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  1. Well, 20 connection retries and then I quit. They've done nothing, they're just sitting and waiting for things to settle down by themselves. I quit, Johnnnn you can take my place in the queue.
  2. I've had an error already attempting to fix the car after the stage, retry - success, but we all know it's not for long...
  3. No, nothing've changed - I'm playing now and it's already veeeeeeryyyyy slugggggishhhhh
  4. If I get it correctly between the lines, we won't have any dramatically effective solution, at least in the nearest future. Oh well...
  5. Actually I'm working on a similar looking livery :) Of course you have to upload this as (as mentioned above) there is no good colors for the poor 208 R2 at all which is a shame 'cause the car is quite nice imho.
  6. I can't play since yesterday and watching this *** about "settings", "monitoring" and "adjustments" is somewhat laughable. I can help you with monitoring: look, guys, the game is unaccessible for more than 24 hours!
  7. PC (Steam). Tried to connect now - success, my team - entered, weekly challenge - entered, attempt to fix the car - failed. Error code something.
  8. Please Codemasters give us some announcement when it will be possible to actually play the game. I know life is hard and all that stuff but come on how long will I get this after trying my best on the track? PC (Steam)
  9. AFAIK you can only change the interior that is visible from outside the car ('cabin' textures in *_tex_high_*.pssd) but the interior you see while driving is a different 3D model (shared for all the liveries) with it's own textures stored somewhere else and i don't think it will be allowed to modify it
  10. I'd like to try this livery too, looks pure acid and the car is my favorite
  11. I use paint.net, it opens and saves any dds compression format (not to mention - CORRECTLY, as lots of liveries here have wrongly imported base texture probably due to poorly implemented sRGB profiles support). You can either buy it in Microsoft store (it's just a form of donation) or download from the site free. https://www.getpaint.net/index.html
  12. Well, this is another unusual piece: matt black / gloss white (with chromed bunnies) Playboy livery used by Estonian driver Egon Kaur in 2011 ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The original car was 6th gen Fiesta but it fits 7th gen quite well. Unfortunately, game developers like to use single textures for both left and right side of the car very much. I've managed to overcome this restriction on rear windows but small badges on the front quarter windows are 'm-sport' on the left and 'trops-m' on the right, it's not a bug - it's a feature. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-r
  13. Hello everyone. This is a strange project started quite a while ago as a sort of self-amusement and a bit of a challenge maybe, but as I dig into subject it became more complex and time-consuming; finally I ended up collecting fonts and counting paint drops. So. Opel Adam R2 driven by Tom Kristensson, co-driver Henrik Appelskog, Sachsen Rallye 26-27.05.2017 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/opel-adam-r2-t-kristensson-h-appelskog-sachsen-rallye-2017.29893/
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