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  1. Issue: "Turbo" damage row on non-turbocharged car In the repair menu of the Lancia 037 (supercharged but not turbocharged car) there is a row for "Turbo" damage. Just noticed it in an event I did, there was no repairable Turbo damage then so I am not sure whether the car will actually receive Turbo damage which has to be repaired. However, like other non-turbocharged cars, it shouldn't have the "Turbo" damage row at all. I am not sure whether this is the only non-turbocharged car with this issue. Method of Reproduction: Enter an event with the Lancia 037 Enter the repair menu and notice that there is a row for "Turbo" damage Platform: Steam
  2. Issue: Wipers stop when engine stalls When engine stalls, the wipers stop. This should not be the case since ignition is still on when the engine stalls. If you are driving a stage with big jumps like those in Finland, and use left foot braking to stabilize the car you may stall the engine while taking off over a jump. The engine will restart immediately as you land but the problem is this: if you are unlucky with the timing, when going airborne the wipers may just be about to complete a "wipe" and then they will stop while you are airborne and not come on until you land and the engine restarts. In heavy rain, you will very quickly get a windscreen full of water while you are airborne and the visibility will be very bad until you have landed, the engine has restarted and the wipers have completed their first wipe. If you (like me) like to use left foot braking for stabilizing the car, this will catch you out and may cause you to lose control if the car gets unsettled during landing. Method of Reproduction: Use a car with manual shifter and manual wiper control Turn wipers on during a stage Stall the engine (either stopping the car in gear or left foot brake when going over a jump) and notice that the wipers also stop Platform: Steam
  3. Issue: Missing pacenote on the Verbundsring stage With English pacenotes, I often get a missing pacenote. It's a "turn 1 left" in the uphill section at about 60% distance. If you turn on the pacenote visuals, you see the pacenote but it is not spoken. I just did a slow run through the stage in order to pinpoint the exact location, but then the pacenote was actually spoken. So it seems it's not always missing (related to how fast you are going?), but usually it is missing for me. The same pacenote is also missing in Hammerstein (the long stage that includes Verbundsring). Method of Reproduction: Drive Verbundsring/Hammerstein at fast pace with English pacenotes (could be that your speed affects whether the pacenote is missing or not, so use a fast car) In the uphill section at about 60% distance, notice that the pacenote for the "turn 1 left" is not spoken Platform: Steam
  4. Issue: AI difficulty bug in career event This issue may or may not be related with the "AI difficulty on incorrect tyre choice" issue I reported earlier. The issue this time was discovered later in the same career chapionship (Elite level Group A 4WD championship using the Group A Lancer). In the USA event, I started off by doing top 3 stage times early in the rally with the Lancer on dry stages. Then after a service came two wet stages. I choice the soft tyre for this, for best grip. Knowing I was on the soft tyre, and very confident in the Lancer which handles really well, I expected the fight with the AI to keep on as usual. The Lancer did handle beautifully, I could drive it like dry stage, I barely felt any difference from the dry stages. Still, the AI field absolutely destroyed me. Rest of the rally was dry and with my usual pace I was again setting top 4 stage times. Compared to the pace I had in the dry stages early in the rally when I was fighting among the top AI, I was maybe a handful seconds slower per stage in the wet. But somehow the AI beats me with about 25 seconds in the wet. And since I was on the grippiest tyre (soft), the AI pace cannot be explained by them using grippier tyres. Method of Reproduction: Drive career championship on Elite level (I used the Group A 4WD Lancer) In a gravel event where the first few stages are dry, drive the stages against the AI to compare the relative pace When wet stages are coming up, drive at the same pace and compare the stage times against the AI Platform: Steam
