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  1. @BarryBL The new patch works! No crashes with 1.18.2. Well done!
  2. Unfortunately, F1 crashes again and again. Whether with or without wheel doesn't matter.
  3. Hi! Sorry for late reply. But I found the reason! If I connect the G29 and start F1, the game crashes after a few minutes. If the wheel is not connected and I bump over the track using the keyboard, there are no problems. Still, it's strange that this happens only after 1.18.1 update. So, what's next? Of course, Logitech assumes that the problem caused by the game. So I can't expect any help from there. Many thanks to all who helped finding the problem! EDIT: I've tried again without any changes und now it seems to work.
  4. @incapable Guess the hardware ID is different, 'cause I've got the low profile model of Corsairs K70. The Firmware and LGS are already up to date. I've updated iCUE, the AMD driver (before: 19.11.1 / 19.11.2 / 19.11.3; now 19.12.1) and the Ventus Software. I'll give it a try after work. Coincidentally, I also use an ASUS mainboard (Prime X470-Pro with latest BIOS patch B and chipset driver).
  5. Hi @BarryBL, unfortunately the problem occured all the time. 😞 Many thanks for your support!
  6. Hi @BarryBL I don't use MSI Afterburner. ReLive is activated but doesn't run for F1.
  7. Hi @BarryBL here it is. 🙂 DxDiag_EadZ1.txt
  8. I've just sent the mail. Hope it will help to solve the problem.
  9. Hi BarryBL many thanks for your response! Of course I sent an error report. Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot. 😞 The crash appeared while time trial on different tracks. Until the crashes the system was fine, but then rebooted. The Windows event log shows, that the readeonsettings.exe has crashed. This happened in DX11 mode. While using DX12, the game has just closed, but the system didn't reboot. The GPU clocks falls down to ~570MHz beforce the game crahed. The Windows event log shows also a crash of radeonsettings.exe . As wheel I use the Logitech G29. I've tried other games (e. g. F1 2017, F1 2018, War Thunder, Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Division 2) to look up for any problems on my site, but I couldn't detect anything.
  10. Hi everyone! Since last patch 1.18.1, which fixed crashes with some graphic cards, the game craches after few minutes. I've never been affected before, so I've to roll back to 1.18. I've got a Radeon VII with latest driver installed. Please, have a look at this codemasters. Thanks!