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  1. @up100 good morning i am a systems analyst and developer and i know that every system is able to implement updates and it is very easy mainly for game developers, because they already know how the project works , of course it takes a little time to work
  2. DarkSuLL

    is it possible to have that time in bahrain?

    ok thank you for answers i have send it to analyse f1.report@codemaster.com
  3. DarkSuLL

    is it possible to have that time in bahrain?

    @1512marcel I have a league with 2 divisions and I would like to investigate the players ***** and *****, because they have times above the majority, with a white tire in Bahrain 1: 27: 950 qualification, equal performance. Is this possible or are they real cheaters? if they are cheaters this is unacceptable and condemaster has to act immediately. we asked players to show task manager and do it live by sharing screen and at the end checking the files the video is attached. thanks follow videos to analyses.
  4. @BarryBL no answers?? what happend with support? codemaster have no support or costumer isnt important ?
  5. DarkSuLL

    is it possible to have that time in bahrain?

    @BarryBLi need answers, solutions
  6. i have a league and the players ***** and ***** make impossible time lap in relation to everyone, can codemaster check the possibility or ban if it is a cheater? follow the videos for analysis
  7. goog morning i work with analysis and systems development. many times when our connection drops , we are playing without knowing if we are connected or not ,it should be very important to put a disconnection alert. very times we stay playing and we know that we are offline only when we see another car with X, and it take very minutes and in this time is lost, and we stay without sure that we are connected or not. very bad here stay the suggestion thanks
  8. i would like to know too, if exist any anti-cheat
  9. DarkSuLL

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    Problems with sound was solved with sucessfull. i made a clean install of windows 10 formating again, and the problem dissapear, the sound is perfect now.
  10. DarkSuLL

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    the sound still is with Random loss of engine sound. very bad this issue
  11. DarkSuLL

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    hi BarryBL in time 13:05 - 13:15 a little problem in time 53:05- 53:28 a medium problem in time 1:03:00 - 1:03:13 a little problem i´m using sterring whell g29. this problem occur in game version since 1.0 to 1.18.1 game mode is custom game. 10 players more or less. the problem is frequentelly, have time the sound go out 4 seconds this is very bad , because the use of gear, we stay lost. no error message appear. i am using windows 10 64bits v10.0.18363 - 16 gb DDR4 - hd ssd 120gb - gtx 1080 - motherboard asus prime b450m- gaming br, direct x 12. the sound is with problem in realtek and nvidia tv outputs. in other games the sound is ok.
  12. DarkSuLL

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    when i am playing the game the sound disappear and go back in the middle of race. this is very bad issue. have a solution? it randomically plataform PC using direct x 12 it is since 5 months ago