  5. Issue: R5 Polo either does not get fitted with a light bar or gets fitted with a broken light bar before a dark stage. On several occasions I have been driving the Polo in an event (might apply to other cars too) and as a dark stage comes up, it either gets fitted with a broken light bar (bar is bent and missing 2 out of 4 lights) or it does not get fitted with a light bar at all. On at least some of these occasions (maybe all?) I have had frontal damage to the car from the previous stage with one or both headlights broken. Perhaps there is a bug causing car damage to sometimes be applied to the light bar too, even though the light bar wasn't fitted when the car received the frontal damage. This can be a game breaking bug since if you smash both of your headlights before a dark stage, you could be forced to drive a long dark stage without lights at all, in case your light bar doesn't get fitted. This happened to me, and an interesting thing is this: After the long dark stage I entered service, and in the service park there was no light bar on the car. Since I lost so much time driving the long stage without any lights at all I decided to retire. I chose retire in the menu, and as I'm shown the points standings after the event, the team is standing next to my damaged car, but now it has been fitted with a light bar. I reported this exact bug in an earlier version (1.13?) Method of Reproduction: Play a multistage event in the R5 Polo until a dark stage comes up (might have to cause damage to the front/headlights before the dark stage, not sure) As the dark stage starts, see if the car has been fitted with a broken light bar or not been fitted with a light bar at all Platform: Steam
  6. Issue: Stage preview and tyre menu give conflicting information about the conditions of upcoming stages. During an event, if you come into service with wet tyres and all the upcoming stages until next service are dry according to the stage preview, in the tyre menu you will get a warning about there being a mix of dry and wet stages until the next service, even though the stage preview says that all stages are either wet or dry. When I get this conflicting information I go for wet tyres just to be safe, to avoid ending up having to drive a long wet stage on dry tyres. However, everytime so far this turned out been the wrong choice, since all stages have actually ended up being dry, just as the stage preview stated. I reported this exact bug in an earlier version (1.13?) Method of Reproduction: Play an event and drive stages with wet tyres When you come into a service, check the stage preview for the upcoming stages to see if all om the upcoming stages are dry If all upcoming stages are dry, go into the tyre menu to see that warning about there being a mix of wet and dry stages coming up Platform: Steam
  7. Issue: RX2 Fiesta has semi-permanently cracked windscreen. In 1.13 the windscreen of my RX2 Fiesta seemed to be permanenly damaged during a career championship. Reparing bodywork would not repair the windsceen. After the championship (and after restarting the game) I drove a daily event with the RX2 Fiesta and the windscreen was OK again. Yesterday (in 1.14) I entered another daily event with an undamaged RX2 Fiesta, but when the car loaded the windscreen was cracked again. Method of Reproduction: Play events (career or online) with the RX2 Fiesta until the windscreen gets cracked (either by crashing or just appearing cracked at the start of a race for no apparent reason) Repair bodywork Start the next race and see that the windscreen is still cracked Platform: Steam
  8. Issue: Unable to repair car before a new career event. After ending an event with a damaged car, then exiting to main menu to do something else, later going to the car in the garage and selecting it to continue the championship, the next event starts with the car still damaged. (Not sure if bug or this is intended but I strongly doubt this is intended, since sending a damaged car directly to the next event on the other side of the world without repairing it first makes little sense) This means that if you manage to heavily damage your car in an event (more total damage than can be repaired during a 00:30) then you likely will be running the entire championship with a damaged car, since you don't get a non-time limited service between the events. In DR1 cars were repaired between events, which further makes me doubt that the behavior in DR2 is intended. Method of Reproduction: Play career rally event, end the event with some damage on the car After getting the cash reward, go back to the main menu Go to the garage and find the car, select it to continue championship The next event loads with the car carrying the damage from the previous event Platform: Steam
