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  1. That might have been a mistake. I know, I am also used to turning off all assists in most games, but pCARS simulates real life cars, and some of those real life cars have real life assists. Particularly the road cars and GT3 racing cars I think. In pC2 I think there is an assist mode called 'Real' for this reason. So if you turned every assist off then you would be having a harder time compared to real life. 🙂 But if you're up for a challenge take a V8 Supercar to Nordschliefe in the snow with no driver assists and have fun. 🙂
  2. Ryzza5

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    pCARS often reminded me of a more grown-up version of the old CM ToCA games. I do hope that a collaboration can focus on SMS bringing the sim and CM bringing the fun/gamey parts, be they menu design, cutscenes, gamepad handling, etc. Do we call them Slightly Code Mad Master Studios now?