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    why all the H8?

    That’s hard for me to say. I haven’t really looked at the cost of owning & upgrading a F1 car in RR3. I drove it & I don’t like the center post of the HALO being there. I did love seeing that there is actually a slip stream in RR3. I wish they would fix that in this game. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be driving F1 in RR3. I love some of the road cars & the DPI & DTM as well as Senna’s old MP4. As far as the cost of owning a team car in F1 mobile, ive seen each car on sale for $5.00. If you buy it you own it & never have to repair it like you do in RR3. Also, I wish this game had a video replay like RR3.

    why all the H8?

    Well I just played Real Racing 3 to compare the AI behavior & it looks like they improved their AI quite a bit. I’ll be going back to playing that as well so I can get my fix of DTM racing & DPI.

    why all the H8?

    I know it seems like a “love letter” to Codemasters, but I assure you I don’t work for Codemasters, or any other tech company. To illustrate this point; F1 mobile is the ONLY Codemasters game I like. I tried F1 2019 for Xbox & I don’t like it. I don’t like grid Autosport for Xbox or iOS. I tried one of the rally cross games (which is Codemasters I think) & I don’t like that either. As I said, F1 mobile is the ONLY Codemasters game I like. Forza Motorsport is the ONLY racing or car game I like on console. I am genuinely happy, for the most part, in the mobile game physics & AI behavior in this game. Also I forgot to mention one other small problem with the AI though. In addition to the AI being a little too slow in single player they also are not using DRS at all. If they did use DRS then it would probably fix the too slow issue for me. Sure the duel game mode has a lot of problems like 1 lap races, other players intentionally ramming you, & the AI rams you as well at times. But I play duel mode as little as possible. I mainly play single mode races, so the problems with duel mode don’t really bother me. As far as the money issue some people have, I just hate the whiny entitled attitude which is so prevalent in some of the posts I’ve read on this forum. Whether you think I work for Codemasters or not, do you disagree with my assessments on the AI in this game? Go play Forza & tell me if you think their AI is better than the AI in this game. Oh & one last thing I don’t like about this game...with no assists & no upgrades on my car, I can lap most circuits with a comparable time to the lap times we see in real life but the speeds according to the game are way down compared to real life speeds. For instance I can lap Spa a half second faster than the fastest real life lap, yet my top speed is only about 170 MPH, where as in real life they are doing well over 200 MPH. So essentially the speedometer in this game is broken. If I upgrade my car to get higher top speeds I pass the AI too easily & my lap times are way faster than real life. After all that, I stand by my opinion on this game...it’s the best mobile racer I’ve ever played for single mode.

    why all the H8?

    OK, so I'm a relatively new player with about 2 months of play time. I've noticed a lot of people complaining about this game. One thing, in particular though, I have to defend codemasters on....the AI. Now I'm not talking about the AI in duels (yes I've been wrecked by the AI in duels numerous times just like you) I'm talking about the AI in single player and the GP events. I have been a loyal Forza Motorsport customer since FM4. That being said, the AI in Forza 7 is horrible!! They have no spatial awareness and on many tracks, at many turns, they will stick to a prescribed line, regardless if you are right next to them or not. The AI in Forza will ram into you instead of staying on the outside or inside, whichever the case may be, if you are not more than dead level with them. When they should brake because you have the line...they don't. They tap the brakes at parts of the track they don't need to, and on certain tracks with certain cars they will run off for no reason. Real Racing 3 has a great selection of cars, but they have the same problem...their AI will not deviate from their prescribed line. It has been very frustrating at times playing these 2 games because of their horrible AI. Soooooo when I tried F1 mobile....I was pleasantly surprised to see their AI would swerve back to their side to avoid you and they will yield the corner to you when you have the racing line. I am so happy with their AI behavior I haven't played RR3 since I started playing this game and I've only played forza once or twice. That's saying a lot that a mobile racing game has better AI than a console allstar like FM7. Kudos to whichever programmer did the AI for F1 mobile! However, the one complaint I have about the AI in F1 mobile is they are too slow in single player mode. I put the difficulty on hard and take all of my upgrades off & I still win by a lap or two in a 15 lap race. Other than that, I love this game! I'm quite pleased with the handling physics for a mobile game. Don't change it codemasters! I drive with the touch steering wheel & gas and brake pedals. I have all assists off & I can control the car very well. I bought grid autosport for IOS and the touch steering SUUUCCKKS for that game, no matter how much you play with the settings. So Codemasters...keep up the good work! For all of you who complain about paying real money for credits or cars in the game...this is how the people who make these games make a living. It's how they feed their families, pay for their health insurance, pay rent or mortgage & make money to start developing the next game. You spend real money when you go to the store & buy a console game...why should this be any different? I've spent about $25.00 on F1 mobile and I don't regret it at all. As much as I play the game it's worth it. I'm sure the Ad revenue helps, but I bet it's not enough. I mean come on...how much money do you think some word collect game or zombie shooter game is paying codemasters to put their ads in it? Do you think these other games are just rolling in money and are paying CM tons of dough for ads??? Wake up idiots!! If you think it's unfair for some people to buy the upgrades, what you call "pay to win", then don't play. It's a free game with an option to buy credits or cars...No one is forcing you to play the game, much less spend money on it! Quit whining like a spoiled, entitled, little baby. Just play the game...or don't! Keep up the good work Codemasters!