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  1. nikola5255

    Helmet brands

    Is there a posibility in some future update that we get to pick bell helmet or stilo or schubert in driver customatization? Honestly i dont know why this isnt a thing yet like rly i dont understand it would make driver customatization much better helmet is like most important thing cmon guys
  2. nikola5255

    Helmet Brands

    Why do we only get ARAI helmet for career mod why cant we take bell or stilo etc. can you please CODEMASTERS put other helemts in some future update like the models are already in the game let me pick my helmet properly dont force me with ARAI PLS im sure other players will agree with me like DO IT PLS codemasters if you do this you will make me rly happy man i will preorder every f1 game u make pls put other helmet brands available 4 driver customatization pls pls.