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  1. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip

    Damn that sounded like a fun ride 😂😂😂
  2. Loeinc

    DiRTy Gossip

    Free for season owners.. 😅
  3. I‘ll just leave a big thank you for adressing this! This was the main reason why i left the game because these short 3lap sprints are really just a warmup. With 10+ round races the AI system REALLY comes into play i think. Fighting with an angry driver over the course of 5-6 rounds gives the whole NemesisSystem its character.
  4. I was nearly 2 minutes slower than you @BluecatRally allthough i felt quite allright 😂 tell me something about being last lets see who will be better at the end of the championship 💪🏼 btw in monaco I was the faster one by 20 seconds.
  5. So i have set the first times in sweden. Now go and crush them 😅 i was very comfortable in the e30 and even managed to get through the first 4 stages without any major mistakes. But on stage 5 i spun the first time and 3 spins after that on the later stages.. nevertheless i am very happy I finished the event. Sweden is one of the rallys im the least experienced in and allthough it might be the coldest rally in the calendar it for me was the most sweaty by far.
  6. Loeinc

    Car is nervous in Spain

    Try harden the front suspensions (so the car doesnt dip down on the front too much during breaking and therefor looses traction at the rear), soften the rear antirollbar (so more energy can be stored into the shocks before loosing traction when turning), lock the break differential (this especially should help keep the car settled during breaking because the wheels arent allowed to rotate in different speeds while breaking so to get the rear around you have to atleast loose tiretraction instead of the differential allowing the process of turning the rear) or up the amount of rear camber ( so your tires have more traction while turning Therefor more turn in less drifting at higher speed) but try one at a time so you can feel the differences and then decide what should be done and what not. I dont know wich options the fiat offers but at least some of them should be possible. If im wrong, please correct me as im allways open to learn a thing about setups
  7. Honestly, im just trying to survive the stages. Not threatening anybody right now 😂 but it is definitly a lot of fun the way @SkyRex set this club up! hardcore damage and long stages = fun well done sir!
  8. Meanwhile i‘d like to announce that i will try to get my first full season in with you guys! lets focus on having good competition, shall we? 😬
  9. Loeinc

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Would love to set the car up in hotlapmode and dont have to get back into the „start race“-menu. so i can just restart the hotlap but with an adjusted setup. Especially because this game wants you to have fun right away.. please give me the ability to make a car fun right away. Because some of these cars are no fun at all without an adjusted setup. And when setting it up is a pain in the lowerbackparts of your body you just dont drive them. missed oportunity. Might be easy to fix and would go a long way