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  1. Platform: PC Car auto-braking using handbrake in low speed, even though I have all driving aids turned off (except clutch override). When at low speed coasting down, you suddenly can hear the handbrake sound effect and see the handbrake light in the UI lighting up, and the car will suddenly stop with a jolt. When applying brake pedal while stationary, the handbrake is released, but it is automatically re-applied when releasing the brake pedal again. I have seen this in several cars, both in cars with sequential as well as H-pattern gearbox. I haven't tested all cars but I guess it's the same for all of them. Funny thing is, this is quite similar to the "hill hold" feature many modern road cars have. It's not something used in rally cars though 🙂 Another funny thing is, it is not the first game with this bug. I think it was Need for Speed Most Wanted from 2005 that also had it.
  2. I've had this issue (on PC) when driving a car without damage (fresh out of service) in Wales, the lights begun to flicker early in the first sector of the stage, soon after the the start before I had driven over any notable bumps, or hit anything with the car to cause any damage. So although the flickering is a feature, the conditions to trigger it seem to be bugged.
  3. Platform: PC The boost gauge in the UI is very bugged. When the engine is shut off, the boost gauge shows -1, this is incorrect. It should show 0 since there is neither boost nor vacuum in the intake manifold (intake manifold pressure is the same as atmospheric pressure). When the engine is idling, the boost gauge shows 0, this is incorrect. It should show a negative value between 0 and -1 because the turbo is not producing boost but the engine is running, which causes a vacuum in the intake manifold (intake manifold pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure). Also according to the UI the Fiesta R2 runs at 3 bars of boost which I find very hard to believe, that is higher than all of the Group B cars, even twice that of the Quattro... (The boost gauge has no unit but since its values start at -1, it is safe to assume that the unit is bar and it shows pressure relative to atmosphere, which most boost gauges do)
  4. Platform: PC When going from one rally to the next in a career championship, sometimes the car setup will carry over, sometimes not. At first I got the impression that the setup always carried over. With this in mind, during a rally I was tweaking the setup at every service, doing my final adjustments in the last service, thinking that I will verify these adjustments during the last two stages and if they are good, I will save them to the setup when I get to the the service before the first stage of the next rally. However once I got to the next rally, the entire setup was reset to default and my unsaved setup changes were lost. It seems that the behavior when going from a rally to the next is inconsistent, sometimes the setup carries over and sometimes it resets.
  5. Platform: PC In a career rally with two stages between services, when coming into a service during an asphalt rally and both the upcoming stages are in dry conditions, I get the warning about "mixed dry/wet conditions in upcoming stages" if I have wet tyres on from the previous stage. It is the same if the situation is the other way around (coming into service with dry tyres and both the upcoming stages are in wet conditions. When I entered service with wet tyres and saw the warning about mixed conditions in upcoming stages, I decided to play it safe and pick wet tyres again, but both stages were in dry conditions.
  6. Platform: PC The NR4 Mitsubishi has incorrect gearbox type, it has sequential in the game but as an NR4 car it should actually be H-pattern. At first I thought it was suffering from the same bug as the NR4 Impreza (menu says sequential but in game it is H-shifter). Turns out the Mitsubishi is incorrect both in the menu and in-game.