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  1. I’ve suggested the ability to change AI when restarting a session for 2021, and anyone who feels the same should leave a note in the suggestions section. I set the AI by driving as Bottas in GP mode and see where I am track to track against Hamilton. I write that down (or add it to the name of my car set up (eg. Bahrain 90) and that is my base. The AI changes year to year but usually by a similar amount for me, so if I am down by a second at race one, it means I will be likely at a similar disadvantage all year, so that is my new base AI. I run a qualy lap at each session and compa
  2. Aef251

    Season Mode

    Doesn’t Grand Prix mode do that well enough? Pick the team, the driver you want to be and the tracks you want to race on.
  3. Aef251

    Bottas FCOL

    What does Bottas keep doing that makes Mercedes fire him mid season while winning the championship? Happened twice to me in my team.
  4. I’m still having the issue. Seems to only be once per 50% race distance now instead of two or three, but that might be luck.
  5. I only upgrade the sim by 1,2,2 and find that makes my team mate reasonable (Sainz and Russell) in pace tom me while allowing me to set the AI at a level other teams can compete at. But every so often the qualy times are way off what I expected after doing the practices. Sometimes in my favour (boring race) sometimes in the AI’s favour.
  6. If you are in My Team, it doesn’t work. I’m surprised it doesn’t work in career, but then I may have been lucky in the only 16 race career season I did.
  7. I understood that each team gets 13 dry tyres per weekend, 2 must be given back by the end of each practice session (1 actually by the mid point of FP1) with 1 medium and 1 hard reserved for the race and 1 soft for Q3. Otherwise the teams can choose which tyres to use and give back after each session of practice and choose which tyres they save for Q1,Q2 and use in the race.
  8. The difficulty does go up as a result of other teams developing their cars and the AI drivers getting bonuses from their team’s facility upgrades and improving over time. I play My Team and have not experienced a change in car drivability but have read others people say it seems to deteriorate. I do know the characteristics of the different cars are varied so it may be an all of the above situation. The game clearly was not developed properly past the first 2-3 seasons of My Team and Career mode. A common thing in multi season games.
  9. After playing My Team in this and last years game, and career before that (I never race online) here are the 10 things I’d suggest to imporve the game for next year. Driver market has 1 or 2 year contracts, you pay to break a contract with your driver (or team in career) and pay another team to get a driver under contract with them. No mid year driver transfers or contract negotiations (unless driver is really under performing (you can be fired in career). All my team and career cars max at the same level Tie the simulator to R&D pace rather than driver bonuses, e
  10. It would be nice if some reg changes are so different that you cannot protect parts of the car. And if the trees were more a mystery (you only see the next possible upgrade) and they change when the regs change so you do not know which way to develop first to max you cars. Currently the game gets very stale very fast in My Team and Career.
  11. I find that the AI from track to track and season to season in career and My Team varies so much that I sometime find I that I did not choose (or forgot to choose) the proper AI for a race or a qualy. Add the option to change the AI if a player re-starts a session.
  12. Sir Frank was a big part of the years that I look back on as the best in F1. I suppose the eyes of memory are clouded but Mansell in the 80s was magic, Boutsen and Patrese with their over performing “plucky” car. Then the Williams that were technological marvels in 91, 92, culminating in 93. Sir Frank and his team were special.
  13. Build it in to the track acclimatization programme. In FP1 you run that programme and get a recommended AI based on your speed and car development level.
  14. Since My Team came out, that was all I ever played. With My Team plagued by idiotic driver transfers in the mid season I became less enamoured. So, I decided to start a career (currently in F2). I was just wondering how other people judge them? Is one better in your opinion? Why?
  15. I take it back. Does not apply to my team where the other teams still do dumb midyear changes.
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