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  1. Okay wow! So this time in spain i had a good feeling in the car. Was comfortable with my setup. Had a few practice runs to be sure. Solid pace at around 5:30 for ss1 i was allright with. ss1 after maybe 3 km.. littlebit too fast into a 3 left and slightly clipped a rockwall on the outside of the corner. Catapulted the front of the car into the air, rolled, over the fencing on the other side of the road —> DNF unrecoverable car. Guys this isnt working out for me 😂😂😂 5th DNF in the 5th event. 2 of those in ss1.
  2. Loeinc

    Questions: Realism and Assists Settings

    Allright now I see were you are going! Thats indeed an interesting question! I think we have to asume that it is built into the „character“ of the car. I believe this is a detail which is not featured in DR2.0. Might be wrong though.. @PJTierney do you know anything about this matter? —> And I think the hybrid technology will be something similar to todays formula 1 which have no abs, tc etc either. More like recuperating breakingenergy and other forces (maybe travel of suspension?) back into a storage to be used to power the engine when accelerating.
  3. Loeinc

    Questions: Realism and Assists Settings

    To my knowledge every skilled rallydriver would turn TC and ABS off so you can use the various forces to your benefit. For example you are sliding through a hairpin on a gravelroad: the traction control would limit the amount of power delivered to the wheels so you can‘t accelerate out of the corner as fast as without the TC. Also On gravelroads you are having mild tireslip all the time or most of the time and driving sideways, drifting through corners, etc.. TC would seriously limit the ability to do all this. As far as I know a mechanical LSDifferential is balancing the power between the left and the right wheel (or front/rear axis). So if wheel A gets 40% wheel B would get 60% of the power. So Diff is distributing the power and TC is limiting the power. Also to drive fast on gravel you sometimes have to „dig“ through the upper layer of dirt to get traction. TC isnt allowing this as good as no TC. same goes for ABS. To break hard on gravel you have to „break hard“ to get through the loose stuff and grip underneath. There is no such thing (most of the time) as trailbreaking into corners on loose gravel.. again to MY knowledge. (Not talking about leftfootbreaking for balancing the car to get good cornering) on tarmac I asume that TC and ABS could help. Maybe with some of the RGT cars in spain TC can help to get the power down. But in general I think without the assist you will be faster in the longrun. The key seems to be throttlecontrol and breakfeeling. Hope this helps you a bit. Dear Forum, Please feel free to correct me if Im wrong and teach me what is right.
  4. It just seems I can‘t find the sweetspot between bouncing around and direct steering and smooth suspension but horribly passive steering and leaning of the chassis.. Its either a very passive steering and rolling without a whole lot grip so I have to drive super clean because I can‘t make up for mistakes due to the passive behavior.. or .. a sh*tload of grip and acceleration but very bumpy, rough, hard suspension and totally unpredictable feeling where the car might point next. I‘m pretty sure that a lot of this is just me not being able to controll the temper of this little beast 😂 but it bothers me nontheless.
  5. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    @UnderclassGDfan „teier“ got me 😂 einzig richtige schreibweise 😂
  6. So it has been confirmed: the delta is a deathtrap for me! Third time in a row that i did not finish the rally.. and this time i even managed to crash out after 2 km allthough i commuted to conservative driving.. give me back my evo! 😭😂
  7. Loeinc

    Gleylancer Rally

    Allright I‘m in
  8. After a veeeeery fast dnf in newzealand where i struggled mightily with the deltas understeer.. (I managed to fix it by upping the breakpressure so my leftfoodbreaking works more sensitive) I was allright with my progress in argentina and didnt make too many errors there.. BUT! Somehow my suspension failed me in ss5! I think it must have been beatup through the earlier stages so when I slipped of the road onto the grassy area somewhere at the beginning of the stage.. something must have been snapped. Because after this little expedition the car did not want to turn one bit and after a few more 100 meters i was DNF‘ed by suspension failure. Argentina really IS hard on the suspension it seems 😂 Anyways.. came not even close matching the frontrunners pace. ..someday 😬
  9. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    What do you guys think about the new 2022 wrc regulations coming? https://www.wrc.com/en/news/season-2020/wrc/what---s-behind-the-wrc---s-new-2022-regulations-/ seems the new cars are getting built much closer to the r5 cars. less complex suspension, nomore liquidcooled breaks, nomore centre diff. I do like it when the technical side is more regulated and the pure rallying skills decide who gets the results. so no fords beeing left behind for example 😂 lets discuss! Really interessted in your opinions.
  10. Loeinc

    How do I avoid sliding under braking?

    It might also help to lock the break differential a bit more so The car is more stable under breaking and will slide less to the sides. What helps me in highspeed hard breaking situations is to apply a little bit of throttle while breaking just so the car stays stable on the rearend and doesnt dip down the nose too much and loosing all your traction on the rear which then slides uncontrolled. Its a bit counterintuitive but works a great deal.
  11. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    @gleylancer571 Well.. if @PJTierney confirmed it i‘d say.. its confirmed!
  12. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Damn that sounded like a fun ride 😂😂😂
  13. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Free for season owners.. 😅
  14. I‘ll just leave a big thank you for adressing this! This was the main reason why i left the game because these short 3lap sprints are really just a warmup. With 10+ round races the AI system REALLY comes into play i think. Fighting with an angry driver over the course of 5-6 rounds gives the whole NemesisSystem its character.
  15. I was nearly 2 minutes slower than you @BluecatRally allthough i felt quite allright 😂 tell me something about being last lets see who will be better at the end of the championship 💪🏼 btw in monaco I was the faster one by 20 seconds.