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  1. The Audi Quattro is front engine 4WD, and it shows up as front engine 4WD in the game, so it is correct. The picture isn't though very realistic since many front engined cars (including the Audi) have the entire engine in front of the front axle. The picture shows a layout with only part of the engine in front of the front axle (many FR cars are like this). In reality, such cars are a mix of front engined and front-mid engined, but for simplicity's sake they are generally categorized as front engined. True front-mid engined cars (such as the DS 21) need their own picture though, sinc
  2. Bug on Steam version: Polo GTI R5 gets fitted with broken auxiliary light bar prior to a dusk stage. I am partaking in a Clubs championship running the R5 class, and for the current event I picked the Polo GTI R5. The first stage was in daylight, so the car was running without auxiliary lights. I had a bad moment on the first stage, went off and damaged the front badly. For the second stage which was a dusk stage, the Polo appears at the start with broken headlights (understandable) but it has been fitted with auxiliary lights which are also broken. Only half of the light unit is fit
  3. Bug on Steam version: Inconsistencies in the interior of the H2 FWD VW Golf GTI in interior view vs. exterior view. When using interior view and looking back in the Golf, there is something installed in the co-driver side rear window with a wire down to the floor. I'm not sure what it is, but it is not visible when looking at the car in exterior view. Also it looks like the rear strut towers of the Golf are too far back in interior view (judging by their position in relation to the corner of the side window) compared to exterior view. I used to think it was an illusion but since
  4. Bug on Steam version: When going to your garage, picking a car and then Vehicle Options -> Test Drive it doesn't actually load your car. It loads a copy of your car with 0km on the odometer, and the distance you drive during the test drive does not count for the car history or for upgrade progress of the car in your garage.
  5. I had this one yesterday on the Steam version of the game. I started a Pro level RX championship with the RX2 class, the first event was fine but after going back to the main menu and then continuing the championship, I always had a broken windscreen no matter what from there on. Even if the repair menu showed no body damage, and even if there was body damage but I repaired it, the windscreen was still broken. Moving on the the next event, still broken. I did the entire championship in one sitting so I don't know if it was restarting the game that fixed it. Today I started the game,
  6. Bug on Steam version: The boost gauge in the HUD is still bugged. The boost gauge shows 0 when the car is idling. This is incorrect, it should show a negative value (about -0.7 bar). The boost gauge shows -1 when the engine is off, This is incorrect, it should show 0.
  7. The R4 class is no more, it was replaced by NR4 a few years back. I thought that since class NR4 replaced R4, old R4 cars had to be re-homologated into NR4, thus becoming NR4 cars (much like when old Group 4 cars were transferred to Group B back in the day, they were re-homologated, becoming Group B cars). I may be wrong on the R4 cars though. Indeed it should. I went on Youtube and searched for Impreza WRC onboards from 1998 and 1999. There it can be seen that they used an H-shifter in 1998 and paddle shift in 1999. Wikipedia links to an archived version of the Subaru WRT si
  8. Bug on Steam version: Historic championship will not get the green "Completed" tag after completing it. I have completed all the Historic Classic championships, H1 and H2 have the "Completed" tag. When I completed the H3 championship, I received progress towards the "Time Machine" Steam achievement and unlocked the achievement, but I still lack the "Completed" tag in the menu. I already reported this bug in the previous version of the game. (Before someone claims that this is impossible and that I'm lying: the reason that I have been able to complete Classic championships a
  9. I have reported this too for a couple of the latest versions. Since NR4 cars use H-shifter, both NR4 cars in the game are incorrect. The Subaru shows incorrect transmission in the menu, while the Mitsubishi has incorrect behavior in the game. Considering so many have reported these kind of errors, I was surprised that yet another error of the same kind managed to slip into the game with the new content. However, fact is that the first generation Impreza WRC existed in both manual and sequential versions (manual in the '97 and '98 versions, sequential from '99), this could potentially have
  10. This is not correct either. The Alpine is not rear-mid engined, it is rear engined (RR layout). The Porsches are also incorrectly shown as rear-mid engined when they are actually rear engined. Obviously since front engined cars have their own picture, rear engined cars should have their own picture too, and not use the rear-mid engine picture which is incorrect. There are more cars with incorrect layouts too. The Fiesta OMSE is shown as front engine, 4WD when it is actually rear-mid engine, 4WD. Also the DS 21 is shown as front engined, but it is actually front-mid engined. Again, since r
  11. Bug on Steam version: This bug(?) is hard to pinpoint, but at least in the Historic Rally, H2 FWD Challenge, something is funky with the AI in the rain. Feeling very comfortable in the car (Golf GTI), I could win a long stage by 20-25 seconds in the dry without making any big mistakes. In the rain I was pushing to the same extent as in the dry, of course my pace was lower due to lower cornering speeds, but I was still comfortable with the car and was leaving the same margin for error as I did in the dry. My time put me in the bottom positions, 20-25 seconds slower than the leader ove
  12. Several cars are using the incorrect "drivetrain layout" image in the garage menu: DS Automobiles DS 21 uses front engine, front wheel drive image (should be front-mid engine, front wheel drive) Alpine A110 1600S uses front engine, rear wheel drive image (should be rear engine, rear wheel drive) BMW M1 Procar Rally uses front engine, rear wheel drive image (should be rear-mid engine, rear wheel drive) Porsche 911 SC RS uses mid engine, rear wheel drive image (should be rear engine, rear wheel drive) Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec uses mid engine, rear wheel drive im
  13. Bug on Steam version: In service, if you have non-optimal tyre type selected (dry tyres before a wet stage or vice versa), you will get a warning that there are mixed dry/wet surfaces before the next service, even though there isn't. This even happens if there is only one stage between the current surface and the next (which means there cannot possibly be mixed dry/wet surfaces since a stage is either all dry or all wet). A positive by-effect of this incorrect warning is that it alerts you to the tyre menu and you will hopefully realize that you have unsuitable tyres selected. Howeve
  14. Bug on Steam version: The "Kickin' 80s Vibe" achievement does not unlock. I just finished today's Group B RWD special event with the M1, but I still don't have the achievement.
  15. Bug on Steam version: Historic championship will not get the green "Completed" tag after completing it. I completed the H1 classic championship in an earlier version (early December I think). I got the green "Completed" tag on the H1 championship but there seems to have been a bug at the time that prevented me from getting progress for the "Time Machine" achievement. Now I completed the H2 championship on this version. The bug with the "Time Machine" achievement seems to be fixed since now I got 1/3 progress on it, however I did not get the green "Completed" tag on the champions
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