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    How is DR2 in Steam VR these days?

    Right now DR2.0 runs better than any other racing sim I have on SteamVR.
  2. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm done. I crashed on the second turn. That's probably the last race for me this season.
  3. Yeah with another tarmac rally still left, I'm pretty sure there's no hope of a title for me this season. I'd have to pull off a miracle to make up for 2 consecutive retirements. The worst part is that I've lost motivation to drive after these last two.
  4. I was seriously considering not even trying Monte because I hate it with a burning passion. I should have listened to my hate. Retire in SS2. **** Tarmac. I'm probably out of the running at this point. 2 Tarmac rallies in a row killed my spirit completely. I've spent more time practicing on Monte Carlo than any other rally but it's done me no good at all. I still crash and when I don't. I'm horribly slow even though I feel like I'm on the edge all the time.. HUGE waste of effort. I can't feel the road, I'm always going from massive understeer to spinning out with no sign that it's happening.
  5. Had to happen at least once.. Naturally on a ******* tarmac stage. Puncture on SS1, no replacement. Game over. I hate tarmac.
  6. I was not feeling a rhythm in Greece. Never had confidence throughout. Not sure if it's a setup issue or just an off evening, but I felt like the car was just fighting me at every corner and my mind was wandering instead of focusing on the notes.
  7. As a game developer myself, I can tell you that it would be far more of a hassle for the developer to have separate physics setups for VR and non-VR. This would have to be done deliberately, and it wouldn't make any sense to do it because it would add more work for developers and QA testers. Even if it were intended for optimization, it would be an ugly and dirty hack that programmers would be itching to get rid of in favor of a more unified solution that doesn't require multiple builds to be maintained.
  8. I honestly didn't expect to do that well in Group A. RWD seems to be where my strength is but maybe some of that throttle discipline is helping my AWD game. I still feel like I'm a mere student of the four wheels. SS1-SS3 went very well. I seem to manage understeer in wet conditions pretty well, despite understeer being my kryptonite. I was just behind Yabby through the first leg. The shock of going from worn tires on mud to fresh tires on dry gravel really jarred me in SS4 though, and I struggled to keep up with Yabby after losing a bit of confidence from biting the inside walls of a few corners, underestimating my grip. Still did decently on SS4-SS6. Then I once again got jarred by the sudden grip in SS7, and rolled the car by mounting the inside of a corner, again underestimating my grip. Managed to recover though SS7 was my weakest time overall by far. I'm really enjoying the Legacy, curious how well it competes with the Delta overall. Time will tell!
  9. ApexAzimuth

    Tips for driving 4WD cars quicker

    I struggle with 4WD cars after driving RWD cars for a long time, and I've found that the "secret sauce" for all wheel drive is left foot braking, as @Mike Dee and others have said. Fight your habit of completely releasing the throttle when you brake for a corner, and completely releasing the brake when you exit a corner. Instead of totally letting go, back off to about 1/4th or 1/2 throttle/brake, and otherwise steer as you normally would out of a corner. When you get more used to that, you can start to apply throttle and braking modulation mid-corner to help the car rotate how you want it to. When you're noticing just a little understeer and you want the car to rotate more without tossing it, experiment by just touching the brakes without lifting off the throttle. It's very counter intuitive to driving styles apart from rallying, but it's amazing what your car can do when you can put that drive on all 4 wheels to work. The other thing that helps me also is being less liberal about counter steering, and more liberal about steering HARD mid corner. I've always had a tendency to steer too little with AWD cars, and once I start cranking that wheel more, the car responds pretty well.
  10. My first car was a first generation Legacy sport, and they nailed the feeling of the Legacy. The sound of the engine and turbo, the turbo lag, and the interior of it in VR actually gives me a strange nostalgia. Granted this thing drives like my Legacy if it were brand new and perfectly tuned, but the feeling is real. Gave me chills up my spine.
  11. I'd hate to see Finland get the boot for the next championship as there's nothing like it, but I'll support however @SkyRex chooses to decide. I think we're fairly confident that the Legacy will fall under Group A, so if that holds true, I say we go Group A for next round.
