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  1. GT9

    Baku Street Event Problem

    Ask and ye shall receive - cheers!
  2. Hi there I'm trying to reset my time for Baku but keep getting the message "A Network Error Has Occurred". This is only happening for Baku, as I'm managing, successfully, to reset my time on all the other events. Its been like this for a few days. I've tried it through my wifi through 4G and it's the same. I am not having network problems at all, on anything else, including within the game itself. There are only three days to go and by setting a new time I would go up a level; as I've greatly increased my performance (+15/20 seconds overall). A fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks GT
  3. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    I tried it a few times to see whether it was my internet/phone or their server and kept getting the same message about "not connecting" - despite having full internet and good phone signal. Good to know it's them - though frustrating.
  4. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    Ah! That's why I've been having problems validating my final Spielberg time. Wondered what was going on. Will have to wait till the fix.
  5. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    232mph down the Kemmel Straight - bizarre.
  6. On certain tracks: Catalunya / COTA / Zandvoort I'm experiencing gross amounts of understeering when racing online. I'm not experiencing it when I'm in practice mode, using exactly the same settings. I literally have to crawl around the track it's so bad. It's the difference between e.g. 1:06 vs 1:36 on Zandvoort. I'm on IOS.
  7. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    Just raced someone again at COTA, having practiced the track to test my brakes. AGAIN, my braking just failed completely and I also seemed to have exaggerated amounts of speed. There's definitely something wrong with it on IOS.
  8. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    Problem is the braking is fine in practice mode but entirely different in Race mode. There's an inconsistency despite having exactly the same settings.
  9. GT9

    New update - here we go again

    The braking is weird. When racing another car in Qualification Mode - it's as if the brakes have failed. Just raced someone at Austin - on the corners after straights it's as if I have no brakes when the other car is near me. Then when I go into practice mode and race the same track the brakes are working exactly as they're supposed to. Either they've programmed slip-streams (or gravity wells) into the game or there's a serious coding error. But apart from that all seems fine and it's getting used to the new settings.
  10. GT9

    Bad drivers

    Sick of cheats I decided to only play in qualifying mode until I reached 9999 - which I did today. Then I decided to try Grid Start and Sprint mode again. Done 4 races and in all of them my opponent cheated - all trying to slam me into the wall and succeeding in 3/4 cases. The other succeeded in knocking me into the slow stuff then cut corners to win at Spa - cutting across my line three times to ensure I didn't pass them. I lose points and NOTHING happens to them. It's so boring! DO SOMETHING ADMIN!!!!!!! Back to only playing in Qualification mode.
  11. I keep losing connection with the game - especially in Event & Dual mode. I've lost points because of it. All my other apps are fine and my ultra fast broadband is also fine. It's only F1 Mobile that seems to be having problems. It seemed to start happening yesterday.
  12. If true, then all the easier to disqualify them; as the computer will know, immediately, that it's cheating. However, I've played this game long enough to know when I'm racing AI rather than human. But, your point moves us away from topic which is: how do we eradicate cheating, be it human or AI? (which the backend will know)
  13. I don't mean to complain, but I've had enough - or rather, the enjoyment of the game for both myself, and many others, is being reduced to playing the Qualification Mode only. Every time I race in either Sprint or Grid Start mode I have been pushed off track, then had my safety rating downgraded and lost points. EVERY TIME. I just don't race, except in Qualy mode. I was hoping the upgrade was going to sort this out. This tick-box system afterwards does nothing to discourage the cheating, as there are no tangible punishments for the culprits. Maybe they're being penalised - but how do we know? And you can bet all the money in the world the cheats are checking all those boxes at the end of a race, to cancel out or dispute any genuine claims. If there is an automated system, why doesn't detect cheating immediately and disqualify them? Detect whether people are deliberately moving off their racing line towards their opponents or braking late/not braking and into the back of opponents - as happened in my last race. It is so disheartening to lose a race and points and safety rating, and then not know if the cheating opponent ever got penalised. I raced Hungaroring - was shunted off the track twice, then when they went off at the last hairpin, they purposefully drove into me, as they came back on to track. They won - I lost points and was downgraded massively. So, I only race in Qualy mode. Someone suggested ages ago to put in a "Which mode do you want to race in?" at the start of each race. Put it in. It's quicker than having to reboot the game every time you're put into a Sprint or Grid Start race; which is what I now always do, and would rather do, than race those cheating little [insert swear word here]. Maybe, award bonus points for clean races (for both racers - because sporting losers are worth their weight in gold. Not development points, but actual points or better boxes? Something to encourage the cheaters not to cheat, rather than seemingly insignificant penalties. I don't mind all the other updates. Except, perhaps, merely brushing the corner kerbs with a wheel and being told your cutting a corner. (In F1 the rule is all four tyres out of bounds.) Certainly, a big thumbs up for the game's massively reduced power consumption - whoever was in charge of that deserves a pat on the back. But sort out the cheating, or put in an option not to have go physically head to head with them. OR don't bother with any penalties and we all ram each other? But do something, because I get bored of re-booting the app unless it's Qualy mode - but I will keep doing that rather than lose points and my ratings because of cheats.