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  1. OugaBooga

    TOCA 2 Touring Cars working on Windows 7

    haven't played online since before steam, can't buy ob steam anymore either.............this all sucks. sorry dude i can't help
  2. OugaBooga

    TOCA 2 Touring Cars working on Windows 7

    Why bother with this when TOCA race driver 3 works fine even with win 10, also is a better game then this too.
  3. OugaBooga


    what ? CM sells wreckfest ?
  4. OugaBooga


    last spam i saw was something like murder for hire. anyways, something strange & dealing with hiring a thug cause of marital problems or cheat......etc
  5. OugaBooga

    Grid ultimate edition

    it's called RIPOFF edition, i got pre & ultimate but where is my Chevrolet and Alfa Romeo DLC ??? as if i would pay for that AGAIn..........................
  6. OugaBooga

    Project Cars GO

    just want more info on this & hope members offer more info Lots of bad blah blah out there saying PC3 is the GO version..........................THX THX for responses
  7. I think SMS did what they did due to the success of Forza games ! SMS wants part of that market & the horizon series is proof More players just want a game that you jump in & just GO ! Also i think SMS was worried with the upcoming Forza Motorsport (reboot? fm8) that they won't be able to compete ? I don't know but i do know forza in general is a more "polished" series with More $$$ to throw around for development. Stuff is heating up a LOT in the sim & arcade genre, AMS2 is gonna be slamming the competition, & Horizon will continue to dominate !. I would LOVE to see a "proper" release of grid but it needs some one like M$ with $ to do that. Anyhow, tell me if i am for real or bat **** crazy ?
  8. OugaBooga

    MS buys zenimax

    Oh i am soooo excited, i know this has nothing to do with racing but i can Only imagine this will help with getting the games releasing in a better state then bugthesda has done. DAMN Wish Microsoft bought out codemasters so there's better "quality" control....................M$ needs to buy codemasters ! REALLY hoping this happens.
  9. OugaBooga

    The future of Grid

    so what do you suggest ? we hide in closets using our cellphones to "secretly" discuss ? 😅
  10. OugaBooga

    There's no fool like an old fool.

    i Too use a pad, my wheels are still in their boxes brand new. Need a nice sit & home made mount for the wheel before i attempt to do any steering again. I forget who it was, probably rastus that told me about trying the handbrake around corners for AWD cars. it helped some but i just can't get used to it..............i use the right thumb stick for up/down shifting & have arthritis in my fingers so i can't use the RB?LB buttons properly 😞 Same thing with forza motorsport games where i really can't map a handbrake with my button layout. THX for the reply
  11. OugaBooga

    There's no fool like an old fool.

    i'am not used to using hand brake but a few times i did it helped a bit in grid 2019. if switching to a steering wheel how do you hand brake while using manual ? sounds OK on a game pad but do i need another attachment to my wheel ?
  12. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    my rig..............absolutely ......... Yours ? all bout bragging rights..............THX Yo ! hhahahaa lets seee what5 happens in the next 3 yrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. OugaBooga

    Where is the Project Cars 3 sub forum?

  14. OugaBooga

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    looks like a bunch of stage 2's in this thread. i just lol hearing stuff like the "tree's or grass or exhaust effect" those thing's are so minor when looking at the big picture. you buy a game to look at still frames or you bought it for the action ? game looks fine, just cause you bought a 2080ti to brag about doesn't mean 99% of others aren't enjoying it. keep hoping, keep wishing cause that's all it is.............
  15. OugaBooga

    Nagging issues neglected

    lol, naggers are like sour milk in coffee.......