  12. I'd have to agree with @SkyRex about Germany for the same reasons. We don't know what the Scotland stages will play like, so it's not really fair to put Wales on the cutting block just because it's on the same landmass. Wales is such an international icon of rally. In terms of personality, there's nothing even similar to Finland, so I would definitely hate to see it go. Dirt Rally 2.0's simulation is pretty on-point except in the tarmac department, so if any stages have to go, I'd vote for the Tarmac ones.
  13. @SkyRex Since my first car was a first generation Subaru Legacy turbo, I'm gonna wanna drive the Legacy in the next championship. Since we don't know what class the Legacy will be in (though I suspect Group A), I'd prefer to wait until we know what class it's in. Thanks again for hosting these championships! These really invigorate my excitement for rallying.
  14. Apparently my Spain run wasn't as bad as it felt. In hindsight that makes my post look arrogant. I suppose that's a risk when I drive before anyone else. Regardless of whether the next championship starts before or after Flatout comes out, I won't pick R5 or Group B (4WD) since it feels like every other club does both those classes only. I'm considering maybe RallyGT, Group B (RWD), or 2000cc. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Edit: Le Spam is gone! Thanks PJ!
  16. You all shouldn't have any trouble overtaking me in Spain. My run just emphasized how bad I am at tarmac rallying. 😂 Aside from what felt like sluggish and clumsy driving, I had 3 spins and 2 crashes which I was lucky to get away from. Tarmac in DR2.0 just doesn't click with me at all, and it's especially worse with fresh, soft tyres. I have the hardest time estimating my grip because I can't feel when I'm losing it. I do better on tarmac on worn tyres or in the rain because at least then I can feel where the limits are. But the acceleration and braking grip you gain from soft tyres is too good for me to just go with mediums. Even though I drive more smoothly on tyres with less grip, and I'm less likely to crash, I'm still slower than someone that's on softs regardless. (Softs are OP af)
  17. VR has become far more mainstream even just a year after DR2.0's launch. During the holidays, the flagship HMDs (Vive, Index, Rift) completely sold out. To say not so many players use it is probably misinformed. The other important thing to note is that a large slice of the VR userbase are simracers who care passionately about VR support in their racing games. Soon enough, if not already, VR support in sim racing is almost as important as wheel support, as there are probably a comparable number of users that have racing wheels to the number of users with VR.
  18. I really didn't expect to come out ahead in Germany, as it's my 2nd weakest rally, only just a little better than the Monte for me. Given that I usually misjudge corners after those straights, and that I'm generally embarassingly slow in Germany, I opted for a safe and conservative strategy, just hoping to finish cleanly and I'd have been happy with 4th. I know I wasn't particularly fast because my driving is clumsy on the panzerplatte; usually braking way too much and too early, because of my fear of braking too late and ending my rally (this has happened too often..) In the end though, the only mistake I had was a half spin on a hairpin in SS4 which probably only cost me a second or two. I think my safety-over-speed strategy just happened to pay off here due to the misfortune of everyone else. 😞
  19. I'm horrible on Tarmac typically, so you probably won't have to worry about me here 🤣
  20. This might seem a bit nuts but it would be cool to experiment with. Doing your own Recce and Pacenotes. It might be tedious and awkward but we know it's possible as there's a mod out there that lets you do this. If a system like that were refined and put in the game, it could be a cool way to communicate that aspect of rallying in a game. Multiplayer ride-along/Co-Drive. This would also be nuts, but it would be really fun to have the game support a co-driver that rides along with you in the stage. There could be an in-game UI for a co-driver to show pacenotes on screen and check them off as you go. This would definitely be unusual, but it'd be an awesome option for players to experience being a co-driver. Clubs that required real co-drivers (AI Co-Driver disabled) could be made that could have a really authentic experience. At the least, it would be cool to have the option to join someone in the co-driver's seat just to ride along, even if they're not doing pacenotes.
