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  1. OugaBooga

    Season 1 Impressions

    i had fun for 2 hrs yesterday once season 1 DLC finally downloaded on steam. (4 days later ?) Racenet challenges ? that has never done anything in this game. loved the audi but game needs tracks very badly. staying hopeful tracks get pumped out quickly equaling the amount in G.A.S. gonna go finish off some more cups now & finally raced against 6 real players online.
  2. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Actually i want to move the chase camera view Up because i can't see forward well in some cars especially with some of the car wings. why is the chase view so low in this game ? Any way to lift it higher up ? would appreciate it MUCH
  3. OugaBooga

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    how bout slightly master mad code studios ? i hope things work out with all this i would like to see drive club 2 or even ferrari legends 2
  4. OugaBooga

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    i suggest: 1 - this has a equal amount of tracks to grid auto sport (or more) ! 2 - multiplayer has options like previous grid games to pick (what, where, how long). 3 - would like chat please ! ! ! & to spectate races. simple suggestions i feel i shouldn't have to ask for to begin with. if full filled i think grid 2019 is a better game then G.A.S. (Optional) more then 2 racing modes like previous games. Don't care for "fluff or filler" items like cards, dances, clothing, balloons, explosions .......etc ! i want to continue being a "repeat" customer 🥰
  5. the thing is that the tracks were re-used which saves time & $. new cars are not as hard to do as new tracks............. what "public lobbies" are you talking about ? they are fixing MP ? I don't know what audi i drove but YES it was wonderful. i Just got mine yesterday on steam 9.4 gb download
  6. OugaBooga

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    I forgot about drive club but the game play looked good, forza horizon "like" but on streets. I actually want that game but i am not buying a ps4 just for it. I will get a ps5 since now there's about 5 ps4 games i want. As for what the studio did on grid i think the "core" of the game is really good, the AI could be fixed some but not that bad for single player. everything Wrong with the game is "lack of content" & multiplayer lacking options like a lot of people have mentioned. i honestly feel like MP was thrown in at the last 2-3 months if even that. game should have been released next spring or summer ! Lastly i like the way the cars handle in this a lot more then grid 2 & just a little more then grid autosport. Adding the 14 or so missing tracks & fixing MP would make this game better then GAS & worth the $. since late 90's i have bought ALL previous toca, race, grid games shortly after release & NEVER expected the game to be in this condition. 😮😥😣 you should have said AI 2019 "like no other !
  7. OugaBooga

    Version 1.2 / Season 1 - Update Notes

    Version 1.2 - 04/11/2019 it's december
  8. so at this rate we still won't have a full game 1 yr later. i wonder how grid did on the black friday sales.
  9. OugaBooga

    Grid on Stadia - practically unplayable

    well, onlive lasted a lot longer then i expected.
  10. OugaBooga

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    yeah, you're right. these days developers like these "gimmicky" things cause it's "filler" for games just like • 10 player cards • 10 player banners • 10 extra unique liveries Just let me paint my cars like forza does, i do much better work then those liveries in grid just like horizon 4 & clothing & dance moves, all a waste of resources that could be put into the game being better.
  11. OugaBooga

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Good idea, i am sure they get to work on it Pronto 😉😉😉 it's more important then multiplayer
  12. don't you just love it ? 😉 😉 😉
  13. OugaBooga

    Quick Note on Career Race Lengths

    yeah, i feel the same way about my $$ being wasted & having to wait. No other industry gets away with bugs & half finished products like the game industry, it is sickening to see. yes, he missed out on it otherwise he would have a very different opinion about grid 2019 i feel very claustrophobic in this game with some tracks & i agree this game being more of a ram, barge or slam fest then racing. the team part of the game is pointless & so is nemesis as far as i see it. As far a career race lengths i don't care much for it, the MP mess should have NEVER existed & baffles me why it does !
  14. OugaBooga

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    lol for a sec i thought you said communist leader.🤣🤣🤣 +1 to remastered grid 1, wasn't this supposed to be exactly that ? it still has potential, the question is will they work it so it has at the least the same amount of content GAS has ? I am Hoping but don't think they will make a equal amount of tracks 🤔 MP is a MESS 😶 lacking options, WTH thought it was a good idea to stream line it into nothingness ? MP needs defibrillation ASAP if this game is to make some sort of come back kid otherwise the game runs very well on my PC, most cars handle very well & graphics are great. i wonder what the sales figures are
  15. lmfao on your avatar