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  1. CM owning SMS doesn't help them especially when they are changing the way PCars plays. the Main thing i am NOT liking bout pc3 is the way the car is stretched while racing, reminds me of the way the cars like from exterior in greed 2019. i'am still looking forward to PC3 but will wait till there's a "complete" edition for sale. Can't stand the DLC rat race.
  2. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    LOL, when i want to test my patience i play games like dark souls, doom & serious sam on the hardest difficulty ! Almost ALWAYS i end up breaking **** & regretting i bothered,
  3. that's so funny, are they gonna "key him go" again ? & then they buy the Next studio he's in. i think he's experiencing ground hog day.
  4. OugaBooga

    The future of Grid

    After watching the PC3 early beta video from what i can tell this game has the same FOV on the outside of the cars as grid 2019. The handling "seems" very much the same as grid 2019. i can't fault the visuals since it Does say "early beta" so i'am not sure what to think, it sounds like toca race driver, handling looks like greed 2019 & the good turns stuff seems like forza motorsport. i'am sure there's stuff in here that's like "shift" but can't tell from this video. SMS has made games i really liked but i'am not going to get hyped about this game just yet. i wonder how big of a DLC fest pc3 is going to be, the original PC had a tonne. Also PC3 isn't being made for ps5 & xsx so i wonder if buying it on xb1 & ps4 will give you a free upgrade on the newer consoles later. Makes me wonder if the PC version is going to be gimped because of the consoles.
  5. OugaBooga

    Grid Cars 3

    i like the waiting game, good things come to those that wait.
  6. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I definitely am Much better @ managing my expectations after experiencing greed 2019. 3 things i make sure of now: I wait for REAL gamer reviews (after release date) not made by paid off media or "influence R's" receiving Free copies. I complete games before blindly buying the next in the series. I also am back to my old self with being CHEAP & waiting for (DEEP) discounts. it feels Grrrrrrrreat, i'am like Tony the tiger !
  7. OugaBooga

    Cheaters in Leaderboard (free play)

    it won't bug you if you don't pay attention to it. it works for me skipping trying to be up there in the top.
  8. OugaBooga

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    Good idea if you can for a fiver & it's the "complete" edition Not how true it is but supposedly the xbox series X will be able to auto up-scaled old(er) games so that there's no need for dev's to make "remustard" editions.
  9. OugaBooga

    Welcome to the new GRID

    lol, it's just the same few here on the forums. get ready for GAS 2022, greedy as sin !
  10. OugaBooga

    missing Chicago track

    it will be called GAF 2022 MX, greedy AF ............................ to the MAX
  11. OugaBooga

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    releasing the switch GAS on PC & other consoles ? 🤔 it better look great & not just a simple port Might work but since i don't own a switch & have no clue what changes they made i wonder 🤔🤔 As for a remaster of grid 2008 i just don't see it happening, they would butcher it into DLC hell fest even if they worked around the licensing issues. Just have SMS do a new TOCA that is like the old games. i have the PC & PC2 collection on both PC & xbox (good stuff), But am worried the same will happen to pc3 as greed 2019
  12. OugaBooga

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    yeah, it's a great game but it wasn't great using a game pad for a long time even after leaving EA. it's better now but greed 2019 has better game pad control. Too bad Greed doesn't allow mod support, it might have been what saved it ......................
  13. OugaBooga

    That's interesting.. 🤔

    that's the "secret" achievement 😄
  14. OugaBooga

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    i have No idea what to say any more...................i feel "unheard". Tracks tracks tracks............don't know how much more simple i can state this, maybe just say it once ? ..........................................ghost i agree this "excitement" non detail is Not exciting. also i am at a point of there's just too much salt & i will just stay with older titles. lastly, there is No return for GRID, to me it will remain as GREED.........................not sure i care to post any more. i had a blast with doom eternal but i know the writing on the wall, it's DOOM'd when it comes to customers............i ain't eating a shizz samwich. i would rather forage & take chances of eating BAD mushrooms.............. to the rest of you...........bless, stay safe &................i think this may be my last post on the CM forums. i see Nothing better in the future..........in MOST games.
  15. OugaBooga

    Watered down damage.

    that is a sexy nissan at the end, i'd buy that for a dollhair 😁