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  1. brow91

    Grid statistics

    Today we got the patch on ps4 with statistics included. Which i was at viert happy for. Untill i saw them, they are surelynot accurate and wat less than what is have driven. I have only 6150 km, meaning 15 times 99 laps on Indianapolis ovals in totaal. And thats without the career counted. I surely done at least 30 times that. So what happened to those distance? Are they lost? Do we need to drive those lost distance thats not on the statistics again? I'm really dissapointed right now
  2. brow91

    Grid season 1 not working ps4

    Yes same problem here Seems they forgot to place it on the PlayStation store 😂
  3. At what time will it be available? Got the patch download 1.08 but it's not available in the store yet. This is on ps4