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  1. D33d0g

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    @BarryBL did some trials over the past week. And it's indeed as expected: as long as I'm not driving faster then the driver on spot 10.000 I'm ranked 1st. Did the wet Britain short track on F2 and alltough I left the track at first it gave me a valid lap time on the leaderboard (guess that was a bug), but I managed to pull of some better laps completely as they should be and the place in the list was all fine. Going back then to time trials on the F1 2019 I kept trying to finally get up there on the leaderboard. So I see it now as a motivator to get better (still a long way to go tough 🙂 ) Haven't found how to set a time for the ghost player, but that problem is solved once I'm placed correctly.
  2. D33d0g

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    @1512marcel --> I surely need some more practice 🙂 I keep doing time trials till I end up in the list correctly 👍 @BarryBL --> seems that as long as I'm not within the first 10k players I have to beat the first one from the list, I'll try setting it manually could be helpfull as well, but as mentioned to 1512marcel I keep trying
  3. D33d0g

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Hi, thanks for your reply, must have missed it earlier. My Xbox is connected via powerlans, so assume it's working as the rankings are downloaded when checking them (and no messages that connection would have been off). On a couple of tracks I've been getting the correct placement once I'm within the 10000 players list. In F1 2017 you can see the time of player 9999 so I can see if I made it or not, but it seems they've removed that in 2019 version. Only pity is that the ghost you're trying to beat is the other nr 1 on the list and he/she is usually out of sight after a couple of corners 🙂
  4. D33d0g

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    I'm having the same issue, had it in F1 2017 as well, and same started happening in F1 2019. However there was one track where in the end I managed to set a time within the first 10 000 players and then I was set on the right position. So I assume that once you are within the 10 000 players league you end up in the list correctly (allthought BarryBL does not have that issue). To bad you can't check what time you have to get in order to beat player 10 000. BTW: I'm using an XBOX ONE S