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  1. Infinitas

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020 F1ers!

    While I'm fairly new here, I have to say on to new victories in the up coming in the new 2020,less crashes less safety cars,black flags and penalties and more of Smoooth Operatoooooooor.
  2. Infinitas

    New Moderators without PS4

    @Geboy91 , Forum Moderators are not here to fix issues or gameplay issues, they are here to simply maintain forum order and make sure people respect the forum rules.
  3. Créez plus de circuits comme le Mans et PSA ... en contenu mensuel  2 tracés en plus du saison pass.


    1. Infinitas
    2. KURTYS


      Race on le Mans , endurance race 24hours le mans

  4. Infinitas

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I am personally a casual player someone who hops into races and has fun. I gotta say it's definitely worth it. You can hop in a lobby and drive or go solo and the career mode has so much to offer.
  5. Why not be a pal and report them to the proper authorities so they can be aware(*note : they probably are already working on a fix).
  6. Infinitas

    Cheers Jeff, I'm here

    Hello everyone, Infinitas here, I enjoy esports and F1 games and currently moderate the Reddit.com/r/F1Game Discord Server and came here to talk to you about our love....which is F1.