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  1. Oli Prenten

    Codemasters, don't allow this!!!!!!

    The question is: how do they cheat? Then, apply a fix to prevent this.
  2. Oli Prenten


    This complaint must be a joke. May I suggest you or to delete the game and seek elsewhere for realistic kerbs or to make a mod with corrected kerbs...
  3. Oli Prenten

    Game crash in TT

    @steviejay69, I have indeed a CSW V2.5 with the firmware V347 installed. I confirm that the crash to desktop is freezing my wheel (blocked to the left or to the right, I’m not sure anymore). I need to turn it off and on again to fix the issue. Cheers, Oli
  4. Oli Prenten

    Track limits are ridiculous

    On the other hand, I prefer by far how it is now than being able to fly over curbs without any issue...
  5. Oli Prenten

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Don’t be so rude. The track limits issue is an easy fix for CM. Now they just need to... 😉
  6. Oli Prenten

    Game crash in TT

    Hi Codies, Below an in-game bug report: 1. Game freezing and crashing to desktop when improving lap time and getting a higher rank in the leaderboard. It seems to happen when the leaderboard is updating and proposing a new opponent to fight with. The wheel base is freezing and needs a restart after a crash. 2. 1.03 3. Time Trial / Australia 4. It happened randomly each time I drive a TT session. It might be linked to the live connection to the leaderboard and its update. 5. I don’t know what else I could do than reporting it here. 6. Fanatec CS WB V2.5 / Formula wheel 2018 V2 / CSL Elite with load cell. 7. No file to upload here but several crash reports sent with my account (Oli Prenten) Kind regards, Oli
  7. Oli Prenten

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Very good job on the handling Greco! 😎
  8. Oli Prenten

    PC: No Mouse Support Again... :(

    Indeed the mouse use implementation is a must!
  9. Oli Prenten

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Yes it is what I mean. I still don’t have the answer. I must be blind! What I meant of course was a system like iR or ACC...
  10. Oli Prenten

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    Indeed the lockdown period and subsequently the virtual GP championship with real Formula drivers has been an amazing source of feedback for CM. Hopefully it will push the F1 Game a step forwards in terms of handling and realism. I’m coming from iRacing where I missed a modern F1 car. Recently on ACC and I love it so far. I will certainly strive to improve in the GT category. So fun and spot on in every domain. But I’m definitely really looking forward to driving the next F1 Game (first one I bought since the beginning of the series in 2010)... Pre-ordered by now. 😎 Go on CM!!!
  11. Oli Prenten

    F1 2020 Car Handling

    If a real F1 driver thinks the handling is very good, no matter what CM can say, no?
  12. Oli Prenten

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Will those ratings be available for everybody or only for the real drivers?
  13. Oli Prenten

    VRS or PDS style site

    Does it mean default setups are rather good?
  14. Oli Prenten

    VRS or PDS style site

  15. Oli Prenten

    Pc setup

    Check my signature. Any kind of sim (iR, ACC, F1 20Xx) running like a charm with my current setup. FYI my previous GPU was a GTX1060 6GB and performed also very well.