  9. Issue: AI performance seems way off when running a stage on "incorrect" tyre compound. In my case I was running a Pro career event in Germany in the Lancer Evo 6. At service before stage 6, the upcoming stages were a short wet stage and a long dry stage. Since the majority of the distance was in the dry, I opted for a dry (soft) tyre. In the wet stage I had to hold back a bit on soft tyres which is expected, but got absolutely destroyed by the AI and in that short stage I lost half a minute and fell from 3rd place way down the event standings. This strongly hinted that the AI was on dry tyres and I would be able to take back the loss in the next stage which was a long and dry stage and I was on soft tyre while AI was on wet tyres. This didn't happen, AI was as strong in the dry as they were in the first half of the rally (which had been all dry). This indicates the AI is way too fast when using one of the compunds in the wrong conditions. I suspect they are too fast in the dry on wet tyres. Could also be that it's the other way around (they are too fast in the wet on dry tyres) but I doubt it since the margin the AI beat me with in the wet was so huge, I assume they were on wet tyres. If they indeed were on dry tyres then there is an even bigger problem with the AI performance in the wet on dry tyres. Method of Reproduction: Play Group A 4WD Pro career rally event (Germany) with the Group A 4WD Lancer Evo where there are mixed conditions (wet and dry) within the same service interval Pick soft tyres, drive both stages at a good pace and observe the AI performance Platform: Steam
  10. The Audi Quattro is front engine 4WD, and it shows up as front engine 4WD in the game, so it is correct. The picture isn't though very realistic since many front engined cars (including the Audi) have the entire engine in front of the front axle. The picture shows a layout with only part of the engine in front of the front axle (many FR cars are like this). In reality, such cars are a mix of front engined and front-mid engined, but for simplicity's sake they are generally categorized as front engined. True front-mid engined cars (such as the DS 21) need their own picture though, since the other kind of mid engine (rear-mid engine) has its own picture.
  11. Bug on Steam version: Polo GTI R5 gets fitted with broken auxiliary light bar prior to a dusk stage. I am partaking in a Clubs championship running the R5 class, and for the current event I picked the Polo GTI R5. The first stage was in daylight, so the car was running without auxiliary lights. I had a bad moment on the first stage, went off and damaged the front badly. For the second stage which was a dusk stage, the Polo appears at the start with broken headlights (understandable) but it has been fitted with auxiliary lights which are also broken. Only half of the light unit is fitted (2 out of 4 lights), and that half is bent and crooked. For some reason the damage that the car sustained in the first stage seems to have been carried over to the auxiliary lights even though they weren't fitted during the first stage.
  12. Bug on Steam version: Inconsistencies in the interior of the H2 FWD VW Golf GTI in interior view vs. exterior view. When using interior view and looking back in the Golf, there is something installed in the co-driver side rear window with a wire down to the floor. I'm not sure what it is, but it is not visible when looking at the car in exterior view. Also it looks like the rear strut towers of the Golf are too far back in interior view (judging by their position in relation to the corner of the side window) compared to exterior view. I used to think it was an illusion but since I noticed the missing object in the rear side window I assume there are two different 3D models of the interior used for interior vs. exterior view, and the models seem to differ from each other in this case.
  13. Bug on Steam version: When going to your garage, picking a car and then Vehicle Options -> Test Drive it doesn't actually load your car. It loads a copy of your car with 0km on the odometer, and the distance you drive during the test drive does not count for the car history or for upgrade progress of the car in your garage.
  14. I had this one yesterday on the Steam version of the game. I started a Pro level RX championship with the RX2 class, the first event was fine but after going back to the main menu and then continuing the championship, I always had a broken windscreen no matter what from there on. Even if the repair menu showed no body damage, and even if there was body damage but I repaired it, the windscreen was still broken. Moving on the the next event, still broken. I did the entire championship in one sitting so I don't know if it was restarting the game that fixed it. Today I started the game, did the daily event with the RX2 Fiesta and then it was back to normal.
  15. Bug on Steam version: The boost gauge in the HUD is still bugged. The boost gauge shows 0 when the car is idling. This is incorrect, it should show a negative value (about -0.7 bar). The boost gauge shows -1 when the engine is off, This is incorrect, it should show 0.