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  1. It seems to be that time again.... Platform: Steam Country: Netherlands Place where error was encountered: Events Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" Resulting in DNF
  2. Platform: Steam Country: Netherlands Place where error was encountered: My Team Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt"
  3. Yes! There it is. Pitty there's only one r5 event today 😉
  4. Maybe I did something wrong, no MK II for me in My Team 😞 The Golf GTI R5 sounds great btw...
  5. Nice....but where is the Fiesta R5 MKII? I did take part in the World Series Qualifier's, not all of it, but i thought that wasn't necessary.
  6. Thanks PJ! I'm still enjoying DR2 a lot, put in almost 1100 hours and I don’t see me slowing down anytime soon. Looking forward to see what the future will hold concerning Dirt titels 😄 Sad to instantly see negativity and entitlement…..must be a hell of a job being a community manager.
  7. I loved it. Sure some things could be approved upon, but I thought it was a great show! Well, Jon wasn't too happy with his mate Mattias in his semi-final...that's for sure.
  8. You're joking right? I think you do a very good job as community manager, and my love for the game is big.....but this almost feels like an insult....
  9. Yes, this is pretty bad. And it looks like my team credits are reset to 0 from the millions a had (let's find out after reconnection)....tis bad MKAY, very bad! Steam, the Netherlands.
  10. It's working for me🤘 Flat out here we go!!
  11. Sure you will fix it, but what a “community” we have surrounding DR2.0...complaining started the moment it became the 24th….thats why I try to avoid the forums...way to much toxicity.
  12. Windows 7 Professional Never had big problems with the game, did’t understand the large amount of complaining, but now can’t play for over 24 hours, really hope this gets fixed soon, I need my rally fix, I want to do the dailys!…..frustration is growing quickly now…...
  13. Same here since yesterday, PC steam version, in the Netherlands, account name "acidzq"
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