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  1. And this is why, perfect examples. Firstly, fine your entitled to your opinion and deserving of the game as it is. Has the lockdown ending in a cave ? Hahaha. The changes made have been in the advice of F1 drivers. Really ? Can you honestly say that the game is dramatically different from the previous revision ? Do we have telemetry to assess a lap fully now ? Or any other list of game changing features. Or do with have an ingame currency where you can exchange more of your Real World money for the ability to change colours of helmets and car paint schemes ? If you personally feel this just
  2. Me too Zieonn, won't be bothering with it now either.
  3. There is absolutely NO justification for this, whatever your maths whatever your reasoning. So it's a Gameplay enhancement then ? If that is the case, the gameplay must be so stunning so gripping in nature. But what's this ? An option to spend more money ? On this stunning can't stop playing gameplay. Get real, your money shilling. Games are expensive to make. Well plenty of other developers make them with having to resort to this. Dirt 2.0 was pushing it, but I could semi agree and did indeed buy all the cars and tracks. But after the complete slating real F1 drivers gave this series to th
  4. Was there ever a response to this issue posted ? Trying to do Finland daily challenge but constantly makes strange buzzing noise and freezes completely upon reaching end of stage. (Xbox One )
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