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  1. The contract system is absolutely shocking. In what universe will a top team hire a driver with no points in the previous year and just because the driver fancied it? It makes no sense and given the systems used on the PS2 games were more realistic and based accurately on performance how can the 2018/19 system be justified on a PS4 game??
  2. Hunter599

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    @dalerossi the AI is an absolute farce, thank you for posting this. The game is no fun with an AI that will brake test you, not only when you are lapping them, but when you battle them. This has to be fixed otherwise the games will become horrific. Just look at what EA did with FIFA 20, Codemasters and F1 are on the same path
  3. Hunter599

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    It's the same with lapped cars during the race, they'll get in the way and brake test you on the way out of the next corner. This kind of thing didn't happen on the PS3 games so have no idea why it would suddenly start on this one