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  1. I have been reporting this from the beginning, but until now nobody paid attention 😞 so I will try again. I experienced this on any PC I played until now - something about 8 to 10 machines, 4 different Internet provider with different technologies and three different Stadia accounts (now that GRID is a pro game it’s more easy to test with any account). I also observed other gamers in the race with the same issue. So that they do not report here, does not mean the issue is inexistant. At least I can tell you some more observation on when this happens. For me it seems to happen after a package lost - a normal issue on stadia, but sometimes it is like the game doesn’t forward the inputs of one of the keys any more. As I showed you in some videos, the input arrives at the game (there are some graphic evidences) but the action is not forwarded to the gameplay. Finally I found out, how to recover control. First you have to turn completely in the direction that still works (without touching any other key) and then you press the key that doesn’t respond for some time (only that key) and you will recover control. You can imagine, that this only works at quite low speed, other wise you spin. When the acceleration doesn’t respond you will have to stop completely, press the brake, press the accelerator key and you can go on. This method seems to work most of the time, but you can forget the race your in. Quite annoying. Here you can find my old post with the videos. If you need some more information, please ask https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/44268-grid-on-stadia-feedback-thread-for-stadia-players/?do=findComment&comment=488326 So please stop ignoring me with this issue 🙂
  2. Great to hear - thanks a lot :-)
  3. I don’t know if someone reported this already, but I couldn’t find it. Video Link (GRID in spectator mode with ghost cars) This is how it should not look like. This is, when you retire from a race, or you get DSQ or suffered a terminal damage. Then you get the option to watch the race until the race ends. But in this case you will get to see the cars in ghost mode. Video Link (GRID in spectator mode with normal cars) This is how it should look like. This is, when your enter a session where the race already started. You can watch the action until the race ends and then you will participate in the next race.
  4. Yesterday I tried the keyboard again and I have to say it got worse. All the tweaks I described before to solve the issue do not work any more for me anymore. Noe it is like many others here in the thread described - I have to remap the keys and after 2 or 5 minutes it will happen again. At the moment the game is absolutely unplayable with keyboard 😥😷
  5. I play Grid with the keyboard as the controler for me is impossible. From time to time suddently one of the keys for left/right/accelarate/brake does not respond any more. Sometimes it recovers after 10 seconds, sometimes the problem continues for minutes. The issues stays there even when I start a new race. Sometimes it doesn't happen for half an hour or more, sometimes it occurs twice in a race. Anyone else with this issue?
  6. Not a bug? Who want's to the ghosts as spectator?
  7. When you contact Stadia with this, they tell you to contact Codemasters. They don't even track issues like this.
  8. @ItalianBrother Thanks for your observations an tips. Package loss is what I also suppose to be the trigger for the event. I'm playing via Ethernet and it also happens. It's more, package loss is something inevitable, but the game has to deal with it. The problem is, that it does not recover from it. In the past I had phases of several hours or even 2 days with the issue happening and the suddenly in every second race.
  9. @CMTGK I don't want to be spiteful, even if it get's me some satisfaction that we came to this point. I don't want to blame you personally - finally you where the one helped me to report this in the right way, at the right place and reported to the right people. I reported this issue by email to 'Codemasters Customer Services' back in November - I didn't know about this board. I got some Stadia FAQ links as answer. I told them, that this where not my issues with arguments. I had to ask back two more times to get again the same FAQ links. I answered to every proposal in those FAQs, but never got any answer - not even the suggestion to post in this board. I don't know if 'Codemasters Customer Services' and you are in the same team, but this kind of customer support answer is what makes customers really angry - and if the game is not so important for the, they simply walk away. I understand, that it is a tricky issues, as it happens somehow between Stadia and your game and it is different to other platforms. But specially on a new platform there is a good chance to have issues like this. It's a pitty we lost so much time and now all this new Stadia test users are running into it. So realy think about how you (Codemasters) tread bug reports. I worked as customer support time ago and I know that 95% of the tickets are people how haven't read neither the manual nor FAQ or anything else, but if someone replies on your FAQ link mail, if he gives arguments, at least give him a reponse, check those arguments and if needed ask questions. To hope that the customer gives up and goes away will not resolve the bugs. This are my 2 cent and I hope you can find the reason and a solution for this soon - even in the meantime I learned to use the controller 🎮 And after al this complains some nice words: Great game, hope It will keep on improving and I hope you will publish more games in the Stadia platform 🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️