  21. I think the solution to egregious cuts could be achieved by having a damage model that's more strict. If there are rocks/stumps/bushes/ruts where those cuts exist, and the damage model is realistic, you'd run a severe risk of critically compromising your car by taking cuts. At the very least you could end up with a bent wheel, steering arm, axle, etc. This wouldn't eliminate cuts, but it would seriously discourage them. After all this is what keeps real life rally drivers from making big cuts as there's not a steward at every corner ready to mark someone down for corner cutting. The problem with using penalties is that the system won't differentiate a mistake from an exploit. If you lose control and slide into a corner and off the road, you suffer not only the time lost from damage to your car and the crash itself, but salt in the wound by being punished through a penalty on top of it. That would be amazingly frustrating and unrealistic at once.
  22. Greece was... eventful. I was doing pretty well from SS1-SS4, really close to @Janneman60. Then on SS5 my mind wandered and I went off. Managed to avoid anything hard, but got auto-reset pretty quickly and took a penalty. I pushed like a crazy person for the rest of the stage so I made up for most of it but still struggled to keep up. I think I was still a few seconds behind after SS6 but I managed to keep the car on the wet road with a decent pace on SS7 and made up time.
  23. New Zealand was quite a battle with @UnderclassGDfan! I managed to stay only a handful of seconds ahead in every stage and I was really pushing hard. I didn't have any close calls fortunately, but I really don't think I can get much faster than that. Great race, @UnderclassGDfan! You really made me work for it!
  24. First and foremost I want there to BE a Dirt Rally 3, and hope it will be the next installment of the Dirt IP. I'd be very sad to see "Dirt 5" given Dirt 4's trend toward trying to please both sim and arcade rally fans, then pleasing neither. That said Dirt 4 did some things that I would actually like to see in Dirt Rally 3, specifically campaign depth. For the Dirt Rally 3 campaign, it would be awesome to capture the feeling of starting up a rally team from the hobbyist/amateur level all the way up to world rally contender. example: In the beginning of the campaign, you play the roles of team manager and driver with a small team of enthusiasts. You, your co-driver, a mechanic, and a budget just big enough to buy a newer compact FWD car or a banged up historic car then choose what modifications you want to invest in to make the car rally worthy. You could choose to leave your car as is and just tear out the extra weight, or spend your left over budget on new diffs, better suspension, engine tuning, etc. Your first races would be open entries where you compete in a wide class and your goal at first is merely to finish the rally and get your name out there, maybe draw the attention of sponsors to bring in some cash. Unless you've got mad skill and drive like a pro to win in your class, your first few events will probably not earn you alot of cash, but the point would be gaining experience and getting your name out there. Sponsorships would end up being a great source of cash for your team, and serve as gameplay challenges as they did in Dirt 4. Acquiring more sponsors, and winning rallies would be your avenues to income to improve your team's facilities and expand your staff as you enter more and more prestigious rally classes where the risk/reward increases. Eventually, only at the highest levels would winning would become a primary goal for your team, because at that point, you have the budget and the team to support the risk required to win a rally. That gameplay loop seemed to work well for Dirt 4, but some of the execution wasn't great. There was so much emphasis on winning in Dirt 4 which was frustrating and unrealistic. In a real rally, your goal is to improve yourself and your team, and do what you can not to destroy your hardware. If winning a rally costs you a car, it might not have been worth it for your team. I REALLY think this attitude would be refreshing to players, and it would be in the spirit of Dirt Rally, which I feel is about self-improvement above all else. Along with the emphasis on finishing a rally, I would really hope that "hardcore" damage meant what it says. Dirt Rally 2.0 and its predecessor have cars made of magical steel, driving away from crashes that would completely destroy a car. By itself this isn't a problem, but what makes it a problem is that it changes the way the game is played. Instead of driving carefully, you can still confidently drive like an absolute maniac without the risk that should come with that style. One thing I LOVE about rallying is the constant tug of war between speed and safety- knowing when/where to push, and when to be careful. Dirt Rally 3 should bring more emphasis to this fundamental strategy in rallying.