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  1. Aef251

    Weather screen still incorrect

    I don’t mind when its wrong about the future. It’s when it is wrong about the present that I scratch my head.
  2. Aef251

    Cars performance patch affects career?

    If I recall correctly, in the past the car performance updates only took effect for new career mode games and not existing save games.
  3. Aef251

    Is My Team too easy?

    My opinion is that the game is too easy. Starting season 5 and after an all department reg change to end season 3 and an aero and durability reg change to end season 4 my car is now miles ahead of all the other cars in development. In order to have more competition I would have to boost the AI, but since my team mate is right there ahead of me on the grid and just behind me at the end of most races (he wins his share) I can only bring the other teams into the fight at the cost of giving my team mate the title. My next choice is to sign a bad driver each year to prevent them from becoming too good. Since we only have 10 years, taking too long to be in a position to win might put some off, but being in a position for my team to take pole at every race and win all of them (well 15 of 16 poles and 16 of 16 races (I beat my team mate only by 10 points in the title fight)) is also a little boring. I suppose I can ban my self from adapting parts when the next reg change comes and pay full price for them in the following season and start lower back, but these things seem a bit artificial.
  4. Hungary is the one track where I am lucky to pass a single practice program. I have tried every wing set up there is and cannot find a competitive time.
  5. Don’t get me started about Hungary.
  6. Yes. You’re doing nothing wrong. Some seasons at some tracks I can easily hit all of the targets, others I can barely manage one despite having the optimum set up and being faster than the rest of the field.
  7. Aef251

    Steering Wheel Range

    I actually have it all the way down to 180. For me the question is almost like what colour shoes should I be wearing while I play. Whatever makes you faster.
  8. Aef251

    R&D upgrades

    End of season 3, an all department reg change led to my team not only recovering quickly but being miles ahead of the other teams. An end of season 4 aero change had me recover before the season was over while everyone else went backwards. So while in season 1 my experience was that of falling behind, once the facilities were up the game becomes too easy in terms of team management. I noticed the drivers’ pace scores go up to make more competition but the lack of good cars for them to drive means the title has been between me and my teammate for 2 years running, with Hamilton or Verstappen winning the very odd race.
  9. Aef251

    How is team acclaim different to driver acclaim?

    Your acclaim is 11, 22% on its way to 12. Your teammate is acclaim 12. Your team is 15. You will also team acclaim in the upper right corner next to your cash. So team acclaim is not a combined score of the two drivers.
  10. Aef251

    1.10 just dropped - PC

    I don’t use it. Neither do my two sons. So maybe not “very” unusual.
  11. Aef251

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    2 liveries and a helmet, the rest is meh.
  12. Aef251

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    Most specifically in F12019 when CM did update 1.14 they made it very difficult to be competitive in the rain if you used a lot of assists. So the most obvious would be the ability to turn off the weather (or at least rain) in career and My Team in case they mess it up in a future patch. I would not mind seeing an option to eliminate mechanical DNFs for the other cars OR enable them for the player’s car.
  13. Aef251

    Podium Pass Season 2

    For me all they needed to do was take the free liveries from 2019, along with the helmets and put them into podium pass. And maybe some decent badges that represent countries of the world. Instead I see one livery that might be nice and a helmet or two. The rest is just junk.
  14. Aef251

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    And yet they do not have on off options for other elements of the game so.....
  15. Aef251

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    Eating the backmarkers- one by one?