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  1. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    the fight between traction and no traction is a correct answer in some situations (depending on the car ) so you are correct... and CM does have to adjust the sounds according to the game... but some cars in the game actually make the sounds while others don't.. but I think they just randomly choose the models that do make it .. so therefor .. some cars that are notorious in RL having the sound.. didn't make the randomness in the game... but ill find out for sure soon.
  2. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    @AlexSpartan316 Warble sound confirmed to be a cause of a few things, Older race models will make this more than newer models, reasons are sloppy/loose bushings causing the "wheel hop" , Loose control arms, diff, trans, and mounts, or just plain oscillations in the drivetrain from the tires breaking traction ever so slightly.. the newer cars rarely have this , if they do, the tires or lightness of the frame will cause this. 8 Pro Hpde (time attack drivers all agreed) 6 (semi pro drifters agreed) 10 amateur drivers all had theories that were close to the same answer. also the Twin disc clutch and trans with straight cut gears are notorious for this sound (agreed all drivers) awaiting sound guy from CM to appease our question where's that sound in the game...,, did play Dirt 4 last night and the ford focus RS RX actually had the sound when accelerating out of corners.. 🙂
  3. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    well he did say 95% real ENGINE sounds... HE DID fly all over the USA … to find SPECIFIC cars to record... the one he recorded here ( I guess is kind of rare..) it was a 1967 Ferrari 330 p replica.. BUT it had the real Ferrari v12 from a wrecked one... I think there is only like 2 or 3 originals left... and I don't think the owners would drive them on a race track at $37-40 million.. but this replica ( since its the real v12) was driven on the track... the owner laughed when I guessed at the price... so my 5 million guess was short 4 million ( and that was just the price of the engine.... LOL) the owner drives it once a year.. and is the ONLY v12 that runs on a race track still... so I don't think the owner would want anyone to pop the clutch at high rpm just to get sound... LOL SO that being said... maybe thefabia r5 and polo r5 weren't recorded yet??? or are hard to get someone to drive it on a track for sounds?( I think there was only like 15 or 20 Polo gti r5's made... :S EVEN SO... THEY STILL could have added the warble, even if it were digitally made 🤔 WE WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS LOL
  4. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    lol I know what you mean.... for me especially being at a circuit race track all the time and hearing the HPDE cars, and the drifters... you hear that a lot.. but kind of for get it happens LOL.. but when someone mentions it.=, your like OH Yeah... I did happen to talk to one of the drifters ( Tyler (nickname driftfish) and asked him... its one of 2 things... either the engine is being limited with the clutch as to not over torque it or any thing after the crank(using a computed limiter no matter the engine revolutions).... Or on older cars with out any fancy computers... it will be a case of the torque from the drive shaft to the diff and to the axles and tires.. all kind of twisting a little and then catching up as the rpms increase Like spring steel... ( take a straw... twist it length wise - you will see that slight torque flex) that creates that warble from the engine... as the engine is being getting relieved of the stress as the twist catches up to the cranks/transmissions speed) sounds reasonable.... but I will ask a few more circuit racers tomorrow to kind of verify... 🙂 and I will talk /email the sound guy at CodeMasters and ask him why its not in the game 😉 he was pretty cool explaining everything at the track recording sounds.. PSS>>>> Oh and by the way... in Dirt 4 ( I will have to check ) but I know since I read this.. I have been listening.. and haven't heard it on 6 cars I drove... BUT the funny thing is … when you are repairing or changing things in the pits … you hear back ground noise of cars on the tracks... and YOU hear the warble...LOL
  5. deadlypope

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies

    New here... But you are correct that most every game/sim misses that... I don't know if its the tire slippage or possible bouncing on take off that noise... but it is there ( more pronounced on harder surfaces) What I do know about sounds in codemasters games is... They are 90% real sounds from that particular vehicle... Codemasters sound team was out by me. recording sounds of a 1967 Ferrari on the circuit track I help out at.( in September) and the one thing they didn't do is a Full throttle clutch drop.. they would go full throttle (enginge rev ) then shut down,,, then full throttle from a rolling 15-20 mph start.. they had Microphones every where on that car to capture the details, inside outside, under the hood.. near the tires.. then after about 6 laps... they were done recording... im wondering if they kinda just use the rolling start sound slowed down and messed with the rev sound sitting still for the initial clutchdrop start. .. but yes almost all cars on the track when they dump it have that initial warble noise.. 🙂