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  1. In light of Just Chillins recent Effort to get the instability of the game in league races fixed, here are some gameplay related things that need to get worked on to make the F1 game suitable for serious racing. For reference, im one of the most active league racers on PC, i drive in AOR F2, RNL, WCR... - We NEED a virtual Mirror. Noone cares about your fefes about how it hurts the games aesthetic. We need to be able to react to divebombs. - Why do you make it so unbelievably hard to practice on the multiplayer car? Just make it the Merc or Ferrari and be done with it, then we can make setups offline. We cant even practice Qualifying without someone willing to participate. At least let us do one shots on the multiplayer car, best case would be a sandbox mode. - Brake bias only adjustable in 2% steps during the race - no words - I get that dirty air isnt fun. But while in real life you need to be faster by 1-2 seconds to overtake a car, in the game you need to be 1-2 seconds faster to be able to PULL AWAY from a car. Every race feels like Nascar, its ridiculous and frustrating. If you are in a slipstream train you can not risk to attack the car ahead and make it lose DRS from the car it is following, risking the end of both your races. Find some good middle ground, this isnt it. - Removing ballast was a good decision in itself, but it completely ruined the games FFB. In the last game the more ballast you ran the more concentrated the load of the wheel was towards the rear. That allowed you to feel what the rear was doing. Now the rear is just feeling like a dead black hole of nothingness dangling around somewhere behind your front wheels. - Its cool that you test your game on G29s, but do you realize that the FFB shocks when restarting a session(happens in Esports events a lot) are really really strong on high end wheels? Im pretty sure that with a DD1 or 2 they can break fingers and wrists. And im also pretty sure that codemasters would be liable since that is 100% bad coding. Feel free to add your own points