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  1. Hey Codies! You changed the ERS system and in general, it made racing better IMO. Now, real life F1 has banned changing engine modes, so i expect those to be gone in F1 2021. You could just add different SOC(system of charge) modes to get back some of the realism. BUT i dont think that would be a good idea, since it would be much too easy to, once again, regenerate your ERS while you sit in slipstream/drs range. What i think would be a much more elegant solution, would be to allow us to edit the throttle map(s). That would have several effects: 1) You could adapt the throttle response to your driving style. In 2020 the upper half of the throttle is so important that i actually would want try to run the linearity setting inverted to get more resolution up there. Sadly not possible, but a custom throttle map could ofc do that. 2) You could adapt the throttle map to your downforce. For example on Zandvoort a lot of people would like to run high wings, but you cant really do that, because the throttle map wastes so much ERS that in extreme cases you cant regenerate at all even without using OT. 3) If you give people, lets say, 3 maps for the race they can edit, then you would have a legitimate claim to limit the allowed switches per lap(or slow down the switching process massively) without people crying about it. You could have even less switches than now and have more skill involved! For example Spain, one basic map for sector 1 and 2, a map with less ers usage for sector 3/slipstream train and a map for pushing. 2 Switches per lap and people have the deployment that they want! 4) It would allow people to save ers in slipstream/drs. YES I KNOW THATS BAD, BUT in this case, it would involve SKILL. If you wanted a well rounded slipstream-train-map, you would have to balance regenerating vs losing DRS vs being a sitting duck without overusing OT. And just for clarity, i dont know if time based throttle maps are a thing in F1, but i am purely talking about them being based on throttle% and gears. Cheers
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    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Thanks guys! @cpayne32 @Niccolò , found it.
  3. Br0wniE

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    I too havent received the key yet. I also dont know which mail adress you are referencing, i registered this account via steam(which would be frosty6@web.de) and there is no mail adress field in the beta application that i am aware of.