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  1. The issue probably has something to do with the AI's fastest lap times generated by the game after the hot lap or a time attack race, which appear to be totally unrealistic from the 2nd race on in any event. I just tried to play the Time Attack Series of Season 2. In the 2nd race I was first until the finish line and then suddenly I was on the 15th place. The AI car on the first place had a lap time of less than 1 second! I believe it was 00:00:00.201 or something like this. If you ask me... either a bug or an outstanding driver!
  2. Hi guys! Thanks for the Season 3 update! I'm looking forward to play the final events of GRID! :) I've encountered a new bug though.... After finishing the hot lap qualifying of some races on 1st place, I still had to start the race on the 16th place. This happened to me on the 2nd race of the events "Classic GT American Series" and "Heritage Super Tourers City Tour" of Season 2. I'd appreciate if you could look into this!
  3. My final post today... promised! The game audio still skips and stutters in endurance mode. Tested with 39 AI cars on Shanghai track with night/rain conditions. Sorry for all the bad news.
  4. One more thing and I really hope it's just a bug... The amount of credits that you are able to earn has decreased significantly. After winning one of the showdown events I usually received around 150000 credits, now it's only 16000-20000. This just turns the endgame fun of collecting all cars into a painful grind. A confirmation about this would be really appreciated!
  5. Hello again! 😁 First of all, thanks for the Update! Unfortunately there is quite something to report. I bought the Ultimate Edition of GRID and after today's update my VIP status in-game is gone. No badge in my character profile, no extra credits after events anymore. The 2nd problem is, whenever I go into career mode I receive the on-screen congratulation message that I won all events (the one you get after finishing everything in the main game). This is blocking the entire screen and by pressing ok or accept it selects a random event. The 3rd problem which is not q
  6. First of all, happy new year! The previous problems I had with framerate and resolution drops on certain tracks seem to be resolved, either by a game update or an update of Stadia at the end of 2019. However there is a new strange behavior when the game engine or stream seem to be pushed too hard... The game audio starts to skip and stutter. This can happen when there is a crash in front of you or on tracks that have had the above mentioned visual problems before. The gameplay and the visual return remain completely stable in these situations though and it only happe
  7. Me again... 😄 So it seems to me that that a lot of the issues are resolved. The tracks I initially reported work fine now. However the same problems came back up in other career events where maybe 1 out of 10 races had these performance breakdowns. Especially night/rain events could exhibit this. The worst offender was Zhejiang of the tuner 'Night Terrors' event. Can you confirm the game performance will be improved in the coming weeks? I really really like GRID, but those issues take away quite a bit from the overall experience. And by the way... when will
  8. I advanced a little further in the career mode and another event with issues was "TC1-Specials Asia". On the first track Zhejiang the framerate and resolution was constantly at sth. like 720p/~30fps, with HUD elements, menus etc. being 4K/60fps. The 2nd race in Shanghai worked flawless at 4K/60. In the 3rd race at Okutana Circuit, the hot lap, as well as the race started at around 1080p/~30fps in the first section, went up to 4K/60fps when the track went uphill after the first few corners and then went back down to around 1080p/~30fps at the end of the track when you drive back
  9. To add to my previous post, the 2nd track where the framerate breaks down is Zhejiang. (e.g. Tuner event No. 3; "Time Attack Battle") This is again reproducable every time I start the event. The framerate and the resolution drop after the first two corners and stay low until the finish line. HUD elements stay sharp though. It appears that the engine/rendering struggles there. The game remains responsive while playing though. The Stadia rating of the internet connection ist still excellent in these moments. I use Stadia on Chromecast with 4K and HDR output selected by the way.
  10. First of all, thanks for the last fix! I'm glad all of us are able to play career mode now! I ran into annoying performance issues in multiple career events though. (1st Tuner Event, San Francisco; 1st Mini Invitational, San Francisco; + on two more events on different tracks, I can't recall) The framerate seems to be well below 60 fps in these cases and is fluctuating. Everything is perfectly smooth again after the finish line in the short slow-mo and on succeeding tracks. The scenarios are reproducable every time I retry the events. The rest of the game runs smoothly at 60 fps.
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