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    Game is just boring

    Hi. I am not having the same issue. On my first carreer and made it to Italy this far, its my first time playing the F1 game and no assissts, cockpit view, Fanatec wheel/pedals, 100% race week and 100 difficult. So far there have been alot of VSC, about 10 SC, alot of tecnical DNF from Ai and crasches. And the races is nail biting every time, I push as hard as possible and still its a dash to finishflag every race. You always have to tweek your strategy to stay on top. This might be beacus I am new and simply not that good, but for me its very fun and challanging. And I think it will get even more fun when my skills increse. Havent tryed online yet but that will ad another challange:) /Daniel