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  1. Hopefully it will stabilize and settle down again soon. Caught me out as hasn't been an issue for ages until today. Shall have to look at it as Rally ended when failed to leave service due to connectivity issues😀 well that's rallying.
  2. Hi, enjoying the game but have rub into an issue where connection to the servers cannot be established midway through a monthly challenge. Waited for 10 minutes trying a few times again but to no avail so had to exit out. This has resulted in all the past stages now recorded as DNFs. Not the greatest disaster but annoying. What is your advice if this should happen again or is there anything that I could of done to prevent loss of prior stage times aND being able to continue the challenge. Thanks
  3. Playing through career on Xbox One, all has been perfect and progressed through many events. Then playing on Monaco driving Mini, after completing the stage 9 of 10 the error message appeared for the first time. :11e6a11e6a47a4a30250-9d397cc4-58-58 Also at start the car appeared glitched with regard to placement of wings, doors etc, this also showed during the replay. However the car drove just as always fine during the stage. Game is updated to latest version. Thankyou.