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  1. Aef251

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    I agree that ideally we could all use random weather. Which I did when I first bought 2019, but one of the patches made the way I drive (full assists and using only a wheel without pedals) a full second and a half slower than the AI whereas I used to be competitive depending on set up. So if the same is true for 2020, I would rather disable rain than just languish in 20th for a full race. It would help ease newer players into the game too.
  2. Aef251

    Custom Calendar Question F1 2020

    Ideally we can not only choose 22, 16, or 10 races but also choose the start times and the order the races come in. And ideally the average weather for the circuit would change depending on those factors. So far I have not read or seen anything that gives any sort of deatils beyond the 3 calendar lengths.
  3. Aef251

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    My son plays, using the pedals and the AI well up there, and he has no trouble in the wet, I’m a very casual gamer, use all the assists, use the gear paddles on the wheel for gas and brake and have the AI at 85 and use almost all of the assists. I’m a tenth or two off of Hamilton’s qualifying time at most races when in the same car in the dry. In the wet I am well off the pace at most tracks. So my choices are take a disastrous result, sim the race, or turn the AI way down before the race starts. In a mixed weather race that makes me either too fast or too slow. The two easiest solutions would be either to allow the player to disable rain OR to give the player the option to make weather cosmetic. Unrealistic- yes, but it is a game and players can choose how to play the game.
  4. Nigel Mansell differentiated driving as the “mundane” things like braking points and turning to the apex that driver does almost subconsciously lap after lap (so automatic breaking and follow the racing line). Racing for him are the tactics to get past a car, where to go off line, when to thicken the fuel mix,, when to pit and what tyres to switch to F1 2018 still gives that even if the AI is a bit slow in the wet F1 2019 was like that out of the box. You might have to change ai circuit to circuit to be within a tenth or two of your teammate and then if it rained you had a bit more advantage which made you feel like Senna So while pre-patch 1.14 the auto braking worked well for the most part if you stayed on line and passing required some thought about going off line and getting into the right spot in the braking zone; post patch the rain just makes the game I driveable and frustrating to either new comers or old guys like me. The game always had corners where the auto brake zones were not correct or could not handle a low downforce set up, it was usually one or two corners and since you did it over and over again in the dry you learned where to feather the throttle or brake a little early. But since it does not rain everywhere and sometimes only for the race, you end up wearing out the x button trying to complete a few laps. Just not fun and really demotivates me to play. While driving a road car is no problem, I don’t have the ability to use the gaming pedals two footed and right foot only seems impossible for me for a game like F1. I find the only way I can play the game is using the gear paddles as an accelerator and as a brake Anne have automatic gears. I get I am in no way the target demographic. I play Madden in coach mode for instance rather than control players, I only play games off-line and prefer couch co-op for shooters etc. And I find the time to play very rarely between work and family. And I suppose my frustration is that the game worked well for me when I tried it and bought it because it and the previous version worked for my set up. Then the patch came and I kept hoping a subsequent patch would fix it back. So I was hoping there was an easy set up trick that would allow me to minimize the speed differential when it is a wet-dry race when I cannot just dial down the AI before the race starts to compensate.
  5. So AI of 80 in the dry, but would need to drop it down to 70 or lower to be competitive in the wet. Keep in mind that while full brake assist has always been problematic in certain corners even in the dry, since patch 1.14 this issue has been exasperated. I had no issues before when I first got the game. So again, is there an obvious solution like brake balance for the entry, wing changes if you know rain is coming (Monza is particularly impossible to qualify in and race in if one is wet and the other dry or vice-versa). Is there an obvious setting to get traction out of the corners that would let you stay with the AI? And to be honest, for begginers or amateurs or guys like me who want a fun career without spending loads of time learning circuits the game should be straight forward. Assuming you pick the right front and rear wing, with full assists you should be within a tenth or two of your teammate if you stay on line. You should not have focus on the driving so much as on the racing. Ala Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix games? If that requires too much coding, why can’t weather be disabled in career mode? Or the ability to change AI mid race? Since you are playing alone anyway what does that hurt anyone who wants to have fun in career mode? Try going to Monza and compare the auto braking in the dry and wet and you’ll see how much worse it is. Why would that be fun for someone new to the game or someone who plays once in a while after a long week of work? Since the game was fine when I bought it, I don’t understand why there has to be an issue now.
  6. So this is an example of the chicane in Monaco. Monza’s first chicane, second and the first Lesmo are the same, Baku turn 7 is awful. And the traction the AI gets out of the corners in the wet is amazing. I stopped playing for a long time hoping the rain issue would get fixed with a patch. But right now I just sim the races if I know it will rain and then I usually end up last because at 50% race distance the simulation usually messes up the pit strategy. IMG_0007.MOV IMG_0006.MOV
  7. Will post a video when I can but it brakes late in most corners and the AI always accelerates better out of the corners in the wet.
  8. I am a pretty causal gamer, play F1 2019 maybe 90 minutes a week. I use full assists, only change the front and rear wings and have a wheel where I use the paddles as accelerator and brake. I set the AI so that I was within a tenth or two of my teammate at most tracks Game was great pre patch 1.14. Since then when it rains I am painfully slow, the auto brakes are mostly useless. If I know it is raining I drop my AI way down to have a chance. If the race is mixed weather then things are either bad for me or for the AI. Is there a set up or solution to allow full assist players to use career mode without worrying about the rain?
  9. Aef251

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    If not an option to turn off weather for a career race. How about being able to change the AI during a race.
  10. Aef251

    Wet Weather Performance In Career

    I drive full assists except for manual ERS and only set the car up using wings. Then I try to find an AI where I am within a tenth of my teammate in qualifying. In the dry I am competitive. In the wet I am falling behind by a huge rate. There are corners where the auto braking is useless. Everything was fine when I first got the game, maybe I was a bit quick in the rain but I preferred it So not fixed imho
  11. No fix for the AI being overpowered in the wet?
  12. Aef251

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    I agree this should always have been an option. But especially given the rain AI issue.
  13. Aef251

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    So please fix the Rain issue. I know I am a very casual player. AI of 80, use all the assistes except automative ERS and only do 50% race distances. Racing in the rain has become intolerable. The car does not brake where it needs to and even if I get the corner right, the car infront of me takes off in the rain around 3rd or 4th gear. I decided to simulate a race last night to avoid having to deal with the issue, only to finish last because I was the only car to pit. I was 5th on the grid in dry qualifying. I loved this game pre patch 1.05, now I am disheartened and losing interest. I know I am not the target market, but I'd like to, at beginner level, be able to find the right front and rear wing, qualify within 3 tenths of my teammate if I get it right, and have a real chance to win a 50% race dry or wet. I can adjust AI up if I get better, but I don't want to have to change it race to race, or between qualifying and race, and certainly not between dry and wet- especially if the race is mixed conditions.
  14. Aef251

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I would say it was worth it, but with the rain times issue I would say it's value has fallen. But I drive with full assists and 50% distance and with the AI being so much faster in the rain, it has become unrealistic. But if you are a better driver than me, or won't do career championships, then maybe. It was better pre patch 1.05 in my opinion, even if rain favoured the player back then.