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  1. Hi all,

    Please, I need your help with an issue with the game Dirt Showdown I just bought on Steam (during the Black Friday in France) and with my Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara edition wheel.

    Perhaps, you guess what is the issue: the wheel is not recognized in the game.

    I read many forums and topics about how to solve this issue (also in Steam), but no solution with success for me!

    Even with the Dirt 3 game I bought too, when I copy the actionmap folder of this game in the Dirt Showdown one’s, I have an issue, the wheel is not recognized in the game (in the preset configuration), only pad and keyboard are present... And when I want to set-up the steer right or steer left, the game is freezing.

    For information, the wheel does work nice in Dirt3 game, even if I don’t see the wheel in the preset configuration...

    Does someone know the solution? Thanks for you help!

    My configuration PC: Windows 10, all the drivers for the wheel are up-to-date, Windows also.