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  1. Shwize

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    Something I'd like to add also is how the tracks get zero updates. The kerbs on most tracks (Belgium at le combe and Germany T1) have changed massively over the years however the game is still using the same tracks as they had back in 2016. This is a shame as I'm sure track limits have also changed along with these kerbs but we're using much faster cars with tracks that are there to accommodate cars that were 3 seconds a lap slower. Something else that gets on my nerves is also something brownie had brought up, practicing on your own. We need to have the option where we can turn the cars performance to exactly the same. Some sort of sandbox mode without AI that you can do on your own. Choosing how many tyres you want in an online session. I wish you could have the option to do this by now. This is something the community has been asking for for years almost. Some tracks you don't even use certain tyres where as some tracks you don't have enough of the tyres. In Hungary for example, The fastest strategy is a one stop using Mediums to Hards now in quali why can't we have the option to have 3 sets of mediums instead of one and 2 sets of softs? It's pointless! Now as there's talks about next year the tyre rule being scrapped so if that does happen it won't effect anything. But most importantly, please listen to the league racing community more often as we're the one's who are buying this game year in year out and are playing it throughout the year consistently. We are constantly giving you things to fix but it seems as though we're just ignored.