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  1. Aef251

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    GP2 is still the yard stick I measure all other racing games by. On my desktop we could race reasonably well using just the keys and a bunch of assists, and then if you added a wheel it became even better. And the mod community gave a way of doing a career mode, changing team names and colours, editing drivers, it was an awesome game.
  2. Aef251


    CM was always committed to getting the tracks from the official calendar into the game, so Imola should be there. Covid may not let them get it right, but it should be doable since it was raced this year. Based on the 2020 season, I would advise them giving the chance to change the order of the tracks as who knows what the real calendar will be in the end.
  3. Aef251

    Flexible Race Calendar

    Given that the 2021 calendar is already starting to be moved around, this feature would seem to be an even better idea.
  4. Aef251

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Kind of simple. If the game is bad- don’t buy it. EA does what it does because the majority of the people buying their games like, or at least do not mind, what they are doing. I stopped buying their Madden games when they shifted to a more arcade style of play. Haven’t bought a new Madden game in years. I can keep playing F1 2020 for years to come if needs be.
  5. Aef251

    Flexible Race Calendar

    Even if everything else remained the same, the names and dates shown in the graphics and the weather, the ability to change the order from season to season would hugely improve replay-ability in my mind. Going in the same order somehow makes it more boring to me after 5 seasons or so.
  6. Aef251

    Team Garage Locations

    Seems like a simple thing. I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t in the game already.
  7. Aef251

    Custom Weather in Career Mode ???!!!

    Last year when they introduced patch 1.14 to F12019, they unbalanced the wet driving for people that played with full assits. They were never able to match cars in the wet without being overpowered in the dry. So I see value in the feature. Afterall it is a game and if it creates more players that is a good thing. And I doubt it is a hard thing to prpgram.
  8. The W series would be interesting.
  9. Aef251

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Not that I have tried this, but in your initial seasons sign the worst sponsors which should slow down your ability to purchase facility upgrades. Sign the worst engines as well. That should slow your climb. Also not protecting against reg changes, but doing it all from scratch the following year should keep you down longer. For me, as of season 4 I have the best car and maxed facilities. So the champion will either be me, or my teammate. If I raise AI for the other drivers to be in the fight then my teammate will win everything. So by shutting down the personnel department, his bonuses vanish and I can compete at an AI that brings other teams into play. In the middle of season 6 I have a rediculous amount of cash and R&D points saved with nothing to spend them on. A reg change in all 4 departments could be covered off in one go.
  10. Aef251

    Small detail but... MyTeam - Hat Sponsor?

    I always thought it would be a good place to put the engine manufacturer for your team.
  11. In My Team I have had the best car for 3 seasons. It seems my choice is a close battle with only my teammate or raise the ai to fight with others but have my teammate win the title. I was wondering if I close down the personnel department my teammate will his bonuses and make him slower. Is there a downside to doing this?
  12. Aef251

    Favorite Classic Car

    4 way tie. 1990 McLaren and Ferrari, 1991 Jordan and the 1992 Williams.
  13. Aef251

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    I was surprised to see how much I had to adjust the car from season to season in terms of set up to maximize my lap times. I was very disappointed in how the AI teams were unable to handle reg changes. After season 2 all departments were hit and I came out with the best car. We took 16 poles and 16 wins out of 16 races, but I just beat my teammate to the title. End of season 4 had aero and chassis reg changes and again we had the best car, taking 15 poles and 14 race wins from 16 races. I just complete Season 5 and again have the best car out there, we took every pole, fast lap and race win. I only beat my team mate to the title thanks to his 2 DNFs over 16 races. No other team can compete and the new reg change was covered off by me with all the R&D points I had accumulated. My plan is to sign the slowest driver and to defund my personnel department so he gets no bonuses, and take the weakest engine. My hope is to get other teams involved in the title fight as my current option seemed to be a choice between My Team running away with it but guarantee a title for one of us, or having my team mate slaughter me but have other drivers fighting me (but only me). The lack of things to spend money on, the ease of covering off reg changes, and the lack of competition from other teams is a real draw back to My Team.
  14. Aef251

    Driver career AI

    I find the qualy AI faster than the race AI at most tracks, especially early in My Team. My theory is that if you qualify lower and then have to pass to win you feel better about your play and it brings you back for more. Driving from the front without passing would make the game less exciting and you less willing to keep playing. So my theory is that it is intentional.
  15. Aef251

    Rain in my team mode

    My team does not have that option. Rain seems pretty random, I had one season where it never rained on Sunday, and one where I had rain 6 races in a row at some point during the actual race.