBooga

    There's no fool like an old fool.

    i'am not used to using hand brake but a few times i did it helped a bit in grid 2019. if switching to a steering wheel how do you hand brake while using manual ? sounds OK on a game pad but do i need another attachment to my wheel ?
  8. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    my rig..............absolutely ......... Yours ? all bout bragging rights..............THX Yo ! hhahahaa lets seee what5 happens in the next 3 yrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. OugaBooga

    Where is the Project Cars 3 sub forum?

  10. OugaBooga

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    looks like a bunch of stage 2's in this thread. i just lol hearing stuff like the "tree's or grass or exhaust effect" those thing's are so minor when looking at the big picture. you buy a game to look at still frames or you bought it for the action ? game looks fine, just cause you bought a 2080ti to brag about doesn't mean 99% of others aren't enjoying it. keep hoping, keep wishing cause that's all it is.............
  11. OugaBooga

    Nagging issues neglected

    lol, naggers are like sour milk in coffee.......
  12. OugaBooga

    The future of Grid

    CEO's Should be replaced by golden pigeons.......Baaahhhh.
  13. OugaBooga

    GRID the most underrated car game

    minetti, You just Love Boonana splits ! Admit it & then we can be done with it ending up as friends. You try to Hard for a lost case, Have a sense of humor in the process yoooooooooo !
  14. OugaBooga

    Where is the Project Cars 3 sub forum?

    remember that BANDAI NAMCO is the publisher & there for it doesn't make sense for code masters to advertise & support what Bandai Namco is responsible for.Personally i welcome the direction SMS took making it more accessible with good game pad support cause console is probably the biggest market ( i am guessing). but they should have made it a "off shoot" to PC like forza did with horizon. i WILL get PC3 eventually & am excited but NOT at the price they are charging for it. Seems too many complaints with bugs & it having less content. if there is 1 thing that urks me more then anything else it's "LESS CONTENT" especially when it's within the same console generation ! Dev's & pub's Always tout the line that they needed to laser scan & update car models but with PC3 there was non of that so why less ? Same way i feel bout greed 2019, if grid wants to go full sim or arcade they need to change the name accordingly. CM has 3 name schemes for their racing titles >>> - TOCA, early take on race sim. - Race Driver, less sim but Very enjoyable & in league with some of my fav titles of that era (gtr,gtl,scgt) - Grid more arcade but with a damage model unseen in other games, also a BLAST to play ! Where does PC3 fit ? i hope between RD & Grid but more to RD. Anyhow, i know minetti the hunter of Ouga's is gonna ream me another..................like usual. Code masters, go BACK or rehire what made your games Grrrrrreat & why some of us are struggling with stage 2-3 motivated yet "hopeful" i think i may BE stage 3 at this point but it looks like plenty are still stage 2..................Ouga OUT ! P.S. i think stage 4 was left out cause at that point the company is DEAD ! literally just a husk eaten away by the greedy CEO worms ! Go take a pay cut CEO's & give it to your workers, they deserve it & without them you'd be NOTHING @ the party..........
  15. OugaBooga

    Please make Overlord 3

    when i think of the game i enjoyed Most in the series it HAS to be Overlord: Raising Hell, i think this is the updated/upgraded version. i didn't play the original release of it & wonder what's the difference. I MUST say i would Love a Overlord 3 if it's done the same way as Overlord: Raising Hell did ! it feels like forever now since i played it, it's 1 of those rare "classic" games you want more & more & more of ! it's in the realm of legacy of kain blood omen & soul reaver legacy of kain. it just has it all, cool, fun & humor, Very much underrated for Sure !