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  1. Hey steviejay69, I do understand what you mean, even though I'm one of the few persons in the world who owns an original copy of windows (lol). I contacted Codemasters via e-mail, and they seen to be working on the problem, if they manage to find it, I'll let you know so you can pass the solution forward to someone who also needs it one day... Thanks for all your attention anyway. ❤️
  2. Hey BarryBL, thanks for the suggestion, I verified the files again, yet so, it succeeded and I still have the problem.
  3. Hello, I started playing F1 2019 just a few days ago on PC via STEAM, I didn't get any problems in the career mode, then I headed to multiplayer, where I was able to join a lobby, start a session but just sometime after starting a race I am kicked from the session. This is the message I receive: "Failed to verify the integrity of the game files. You have been kicked from the session." I don't use any outside mods or STEAM WORKSHOP mods, I obviously don't cheat, already tried searching for this problem, and I only found a page from STEAM forums, but there is no solution to the problem. I already tried to verify files through steam and running steam as administrator. This is really annoying me on the last few days since I can't play the multiplayer, what can I do to solve it? My specs: Windows 7 Ultimate - 64bits Intel Core i7-950 Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960 - Driver 441.41 from 11/26/2019 16,0 GB RAM Memory DirectX 11 (Since I'm on windows 7) F1 2019 VERSION 1.18.1