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  1. There. I tried to stop this. 50% brake bias coming back. The worst thing codies could have done and they manage to do it. Incredible.
  2. yes some kerbs are deadly, but that is also a good thing. You either lift going over them or you have to adjust the ride height a bit, so its a trade off, a little less floor downforce for the ability to go over the kerbs. Like in real life! Being able to make your own setups also helps a lot, because the TT setups are 90% memes. I can assure you the pros in psgl drive much more stable setups, especially with more downforce.
  3. i really really hope thats the case. And when it comes to handling on pad i dont know anything about it, but i guess its the same as in that it just takes time to learn. It took me over 100h in the game until i was comfortable with lowering the brake bias below 56/57 in some situations, and IMO thats exactly how it should be.
  4. Part of being good at your job is realizing when you did something well and let it be as it is. So i would suggest to leave the cars be as they are. The cars feel so much more alive now and it is super rewarding to master trailbraking. I had more fun in my first league race than in all races in deadcar F1 20 combined. I even heard the rumour that we are going back to mandatory 50% brake bias, that would the worst trainwreck possible. Please don't **** it up, i beg you.
  5. Thanks guys! @cpayne32 @Niccolò , found it.
  6. I too havent received the key yet. I also dont know which mail adress you are referencing, i registered this account via steam(which would be frosty6@web.de) and there is no mail adress field in the beta application that i am aware of.
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