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  1. math444

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    You are both right. I race 100 % AI, there's a gap between the randomized times in Q and when they are on track with me. It's broken but not on every tracks. Mettet is one of them, And I understand what Danielofifi said. Who appears in what heat is not random at all. In Heat 1 yes it's true, But in Heat 2, 3 and 4 no. If I finished Heat 1 in 1st place overall, i will race in heat 2 against the AI who finished 2nd, 3rd, 4rd and 5th in that 1st heat. Last time I raced Killarney track, in the 1st heat, i was with Demoustier, Tohill, Bryntesson (slowest AI) and i won by 10 seconds. In the second heat i raced faster AI (Kristoffersson, Bakkerud, Hansen) and it was a closer fight. Even in real life, a driver can win his heat race and finish 16th overall for that heat,
  2. I don't have any problem with AI times in Qualifying on a dry track except maybe Mettet where the AI is really strong. When the track is wet it's another story the AI is just too slow.
  3. math444

    Something is coming closer...

    Maybe Nitro Rallycross?
  4. I've just bought Lydden Hill and it's a blast. But i'm a bit disappointed because i can't race that track in the World Rallycross Championship or in a custom championship because we have now 13 tracks for 12 slots. Hope they can do something for that!