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  1. An option to release or forward host Would be nice to be able to forward the host to a specific player in the skirmish. More races in one session/championship Would be great to select more than 5 races in one session Option to choose car between races or at least to change settings Be able to choose a different car between races or at least to change settings. Also to be able to modify settings during the time tables or when you got disqualified Option to choose car and settings when you enter a session Why not allow to choose a
  2. Host are not aware to be the host One big issue is, that many players don’t get aware when they became host. Maybe the host should see this info the hole time in the skirmish A text chat option: May be a text chat option could help. As few people where headsets, that normally isn’t an option to 'wake up' the one how is host to tell him to start the race Or maybe a ‘talk to all’ option in the skirmish, so everybody can hear you, not only those connected to the game chat.
  3. OK, thanks. May be you should change the wording. You're talking about 'threads', but in the board itself they are called 'topics'. The other confusing thing is, that there is this 'technical assistance' section and the there is this sticky 'Stadia issues' topic. So it seems like the Stadia issues should go here. But now I understood and in the future I know what I have to do
  4. @CMTGK What do you mean with "thread"? An extra for each issue under this topic or a new topic for each issue? And if you mean a new topic, in which section? I'm not willed to do this 5 times. I'm trying to help you - it ist not my paid job.
  5. @ChrisGrovesMCM After season 2 was launched and some bugs where solved and some new one came in, I try to make a new report with a list of issues and suggestions. Issues on GRID_Stadia Car colors in multiplayer In multiplayer games - especially with more drivers, if you’re using a personal design, the car in the race will appear with the correct design, but with the colors from the car driven before car chosen is blue… car in the grid is grey (the colors of the Audi A3 from my next example)… car chosen is grey… car in the gr
  6. Some additional issues from my side: In multiplayer mode, when the host doesn't finish a race (DNF) the game gets stucked in the leaderboard after the countdown. The only way to solve this is the host leaving the event (losing his points and car) Also in multiplayer mode, when you select a car with individualized colors, it may appear in the race with compleatly other colors (same design) This issue... ...is still a problem. What information is missing? It's nearly impossible to tune your car using the keyboard. Pressing the "tune" key you jump to an t
  7. @ChrisGrovesMCM Thanks again, for your answer and sorry, that I'm a little bit ****** off. As I said before, I already reported this to custservice@codemasters.com. The only answer I got was... My response to that email was... Every step is followed. As I told you, the communication works, the game reacts on the key strokes, but not as aspected (see videos). All the other keys work fine at the same time. So how do you explain, that one random key does not react correctly, but all others do. It's more, when you leave the game play, the same key works in the menu, but when you
  8. @ChrisGrovesMCM Thanks vor your reponse. The point is, that the issue happend on the three different systems, on two different locations with different ISPs. If it's an problem with my PCs, why do the other keys work? Even if I pause the game, the keys work perfectly in the menu (up and down) but when I resume the game the up or down arrow does not have any effect. Well - that's not totaly true, as you can see in the videos, the steering wheel and the Revo count show a reaction. https://photos.app.goo.gl/wwZmpcyCRXvGsSxq7
  9. Is it the company policy of Codemaster to ignore theire customers? Neither here or by email - no support, zero answers! Too busy preparing Brexit? 😞 https://photos.app.goo.gl/fvwjHtvaMWDmumpn7
  10. I was trying to get support throu custservice@codemasters.com but seems, that there is nowbody willing to answer 😞 I have a bug with the controlls - my issues is something with the game. The controller (Keyboard) works fine. When the issue occurs, the game still gets an input. In the cockpit view for example, you can see the steering wheel react on the key stroke. It simply does not turn left (or right) depending on the key that's working wrong. The same witch the brake and acceleration. Depending if you hit the brake or acceleration button the racing line indicators appear and disappear
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