  10. Hi @CM_Charlotte , sorry I havn't respond until now - was quite busy this weeks. As many others already stated, there is nothing special triggering this behaviour. I can happen in a solitarian single player game as well as in a crowdy 40 player endurance session. As I said before, For me the trigger seems to be package loss. One thing I didn't mention before - I'm using the arrow key for the car control in stead of [W] [A] [Y]
  11. @CMTGK Thanks for your efforts 🙂
  12. Thank YOU @briznad for this reply. You're describing exactly the same as me. I hope this will help to convince Codemasters to have a look on this. The fact, that there are no more reports on this, does not mean it doesn't exist. It simply means, that most people are to lazy to make bug reports. @CMTGK By the way, here is a video snipped where you can se onboard how slowly the drivers leg switches on the brake pedal when the issue occurs with the "brake key". GRID_brake-issue-cockpit.mp4
  13. It’s nice to have the ‘wash and paint’ option in the garage and skirmish, but with keyboard you can’t use it, as the assigned keys are ‘F3’ and ‘F4’ which are already used in the main menu to skip the car categories. In the settings it’s not possible to change this asignations. The same applies to the ‘F3’ for ‘tuning’
  14. Not 100% sure, but for me it seems like the bots are in ashole mode (very difficult) even if ‘medium’ or ‘easy’ is selected. I think this is happening from some weeks to now an it happens when experienced drivers create a session. Sessions created by drivers with lover level seem to have ‘normal’ bots.
  15. Players entering a running session many times/always get a starting position in the front of the grid, even with hotlap on. It’s a popular trick to leave the session during the hotlap and reentering immediately so they start on the front. In any case - specially in races with hotlap, drivers joining during the hotlap should start on the end of the grid.
  16. Not sure if it is a general issue, but at least it happens to me. My Headset (Logitech G935) works fine with in the game chat, but when switching to the party chat I get the info that there is no one to chat - but there are others chatting. Connected to the controler it works fine in both chatrooms.
  17. gekkoX

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    An option to release or forward host Would be nice to be able to forward the host to a specific player in the skirmish. More races in one session/championship Would be great to select more than 5 races in one session Option to choose car between races or at least to change settings Be able to choose a different car between races or at least to change settings. Also to be able to modify settings during the time tables or when you got disqualified Option to choose car and settings when you enter a session Why not allow to choose a car and change settings when you enter a session which has already started. At least when you enter during a race there would be plenty of time to do so.
  18. gekkoX

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Host are not aware to be the host One big issue is, that many players don’t get aware when they became host. Maybe the host should see this info the hole time in the skirmish A text chat option: May be a text chat option could help. As few people where headsets, that normally isn’t an option to 'wake up' the one how is host to tell him to start the race Or maybe a ‘talk to all’ option in the skirmish, so everybody can hear you, not only those connected to the game chat.
  19. I know, it’s an Stadia issue, that if someone loses its connection or closes the browser, the session will stay for some minutes, so he can switch the device or come back when the internet connection recovers. But the is one issue with this and the one being the host of a multiplayer session. He stays host even if he isn’t there any more, because stadia is keeping his session. This happens, when the host leaves the session, without a clean exit (shutting down Stadia or the browser window. Most of the players are not aware of that. Often it occurs, that host #1 leaves the session correctly and the host switches to another one, but he is not even aware that he got host, as he already left the session in the quick and dirty way an his session stays there. The consequence is, that all others can’t start the race and won’t wait until the session of the host expires. Maybe it would be a good idea to release the host, if there wasn’t a input for some time.
  20. The infrastructure is as it is, but the game should deal with the infrastructure.
  21. It is connected to the PC an it works in the game chat but not the PC chat. Well, indeed it is detected. The is the message informing that headset and mic is now connected, but in the party there is the info, that there is no one avaiable to chat. Others in the chat ARE chatting.
  22. One big issue is, that many players don’t get aware when they became host. Maybe the host should see this info the hole time in the skirmish Text chat option: May be a chat option could also help. As few people where headsets, that normally isn’t an option to inform the one who is host, that he has to start the race Or a ‘talk to all’ option in the skirmish, so everybody can hear you, not only those connected to the game chat.
  23. Yes, but the reality is, that many of the gamers don't see the notification and they don't enter the menu and all the players have to wait like stupids, because the don't know if the host is simply configuring a new session or he is not aware or even not online any more.