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  1. Ukbordoy

    Car speed balance

    This years cars are indeed slower then last years. Not by that much but by a second or 2 definitely.
  2. Ukbordoy

    Do Career Mode Facilities Ever Progress?

    It is annoying as a maxed out williams will still be behind other maxed out cars so you can't really ever make the williams the best car on the grid, I guess this is down to the facilities and also the base car being worse.
  3. Ukbordoy

    Against the rules?

    I believe the 5 second penalty is a flexible penalty and can be taken at anytime, if not taken then will be added to end of race time. Stop go penalties and drive through penalties are different and cannot be served under the safety car.
  4. Ukbordoy

    Simulating FP1 Simulates FP2 and FP3 Too

    What i tend to do if I'm in that situation is go in to FP1 then just fast forward the session, then you'll get in to fp2, fast forward that then you are on fp3. I do that on career mode so the track is more rubbered in for the race practice session.
  5. Ukbordoy

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    Something has gone wrong somewhere. Its like f1 2019 has combined with f1 2020 so we have some sort of hybrid! Even basic stuff has disappeared, f12020 was originally released with alot of audio names for the driver.....a patch made them all disappear and the list is now the same as f1 2019 (well it was last time I checked, f1 2020 did have "Ashley", thats gone and no I'm back to using "the captain"). I know that it is trivial but if something basic like that has happened with 2019 creeping in to 2020 then anything else could have done.
  6. Ukbordoy

    Upgrading to ps5

    Don't think there is a ps5 version is there? Just backwards compatibility. But you'll need a disc version of ps5 if you want to play the ps4 disc f1 game. Just check though as I'm not sure.
  7. Ukbordoy

    Quali AI vs race AI

    Its a known issue that if you simulate or fast forward in qualifying then the AI will post faster times then normal. During qualifying do not fast forward, make sure you drive out (do not click straight to fast lap) and when completed your lap drive yourself back to garage (do not go in pause menu to return to garage). The only time I fast forward is when there are no cars on track.
  8. Ukbordoy

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    What i think they should have done is this. The lower the team at the beginning of the game them the bigger the R&D tree. This will mean that theoretically, when all teams are maxed out with nothing else to purchase, then performance should be the same. This will mean any team could get to the top first or fall to the bottom with R&D resets at end of season and changes of regulations. So the bigger teams don't pull away, then the lower upgrades for the smaller teams are cheaper so they can catch up to the midfield and the top upgrades are expensive. Hope that makes sense, does in my head haha.
  9. You can turn it off in the graphic settings I believe, only in cockpit view though and not any others. Edit: actually it might be in camera settings, but it does exist as I've turned it off previously.
  10. Ukbordoy

    Driver stats my team

    Thought so! I wanted to start a career with Red Bull and have a championship battle with Hamilton. Few races in and its Bottas leading the way! Ridiculous. Think ill start again with the F1 2020 championship mode instead.
  11. Ukbordoy

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Funny how we ask for some things but its by design and unrealistic so it won't be in the game but they can't even get the driver ratings and stats right!
  12. Ukbordoy

    Driver stats my team

    What is it like on the F1 2020 Championship mode? So not my team or driver career but the other championship mode. If I remember rightly there are no stats on there as you drive as a real life driver and there's no development or driver transfers.
  13. Ukbordoy

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    I do the same, even if I have loads of R&D points I only spend a small amount just to keep at the level I want to be at and slowly improve. No point just flying to front of grid otherwise I might as well have started a game with Mercedes.
  14. Ukbordoy

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    You can be the slowest, its to do with the way you answer the interview questions at the beginning. On each of you answers just give the generic or R&D answer and say williams see your closest rival. If you answer saying your chassis is looking good then it will be better at beginning of game. Hope that makes sense, it is possible to start as the worse.
  15. Ukbordoy

    Tyre choice/strategy

    Jeff should come on radio mentioning a change of strategy and you either accept or decline. But yif you cycle through the MFD you get to a page which has the tyres that will be fitted on the next stop, then you can manually choose which tyres you want fitted. If Jeff doesn't come on radio it will probably be because the 25 plus seconds lost during pit stops wont be made up by changing from slicks to wets or inters especially in the very late stages of race.