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  1. Thats started happening with me I've noticed recently. I play on 50% race with full qualifying. I play on ps4 so not modded. Loads of drivers only seem to do 1 fast lap so those going out a second time are posting faster times so driver like Kimi in Alfa are getting q3 on a more regular basis and Sainz is going out alot more in q3. Seems to skew the qualifying results a little bit i think.
  2. Would be good to see the AI setups also, like with regards to each race, what are they using for wings, suspension etc.
  3. Ukbordoy

    V1.09 PS4

    Update now live. First thing I've noticed is the audio name I use has been deleted. The game no longer has the name "Ashley" to choose for in game audio. I don't know if this is the same for any other audio names. Very small issue I know, just first thing that I noticed. Vehicle liveries look good though! @BarryBL
  4. Ukbordoy

    Formula 3 next time round?

    They need to intergrate F2 properly within the game. Barry has said its by design that after your f2 season you still get the choice of all f1 teams as they didn't want to limit the choice. I think the f2 season should limit what your choices are in some kind of way. But the introduction of f3 properly would be great
  5. Ukbordoy


    What damage do you set yours on? Are you on simulation? I normally play sim damage but flashbacks on and I do use them for things like major damage or retirement. I'm thinking about turning it off though for the new season I am about to start, maybe just use the mid session save function as my car enters the pits.
  6. Ukbordoy


    Don't think some of those times on the first link are right. I got a 1.23.089 last time on Australia with the myteam career car in season 1 (so its not a good car) but it says 110ai time is 1.23.941 which is wring as on 92 AI pole was getting 1.21 or thereabouts.
  7. Ukbordoy


    Kind of whats already been mentioned, but I do my P1 P2 and P3 sessions on a base difficulty (92 for me) so I'm used to driving on that specific track. I then go on to GP mode and use one shot qualifying as Bottas. I then compare my time to hamilton and adjust difficulty as appropriate and try again until its a very close time, might take 2/3 goes. Then when go back on to career mode I use that difficultly for that track for qualy and race. Usually works for me and don't remember having many problems with it I dont adjust my difficulty using my career performance as the cars for all teams wear down at different rates and also my second driver isn't that good at the moment.
  8. Ukbordoy

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    I've had some quite good incidents happen in my races. One great one is Vettel ujdersteering at Bahrain and going straight in to Hamilton. Both had damage with vettel on the wall but not dnf, caused a safety car in lap 1! Now that's what I'm talking about, so good.
  9. Ukbordoy

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    And also wear of parts as that will slow cars down at varying rates.
  10. Ukbordoy

    Do players get mechanical failures?

    In my first race on My Team my car had a DRS failure so I couldn't open it for quite a few laps. Or are you talking more failures causing retirement?
  11. Ukbordoy

    AI difficultly

    Its hard to compare track to track if you are on My Team or driver career as the cars degrade track to track with different components wearing at different rates and components being changed by different drivers and different times. You would have to go on grand prix mode every single time, do one shot qualifying a few times to see if you are in the right area for AI difficultly. I also find they race worse then they qualify so I need to up the AI level about 5 points when going in to the race.
  12. Ukbordoy

    "Pars fermé" bug

    I'm able to change from my customer setup to the 5 default setups that are there (although that might just be changing front wing level). When I'm next on i'll see what settings I can change on my custom setup, if its everything I'll report, could just be wing though.
  13. yeah no commentary for the free practice and qualifying introductions on ps4 v1.04
  14. Ukbordoy

    "Pars fermé" bug

    My parc ferme isn't working either, report it in bugs forum. The more reports they get the better
  15. Ukbordoy

    AI Level in my Team

    Good question, I don't have the game yet so can't help, its installing as I type though so if I find out I'll let you know about the rivals.