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  1. maploidman

    Input lag since Patch 1.18

    Hello, I have run additional tests, I deactivated the Vsync, and the input went back to normal. But the FPS is definitely lower and the image quality is far worse. Hope this helps!
  2. maploidman

    Input lag since Patch 1.18

    Hello! I have the exact same problem. My Steam account updated yesterday with the 1.18.1 patch, and damn I was bad. I was not able to control the car in the same way as before,. I noticed some lag between the commands on the wheel (steer, accelerator, brake). I tried, calibration and firmware update as well. I'm running: Windows 10 (DirectX12) Patch 1.18.1 Game mode: Time trial, Barcelona, Alfa Romeo, custom setup, and assists. After the update, the graphics card kept a very low FPS and was crashing during the game. I adjusted the graphics settings to "Medium" in the advanced options. I changed the resolution of the game to 1920 x 1200, with VSync:ON. This solved the FPS and crashes on the graphics, but not the lag on the controller. Thrustmaster T150 Pro Wheels and pedals. Let me know if I can provide more information.