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  1. I think that it may not happen but I have a few ideas: 2021 testing, they could use the model they have made and use it for testing after a few seasons. Pre season testing Helmet customisation Fun days - when drivers or people get to drive unused cars E.G.WTF1 Renault F1 experience. Also, the F1 festivals with Donuts and other fun stuff More control in the pit lane, steering and throttle control to increase the penalty and risk factors. More detailed damage model, Sidepod and radiator damage, Floor and undertray damage (maybe from people “scratching the floor”), Rear wing damage, etc. More random failures - I have played 5ish seasons of F1 2019 and have had no failures. We could have random engine failures, suspension failures, DRS failures that affect the car more, front wing failures(Vettel in Bahrain) Helmet customisation Suit customisation (Red Bull in USA) More accurate Safety car And higher occurrence Definite Red flags Make cooldown laps a thing plz. It would be amazing if teams could give the driver the option of having a specialty design (Mercedes in Germany) Have the face camera look at the driver more often and have the name and number of the driver. Actually use the 3 letter name thing in the game.(HAM)(BOT)(VET)Like on the halo of the HAAS!!! More specific questions and answers in the cockpit during racing Driver press conferences and more accurate and detailed questions from interviewers. Lots of ideas 🙂 Sincerely, Myself