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  1. OugaBooga

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    nice pic's well done........i'am not good at that. i like the last 1, looks like doggy dog days on Yokohama ........ Don't jazz irt with excitement !
  2. OugaBooga

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    baaaahhhhh.......ofc they will stop support, we were warned from day one by fellow gamer's But we held on to our hopes for glory. Grid just ends up crushing our dreams & hopes, just like covid-19 is doing to our plans for the spring & summer.................. Unless Cm delays season 3 with something spectacularly "surprising" cough cough (many tracks flat out just ripped from g2 & gas), i don''t even mind if they do just copy paste at this point...........COPY PASTE, COPY PASTE, COPY PASTE........................developers developers developers.......COPY PASTE (final solution) better then the death of grid series. Otherwise Definitely Not a pre- order again, was my 1st for CM & my LAST. THX CM, lesson learned & Not forgotten. with grid covid-19 ATM in full viral effect my wallet has vise gripes locked On, "like No other". I AM OugaMon, BLASTING demons to smithereens in DOOM Eternal................AAAhhhhhh some satisfaction at last manage my wallet mode !
  3. OugaBooga

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    the damage to GREED 2019 is DONE ! I say they should bring back the TOCA name since no one has bad feelings about it. Get rid of the GRID name for the next title & make more of a sim with circuit tracks & none of this BS DLC fest either. Not sure if city tracks would fit with the TOCA name but if they are real city tracks then why not. Lots of tracks & cars & then i would be OK with dlc added after.
  4. call me pink rhinOh.............................thx 😁
  5. locations, locations, locations, locations, Locate........... Come ooooOOONNN !!! then add that developers developers develop song remix in your head i wanna see the sweat around CM's neck & armpits locations, locations, locations, locations, Locate........
  6. this is what happens when a company does less yet feels customers aren't entitled to what they expected & paid for. it's a good thing i have pretty much all the good & great racing games of the last 2 decades. I'am at a point where if i had to i could go for many years without buying another racing game i easily could. This game was released "like no other" previous TOCA,Race driver, Grid in being chicken wings without the sauce & very few veggies. Hope codies realizes that this series was supported & made popular by Older "Adult" gamer's. CM's employees that love to play the games they worked on should be treated with the upmost respect & given bonuses instead of the CEO's & their ilk !
  7. maybe next is the mobile version......................
  8. OugaBooga

    CM you Joking on me ?

    wiping out my $$$ was what hurt the Most ! i can deal with replaying career but it "seems" like i get less winnings now. I can't afford the cars in season 2 😭
  9. lol, we need clean cars cause it's importante .........................Next the broccoli become trees !
  10. PLEASE GTR3.........................feels like it is taking longer then duke nukem forever
  11. OugaBooga

    Suzuki Circuit Appeared?

    you're looking @ the NEW "ip" coming called Grid R UHD Ultimate 2020/21
  12. New " IP " = Grid HD Ultimate (2020) everything missing Now included Plus the trees.
  13. i love broccoli but Only on my plate with LOTS of butter & some Cheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. yea, played it last yr around the time grid 2019 came out, & again a few days ago. i am happy i got it before steam removed it.