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  1. To make the game more accessible for new and casual players I suggest a few more tweaks. Full brake assist should mean just that. I found that tracks have one or more corners (Monaco’s a mess for this) where the full brake assist does not work. Have an AI where driving each track with full assists is consistent instead of having to change it track to track. Have a suggested wing set up for each track based on the 5 defaults. Once new and casual players get hooked this way, they’ll stick around. I have several friends and their kids who are passing on the game
  2. My understanding was it took a man year. Not a year. So depending on how the work can be divided up 4 people would be 3 months if all the work could be divided evenly, which it can’t be and at some point adding more people does not add speed. Maybe I misunderstood it when they said it a few years back.
  3. I do a spread sheet to see how I do compared to the legends.
  4. A detailed description of the issue.- When going to driver customization, a different face, the spanish flag and car # 55 seem to get set everytime I choose my settings. Platform- xbox one Game-mode main menu What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried.- re did the settings, restarted the box. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible.- Just going to the customization menu
  5. Two sons, one game console, no way to play a career head to head. I will say that the split screen they do have is fun but the controls are very tempermental as are the cars.
  6. So we need to lobby Liberty Media then.
  7. You need to put this in the bug fix with a report. But it happens to me with my thrustmaster tmx on xbox one too.
  8. I agree. A sort of fix last year was to shut the simulator down. Your teammate lost his bonuses. This year lowering your resource points while keeping the AI’s up might help.
  9. We should be able to turn it on and off between race weekends. So if a track is notoriously bad for the AI, we can make sure it doesn’t rain there. Rather than some of us just skipping that race when we see rain.
  10. It is an asked for feature. You can go to the suggestions section and add your name. It is for me the one thing that could be added to change the sameness of each season. I race 16 race seasons just to be able to change tracks year to year to break the sameness of the game.
  11. I’m mixed with the game. Braking point is a waste of disk space. The development process and the options around them is great. Damage is definitely in the right direction. It is early days so like every year I tell my self to wait to get the game a month or two later to let the worst bugs get squashed but then buy it anyway. The lack of nice liveries, helmets, race suits, etc. is shocking. The victory calls are…. And I see the ones buyable with pit coins continue to be a disappointment. But even with the way I drive (full assists) I can tell the driving model and curbs are better t
  12. I have had this happen twice. I reported the bug and have to restart the console.
  13. Aef251


    Not to make excuses, but Jeff has a lot going on in his private life and he is even more distracted this year than before. I send him best wishes so he can regain his focus.
  14. I have limited time to play and in a previous version after a patch the AI became OP in the wet. They never fixed it back. Broke the game for me (I race with full assists) and have no interest in doing more than that. If I know the race is full rain I can dial down the AI but mixed weather creates a dilemma as to where to go with the AI. If I can shut off rain (or make it cosmetic or mean that wet tyres need to be fitted or something) I am not at the mercy of future changes. I have not tried the wet yet in 2021 so I don’t know how the game is yet but it is a simple option that should have
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